NES Remix Pack announced for North America

Nintendo just announced the "NES Remix Pack" for North America during a San Diego Comic-Con live-stream event.

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Concertoine1430d ago

I hope they do this with all their online content. All of the online games and such being released on XBL and PSN and the eShop will one day be lost without a physical release.

admiralvic1430d ago

I hope so too, though I would like for them to announce this stuff ahead of time like they did with Luigi U so I can make a choice which I want, instead of buying one and later regretting it because they announce a physical version.

admiralvic1430d ago

Thank you Nintendo for making this years elite reward suck even more. -.- Anyway, I'm glad we're getting a retail release and will probably pick it up on release.

Reeze1430d ago

Exactly- I JUST got NES Remix as my reward, when I would have just gotten the physical release and got Donkey Kong Returns 3D instead.

admiralvic1430d ago

Tell me about it. I've been fighting Nintendo to get my missing DDP so I can get a $5 voucher regardless of which game I picked and was originally planning on getting NES Remix and use the credit to get NES Remix II for free (I already have $10 in credit from the DDP). Now I am basically stuck with Dr. Luigi or Earthbound and nothing to spend my DDP cash on. =\