The Remarkable Thing About The Destiny Beta

Although the Destiny beta story is lackluster so far, one gamer (who usually cares much about storylines) couldn't care less because the game is so engrossing and addictingly fun.

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Snookies121452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Yeah, I'm not caring too much about the story honestly. The game itself though is just so much fun... Was up until 5 am playing this all night with my friend. Got to level cap in one sitting, lol. This game is a winner, it does so many things right.

Drithe1452d ago

Thing is, you havent seen anything yet. You have yet to really see what these classes can do. I love a good story and hope they really expand on it.

One thing they did NOT explain was .... How in the hell was our characters dead for a long time? Did those GHOSTS raise us from the dead? WTF MAN!!

Squeaky_door1452d ago

They will surely explain this in the full game

Heisenburger1452d ago

Lol yeah. It wasn't until I started my second class that I thought "Wait! Was I one of those decrepit old skeletons?? Woah..."

Idk why I didn't snap at first!


xGrunty1452d ago

Actually if you paid attention to the first cut scene they did explain it.

joab7771452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Wanna know why it wont bother anyone? Because theres more than 1 way to tell a story...and theres more than 1 story to tell.

Anyone played Dark Souls? How many of you would want a well crafted Last of Us type story in Bloodbourne? No one b/c From does it differently. How many have played an mmo like FF14? It has a story but it isnt told like Halo is.

Destiny will tell a story but it wont be a tightly crafted linear tale like its older brother was. Bungie will give us the Universe, the characters, backdrop and lore, and WE will craft the story ourselves...with our best friends and those who will soon become our friends b/c of this journey.

Destiny will always draw comparisons to Halo, but it isnt Halo. Its something much much more...almost a natural progression of Reach. Instead of the focal point being on Master chief and Cortana, it will be on us as players. Its more impactful and immersive.

Its better this way. Ask anyone who has played a great mmo for years...or a souls game.

Hanuman1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I absolutely agree with Snookies.. This game made me forget all about the other games I was playing. Seeing the Bungie logo pop up when I first started it up gave me goosebumps, and it just got better and better from there on. It's been a while since I had so much fun in a multiplayer FPS.

Dirtnapstor1452d ago

We've seen nothing really as far as the story goes. That's not the intent of the beta. Why do people write or think things of this nature? Use common sense please.

thorstein1452d ago

Common sense is uncommon on the internet.

Gwiz1452d ago

This game has a lot of potential,still loving the beta ATM.

GoPanthers9991452d ago

If the finished product is anything like the Beta, the game is not for me. 20-30 minute fire team battles that are completely repetitive. Constantly re spawning enemies. Most of the action underground like a dungeon crawler. Who expected bullet style guns in a futuristic shooter? Throwing knives? Multiplayer, been there, done that. I like the theme, customization and premise, the execution and design choices are lacking to me. The hype and media frenzy drew my attention, the Beta itself is new to me and is likely representative of the game itself.

leogets1452d ago

So what games float your boat?

Funantic11452d ago

The game is mediocre at best.

Zombro1452d ago

Totally agree evolve and sunset overdrive look more fun to me

GoPanthers9991452d ago

Def thinking about Sunset Overdrive and Halo MC Collection.

yankolo1452d ago

Well I download the beta playit for 10 min then I uninstalled of my xb1 ...still playing titanfall ....

pompombrum1452d ago

After just ten minutes? Did you even to the tower? Probably a good idea you uninstalled , Titanfall is more ADD friendly after all.

objdadon1452d ago

Yeah good for you, as for me and Titanfall, I just got tired of shooting bots after a month! At least in the crucible I know I'm killing other players and the various ways to kill are so damn fun! I have a huge selection of weapons to try to attain and get good at instead of the same that everyone uses on Titanfall so. ......yeah.

Gwiz1452d ago

10 minutes?,believe me it gets better the more you play it,and i find it hilarious when people say a shooter game is repetitive,what does that in essence mean?
If anything this game presents missions on the go instead of on-rails,especially co-op is fun to play.

There's no shooter that doesn't repeat it's core gameplay over and over again,that can't even be a complaint.

Zombro1452d ago

Warlock with guns I mean c'mon man

joab7771451d ago

Its a beta. I mean c'mon. Consider the amount of content given for a beta. Trust me, when it releases, it will have a ton of content. But yeah, missions are meant to be replayed. Its an mmo despite what they say.

The interesting thing to me is the argument against repetition. How many ppl play the same CoD, Battlefield, Halo maps for years? This will have that plus repeatable story and strike missions...that actually continuously reward you.

On top of all that, unlike many games that simply add a couple maps over the following yr, I am fairly certain that destiny will have content patches, dlc and possibly expansions.

As far as the story, it may not be Halo. But u r selling urself short if u think Bungie doesnt know how to create an amazing universe with a killer story.

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