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Submitted by john2 562d ago | news

Nvidia Finally Officially Speaks About AMD's Mantle - Will Not Support It, No Real Benefit Using It

Nvidia's Distinguished Engineer Tom Petersen and Senior Director of Engineering Rev Lebaradian who shared their thoughts about it, and confirmed that Nvidia is not part of it, will not support it, and there are - at least to them - no big benefits from using it. (AMD, NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

NYC_Gamer  +   562d ago
Nvidia are on board with DX12 and won't support Mantle because it's from a rival[AMD]
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Magicite  +   562d ago
another exclusivity for AMD.
MysticStrummer  +   562d ago
ATi_Elite  +   561d ago
Nvidia down playing something AMD does........Omg you almost never ever see that. Lol

Mantle only benefits low end cards in which Nvidia is correct as their driver updates give the same performance boost but across ALL gpu tiers.
donnieboy  +   562d ago
bumsick  +   562d ago
fools, it seems they are content to segregate rather than unify gaming on pc.
Surely having all cards support all api's would lead to better optimisation for everyone in the long run.
Letros  +   562d ago
Mantle is segregation, DX12 is unification.
Lon3wolf  +   562d ago
How when Mantle is being offered free to NVidia so there is parity? NVidia have locked Physx in segregation practices when they purchased it years ago.
Roccetarius  +   562d ago
Obviously people won't understand the bigger picture, but DX12 is definitely as you put it, unification.

No need to involve more unneccesary developer work.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   562d ago
nVidia is a joke. My laptop has an nVidia card in it, but thats the last time I get anything from them. Ever try using 3d with their cards? "oh, we're sorry, you have to have a specific card/monitor/driver set up thats nVidia nVision certified. Yeah, we know your card plays the game at 120+fps, and you have a 3d monitor, but you see, we didnt write our name on the box, so you cant use it." F nVidia. Never again.They can take their BS and put it where they get their policies.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   562d ago
Oh yeah, not to mention every card from them is more than likely some re-named POS from last year.
OculusRift  +   561d ago
Same again. I NEVER buy next gen parts.. I wait for the kids and rich folks to drop kick their stuff to get a 3-12% bump in performance ("OMFG 60 MORE CUDA CORZ/STREAM PROCESSORZ.. 1 MOAR DISPLAY PORT)" and I pick it up for hundreds less.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   562d ago
I find Nvidia usually overpriced as hell and that's why I use AMD, same reason I don't use Apple products
OculusRift  +   561d ago
Kind of the same Reason I don't use Intel/nVidia anymore. overpriced to hell while AMD offers the same thing at hundreds less. If I didn't go full AMD this build, it would have easily cost me $3-400 more to get the same performance.
bigboirock  +   562d ago
My alien ware 18 with dual 880m have no problems with it I put in a 3d screen runs everything smooth
tee_bag242  +   561d ago
Except the 880m's are 8gb rebadged 4gb 780m's.
Which isn't a problem but their are multiple threads at NBR about Nvidia deliberately slipping in performance throttling flag into the 880m's.
Something is seriously wrong when a 780m performs far better than a newer 880m.
We're actually addressing the issue with a Nvidia rep right now. You should chime in.
Nice machine by the way. I have a R2.
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XtraTrstrL  +   562d ago
How about talk about how all your great innovations to gaming are rarely used by the majority of devs @ Nvidia. Like, Physx being used rarely because it was locked to Nvidia hardware forever, and only later made possible to be used the lesser effective software-implemented method by people using other cards. Your opinion means nothing Nvidia, you're just sour that AMD has the advantage because both next gen consoles are powered by it. Go work on some new tech that isn't completely locked to Nvidia, then come back and down talk whoever you wanna down talk.
SlapHappyJesus  +   562d ago
The console manufacturer's wanted Nvidia. They went with AMD because they had to.
Nvidia walked away from the deal because it wasn't worth it to them. It says a lot, but nothing to the tone of them being sour.
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blackout  +   562d ago
And that 100% CORRECT. AMD went cheap to strike a deal while Nvidia stuck to there guns. Praise AMD all you want the consoles saved there lives. Nvidia is just chilling.
XtraTrstrL  +   562d ago
LOL, they were sour from day 1. They have the better hardware than AMD when it comes to overall quality, but the performance/price ratio for video cards is WAY WAY WAY in AMD's favor. So, Nvidia can cry all they want, the point remains, they have been throwing shots ever since both consoles went with AMD. Yeah, they had first dibs to be with the consoles, they walked away cuz they weren't cool with the deal. They immediately started throwing shots, so yeah, despite all other politics, definitely sour grapes there.
SlapHappyJesus  +   562d ago

