The Problem With Early Access

The early access model has attracted a lot of game developers trying to get their projects off the ground, but sometimes players end up paying the price. Does early access really help a game and developer? Enrique of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at the issues with Early Access games.

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VRex71308d ago

For me personally, I enjoy having early access because it gives me the opportunity to check out a game without making a commitment, but I can see how a bad experience could deter some from making the final purchase.

joab7771308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Whats wrong with ppl today? Seriously. Are we such a spoiled entitled generation that as soon as our panties even begin to bunch, we stop all we r doing, march to our laptops and begin blogging.

How does this author think any business of the last 100 years got started? Most began very small and slowly grew. Eventually the idea was brought to someone who was given the opportunity to TAKE A RISK! Yes...a RISK!!!

We wah wah about big business and their evil ways and when opportunity is given for talent to present a project apart from a giant publisher, we find new wah wahs. Its amazing.

So, How many of us have said, "Man I wish I had been there at the beginning of Microsoft...I would be rich now."? You wouldn't if you had this attitude. You woulda said, "Am I guaranteed that you will become a successful multi billion dollar business? If you fail, do I get all my money back? If it doesnt work out, can I write an article and post it on the web about how its unfair and I got burnt?"

Early Access is exactly what it says that it is. And like all those who have invested in anything (and yes, I understand that u do not reap financial benefits but u do benefit), u look at as much info as u can and make an informative decision. Is it guaranteed? No. Should u be careful? Yes. But is there a chance that it may work out and for a tiny investment u can watch and actually interactively assist in the production of an amazing game? Yes. And many have great rewards for those that do.

As far as the issue concerning actual financial investment. That would be a real story and something id actually love to read. Though honestly, paying for early access can be reduced to a simple transaction. You pay for something and you get it. Really, are we expecting to play a AAA game throughout its production? Read the fine print.

So, instead of everyone whining about early access and how Bungie lied to those who pre ordered a game that they intend to purchase, take the time and spend the day with ur oldest living relative...and get a clue what it was like back when u weren't entitled to anything that u didnt bust ur ass for...or risk everything u had for just a chance at greatness.

Edgetroll1308d ago

I don't think you read the same article? It wasn't whining about early accesss but rather making the point that it's a calculated risk people take, and they need to be aware of it. It gave two examples where the risk didn't pay off, one where development was dropped and the other where enough of the community spoke against it that the project was out on hiatus.

Either way I do agree, early access isn't a bad thing because it does gives access to games we normally wouldn't be able to see. But the way the model is currently handle does leave a lot to be desired in terms of accountability.

joab7771308d ago

I did read it. I guess coming off reading so many similar articles, I got carried away lol!

zero_syndicate1308d ago

I enjoy the early access experience, without it I would've avoided Destiny. It's a good peek into what you're getting into. I think that early access players should also get some form of a trial access of the final product, that way my previous assumptions of the said "bad experience" could be wiped clean with this fresh finished experience. Early access with titanfall left me wanting more, but the final product was identical to the beta (at launch) which left me a bit salty over that purchase. Same thing with the war z/infestation survival stories experience...

user56695101308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Your thinking of beta. Those games never had early access just beta. Early access is when you pay to get access to the early stages of the game to help fund development. Its like kickstarter . Why would you pay for early access from a multi billion dollar company. It defeats the purpose of helping fun the game

MetaReapre1308d ago

I don't like early access. It's just buying an incomplete game with no garentee the game will ever be completed. I can understand if it was a complete game that will add more in later on, but there are too many games that will launch on early access that will be missing core parts of a game only to be promised to be added later. What ever happened to free demos to get the hype for a game up? Or even free betas to see consumer response to it. Paying full price for a skeleton of a game is bad.

Edgetroll1308d ago

I understand where you're coming from, but at the same time it's becoming an alternative model for funding that's being used by independent developers. A lot of these games coming out don't have the funds so readily available, so they go about it any way they can.

It's not always a bad thing because there have been some genuinely awesome games that we otherwise wouldn't have had a chance to see. But it's a double edge sword and people need to do their research.

bunt-custardly1308d ago

I've had some really endearing early access moments which you just don't get with traditionally published games. Maybe it's more down to the openness of the individual developers, but the fact that they are there listening/responding to good and bad feedback where player ideas can be put into a game is commendable.

dota2champion1308d ago

I'm not paying to test out a beta game. And according to Valve, the developers don't have to complete the early access game

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