The Last of Us movie to be penned by original game's writer & co-director Neil Druckmann

At their San Diego Comic-Con panel, Screen Gems revealed new details about the live-action film adaptation of The Last of Us, including that Neil Druckmann, the original game’s writer and co-director, will be writing the script.

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Majin-vegeta1363d ago

At first I was skeptical.But now you have my undivided attention.

XiSasukeUchiha1363d ago

True that Vegeta, let's power up to this movie!

JackOfAllBlades1363d ago

My god.. Just stop sasuke..

SlapHappyJesus1363d ago

The cheese level is over 9000 . . .

linkenski1363d ago

Jesus, this guy really thinks he's an anime character. He's been everywhere on N4G as of late.

strangeaeon1363d ago

This isn't going to end well, writing for a game is nowhere near the same thing as writing a screenplay.

miyamoto1363d ago

Maybe this is made for non-video gamers first and foremost then video gamers second?
Maybe its high time video game ideas really transcend the video game medium BIG TIME towards others like movies, tv shows, like comics transcended the print medium?

Druckman and Straley specifically stated they drew inspiration from movies, novels to make TLOU so there is quite a connection that makes sense to give back.

The_Devil_Hunter1363d ago

I hope the movie is successful but at the same time I hope Neil doesnt decide to leave ND and pursue a movie making career.

WeAreLegion1363d ago

I'm not sure it matters. If they got a horrible team for Uncharted, they'll probably get a horrible team for The Last of Us. I love Raimi, but he's only producing. God knows what moron they'll get to direct.

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