You can call anything sour grapes. That doesn't make them sour grapes.
You obviously want them to be sour grapes, so sour grapes they will be for you.
Sy_Wolf  +   561d ago
No, Microsoft and Sony both hate nVidia. Microsoft hates them because they refused to manufacture the original Xbox's GPU forcing them to launch the 360 early and Sony hates them for overcharging them on the severely underpowered GPU in the PS3. Plus both Sony and Microsoft wanted an APU which nVidia couldn't provide. Of course they went to nVidia and asked if they could provide a similar product for less than what AMD was offering, that's how business works.
SlapHappyJesus  +   561d ago

And yet they still came to Nvidia? That seems believable.
And they didn't go to Nvidia to undersell on AMD. They went to AMD to undersell on Nvidia.
It is what it is. Making up how things went down doesn't really serve any purpose.
aerisbueller  +   562d ago
I don't think they were sour, but I do think that Nvidia is not supporting Mantle for purely business reasons, and I think Nvidia has reduced physx to decorative uses by hoarding the gpu acceleration. If physx was open to all gpus, there would be real games out there with gpu based liquids, or games like assassin's creed would let you grab onto curtains that could tear in dynamic ways from your weight or being cut. But since that would affect gameplay, and they want the game to be playable on all pc's, for any games it will always be stuff like flags waving in the wind, hair that looks a little better, and trash blowing in the wind.
XtraTrstrL  +   562d ago
Yeah, the gpu acceleration being locked to Nvidia cards is them blocking out the best optimizations for others to use. They are arguing throughout that vid that they aren't holding back optimizations other vendors can use, I don't care that we can use it if it's a half-assed version. Let us use it how it was meant to be used, instead of being bogged down by a weaker CPU, stop trying to be slick Nvidia. Not everyone you're talking to are idiot gamers that know nothing about these details.

Really, some middleware just needs to come out that takes the physics algorithms far beyond Nvidia's and also allows it to be GPU-based, and be easy to add to any engine.
Bladesfist  +   561d ago
PhysX is more than just a fluid system. Most of PhysX can not run entirely on the GPU, it is a full PhysX engine and is responsible for the Physics in most big engines including Unreal Engine and Unity. It is definitely not for decorative use, it is the industry norm.
aerisbueller  +   557d ago
GPU-accelerated Physx is not the industry norm for gameplay related features. I can't think of a single title, aside from indie physics based games, that actually uses HW-accelerated Physx for gameplay.

It doesn't affect my point that PhysX or any other non GPU accelerated physics engine is in use in many games. GPU accelerated physics can do things CPU will never be able to do on that scale, and none if it has been used in gameplay, despite it it being in Nvidia's hands for the last 6 years.
SuperBlur  +   562d ago
Some people need to stop painting AMD as saints

They are investing money in unnecessary things like Mantle

What does Mantle do that OpenGL / DX cant? A few extra % of FPS increase in select few games ? Pleeeease

Boohoo how dare a company invest millions in tech and wants to keep it to themselves! HOW DARE THEY!!

