The Last Remnant - 5 Xbox 360 Screenshots

Quicksave writes:

"We know The Last Remnant is coming to the Xbox 360 first. We also know it's coming in Winter 2008. What we want to know how it looks. Well, we have 5 screenshots for you all to gawk at. For the curious, this is Unreal Engine 3.0 powered. Sure doesn't look like it!"

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clintos593841d ago

I just think that they went for a different art style instead of making it try an look real life. It is a fiction game u know.

Imallvol73841d ago

I prefer that. It makes the game more fun in my point of veiw.

3841d ago
BubblesDAVERAGE3841d ago

I wonder if sqex is having problems with it and the ps3 version or...MS paid boat loads

jackdoe3841d ago

Mix of both probably. Squeenix probably had issues with the PS3 version, UE3 + PS3 + Developer that isn't Epic = big mess for first time developers using UE3. And MS probably paid a moderate amount/agreed to pay for all advertising costs. So this timed exclusivity was probably win win for MS and Squeenix.

eagle213841d ago

Microsoft took advantage of something that wouldn't seem obvious to their userbase. Nothing to see here but a trainwreck. This game will flop without a PS3 version. PERIOD.

jackdoe3841d ago

Looks okay. The NPC's are incredibly low poly though (look at the first screen).

Diugu3841d ago

Hoped it would be better... I am kind of sad it is made using the UE though.

LiquifiedArt3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Generic bullcrap. Ever since the XBOX came out M$ and pulled there (Proprietary) DX Graphic's API from the PC realm everything has been on UE3.0 its retarded. You get more unique games on in-house engines. Everything has a PC feel to it now. its retarded.

OpenGL forever. Graphics should have an OPEN standard. Not Microsoft OWNED.

BIoodmask3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Epic makes the Unreal Engine not Microsoft. And what the hec does Microsoft have to do with Square-Enix licensing the Unreal Engine 3 from 'Epic' to make this game?

And in regards to the screenshots it does look pretty nice.

LiquifiedArt3841d ago

We All know, its coming to the ps3. Deny it all you want. Justa matter of time.

MetalProxy3841d ago

But they have to high light what ever they can to feel better about not getting MGS4.

rhood0223841d ago

there is no question that this game is multiplat, SqEnix (which Sony owns roughly 13% of) announced it a while back. They are just releasing it on the 360 this fall and PS3 early next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.