Like Rev said , If you were building a BMW , would you give away your tech to Mercedes? Of course not

AMD is free to create its own tech/game features to be added in games. Both Nvidia and AMD could have its own feature in each and every single game but no , AMD would rather cry out loud to have access to tech they didn't spend a dime on.

dontbhatin  +   561d ago
Its called being open sourced. Look it up, its really a much better benefit than locking everything down. PC gaming is gonna get much more annoying if Nvidia keeps blocking all this crap from amd users. Nvidia just wants to kick AMD out of the GPU scene so they can charge us double the price that they are charging now.
nirwanda  +   561d ago
Maybe you need to look at the bigger picture, Devs were unhappy with the CPU performance on PCs using DX, so AMD made mantle and offered it to everyone for free.

Obviously MS didn't like that as it ment Linux or steam OS could in theory outperform a windows PC meaning if they got a foothold gamers would migrate away from windows for better performance.

So I think MS had a little word with Nvidea and maybe a little bit of money quietly changed hands.
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Jiiiiiiin  +   562d ago
Spy vs spy ps2 hd plz
DeusEx-Machina  +   562d ago
I used mainly Nvidia-cards in the past years. But AMD's approach looks to be the right one to me. Currently it looks like the graphics-card I'll be picking up in the next 1 and a half years will be an AMD one.
SlapHappyJesus  +   562d ago
I am crossed between going with two of the upcoming 870's, or going with my first AMD build at the moment. AMD is certainly in a good spot when it comes to price/performance.
Two of my friends came to me, asking about builds. I've directed both of them in the way of AMD, but I am liking what I am seeing from the 800 series.
DARK_SOLDIER101  +   561d ago
this is simple because nVidia will not Support any thing
came out from AMD because the business not allow that

AMD WIN console hardware war
AMD WIN mobile market
AMD Trying Acquires pc market

that's way nvidia hate AMD
Pandamobile  +   561d ago
Everything about your post just screams "I have no idea what I'm talking about".
SlapHappyJesus  +   561d ago
Pretty much, yeah.
KTF26  +   561d ago
"AMD WIN mobile market"
are you serious??
I would agree if it was: "nvidia LOST mobile market"
because qualcomm didn't give a chance to anyone
even Samsung have only snapdragon version of Galaxy S5
but AMD wins!!!
even they didn't released their mobile chips
DARK_SOLDIER101  +   560d ago
hey You
i meant mobile chips like laptops

You misunderstand man !!!
KTF26  +   560d ago
but also they didn't WIN
nvidia the leader of high-end laptops market as well as desktop
AMD lost 15% of market share over 2 years
from almost 50% with HD5000/6000 to 35% this year
but NO, nvidia didn't win and AMD didn't lost
AMD still very powerful competitor
tee_bag242  +   561d ago
@ Dark...
Wow. You're truly clueless.
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ninjahunter  +   561d ago
Funnily, as a graphics company, even intel shows more support for acquiring the PC market than AMD.
UNKLE  +   561d ago
both of it shit they release new vgas every year with ridiculously high cost... nvidia says they boost fps in the new drivers 20% its a fucking lie.. i have i7/gtx660/ 2gb ddr5 and i cant play max the new games like ac4,watch dogs,cod ghos etc... i can run these games with ps4 quality settings. how should i play games like witcher3? and ac unity? fc4, yeah sure buy gtx 700/800 series..
solar  +   561d ago
phone companies are stupid too. they need to stop releasing products with better technology.
GeraltofRivia  +   561d ago
I know how dare they release faster technology!! The nerve!
Moncole  +   561d ago
Those games are not very well optimized. I got a i5, GTX 660 and 8gigs ram and can play games like Witcher 2, Shadow Warrior and Skyrim with graphic mods at 1080p/60fps. All on max settings but I don't use Uber Sampling in Witcher 2.
lemoncake  +   561d ago
No surprise really
quenomamen  +   561d ago
These two, are worse than PS & Xbox fanboys.
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