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Only YOU Can Help Bring Yakuza 5 to the West-Do it NOW

Jason from psnation.com asks Yakuza fans to participate in a new letter-writing campaign to Sega. (PS3, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition, Yakuza 5, Yakuza Ishin)

Cloudberry  +   487d ago
Great piece.
I'm all in for localizations of Yakuza 5, Ishin, and the HD Collections.

It's unfortunate that Adam Boyes & Gio Corsi's Third Party Relations for bringing up MOST WANTED games to PlayStation console didn't realized (yet)...

I mean, Yakuza series and a Shenmue came as one of the most wanted games to localized/come from #buildingthelist Twitter poll and yet, a Grim Fandango remaster announced before it...?

Did Adam & Gio had talked to SEGA & Nagoshi while they travel to Japan awhile back?

/: (
jase52476  +   487d ago
I think multiple groups have approached SEGA about it, but so far, they aren't willing to spend the significant cost of localizing it. The last release Dead Souls did miserably (and it really is a good game), and unfortunately fans didn't step up and buy the game--even though it's not the best in the series--to keep the franchise going.
Magicite  +   486d ago
There are so many great games I wish would be localized for English audience.
RandomGamer  +   487d ago
Pisses me off so much that we haven't got Yakuza 5 yet. I loved 1-4 so much. Hell I even bought dead souls to support sega not because I wanted that game .
jase52476  +   487d ago
Send a letter and tell them how much you loved the games! Every letter counts!
Saphodravingo  +   487d ago
You bought a game you had no intention of playing, to show your support for a company that doesn't even know you exist?
dcj0524  +   487d ago
Yes. It makes sense. I get all my anime for free but I buy the Blue-rays to support them so they can make more.
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8BitSoul  +   487d ago
As much as I loved Yakuza 3 and 4, I'd rather see a localized version of Yakuza Ishin. I'm not saying that I wouldn't buy Yakuza 5 if it ever came out in the west, as I totally would! The way I see it, Ishin is the closest thing we have to an Assassin's Creed set in feudal Japan. That is, ofcourse, if you take away the parkour and add tons of crazy mini games that'll make any western dweller scratch his nuts while tilting his head to the side like a dog trying to understand his master.

Could they possibly lose more money by localizing these games, than if they don't? I don't know how expensive a process like that is, but surely, it can't be THAT costy? They did it with Yakuza 3, 4 and Dead Souls, so stopping there would be a crime!
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jase52476  +   487d ago
There's a lot of speculation on the costs, but no firm figures. In my opinion, even if they break even, it cuts into the profits they make in Japan on the titles (where they're hugely popular). So not only are they spending money on the localizations, it costs them time and effort that could be spent on the next in the series--which makes them much more money in Japan.
8BitSoul  +   487d ago
I see your point! One would think that translating the games text into english wouldn't require that much money (seeing as how fans are translating Japanese games to English all the time), but I guess for a game like Yakuza, it's considerably more than just a few lines of simple dialogue :P How many copies do you think they would need to sell in order to cover the costs of bringing it over here?

I remember Bayonetta barely passed 2 million right after it came out in US and Europe, and Platinum considered it a huge success (don't know if that included the sales in Japan).
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DCfan  +   487d ago
Ishin is far superior to garbage like ass creed.
Saphodravingo  +   487d ago
Ishin and "Ass Creed" are in two completely different, completely seperate universes. That's like saying pizza is better than sex. A better comparison would be if you said Ishin was far superior to other open-world games like Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto.
Systemshock2  +   487d ago
For how long fans have to put with these requests, Y5 will flop and then Y6 will be released in Japan, looking as good as before, rinse repeat the begging and false hopes.
Saphodravingo  +   487d ago
You act as if SEGA owes you a dept of gratitude, simply because you exist. And because games. Come up off your high-horse. SEGA doesn't owe anybody anything. I'm so sick and tired of self-entitled, spoiled, so-called "gamers" who ceaselessly bitch and moan about any little thing that rubs them the wrong way. Whether it's Dante's hair, or Solid Snake's voice actor, or how many P's are in a frame per second, you lot will winge on about it 'till your blue in the balls. Mind you, these are the same people that begged and pleaded for a Duke Nukem sequel every year, for 15 years straight, only to turn around and say Duke Nukem Forever was "nothing more than a hilariously outdated, crass, immature,misogynistic game, filled with dick and fart jokes." I could be mistaken, but wasn't that pretty much the basis for every Duke Nukem game ever? Or did I just imagine stuffing a $5 bill into a strippers G-string all those years ago? Get over yourselves. If you want SEGA to release more games stateside, maybe you should start buying other games besides Yakuza. Did you even play Sega Rally All-Stars? Sonic Underground? Sonic Generations?
Inception  +   487d ago
As far as i remember, i already signed two-three petition (one from Opt. Rainfall cmiiw) to bring Y5 (and Valkyria Chronicles III) to the west. But until this day, there's no sign that Sega listening to the fans request :/ . So...i dunno if i want to do this again...
Edward75  +   487d ago
+ Bub inception.

Exactly how I feel.

My biggest game from them not to be localized is PSO2.
It doesn't matter what platform... PC, new consoles, vita., 3ds, or even ios...
Inception  +   487d ago
Thx mate :)

If tons of petition can't move sega an inch to localize Y5, VC 3, etc than a straight email to their HQ is useless.
Rob_Ko  +   487d ago
I want!
Goro  +   487d ago
Best article i've ever seen on N4G.
DCfan  +   487d ago
For now i want the HD collection, because i didn't get around buying Yakuza 2 because its priced ridiculously.
Goro  +   487d ago
No it's not, it's around €15 new.
DCfan  +   487d ago
I usually buy from Amazon US. Its around 100$ there/
Where can i buy it for the price you mentioned?!
MrSwankSinatra  +   487d ago
There is no point, look at the sheer amount of games that people want localized from SEGA and they never come here. People beg, plead, spam and make petitions, but SEGA are just bunch of a-holes with their hands on their ears going LA LA LA LA LA.....!!!!!
Saphodravingo  +   487d ago
Ryo Ga Gotoku 1, 2 and 3 were localized. The former, twice. And guess how many people bought it? About as many as the people in this thread. SEGA doesn't want to waste money and resources localizing a game no one's gonna play. Simple as that.
MrSwankSinatra  +   487d ago
sega sure likes wasting resources on bullshit like alien's colonial marines, licensed games and countless those mediocre sonic games. How about you take business 101 and learn you have to spend money to make money. You gave me one sorry ass excuse because companies like xseed, atlus & NIS all localize highly niche japanese games (even more niche than yakuza i might add) and you don't see them complaining about the games they localize not selling well. You want to know why? Well because they actually know how to budget.
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Saphodravingo  +   487d ago
Why not just import it? That's what I did with Ryo Ga Gotoku 3, 4 and 5. Sure, it's more expensive. And it can be a pain in the ass if you don't read/speak Japanese. But it beats the alternative.
Tdmd  +   487d ago
Because there's no point to importing a game in a language you don't understand.
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reaperman  +   486d ago
I have read numerous articles about Yakuza 5 not being released in the West and I understand what you are saying about why not import it, even though its more expensive and a pain if you can't read/speak Japanese.
The articles I have read basically say the same thing, but some of the replies that people have said are that if SEGA can't be bothered to release the games in the West and yet still expect people to buy them even if that can't understand them then SEGA have no right to their money. Some people have said that they downloaded Yakuza 5 so that they can still play the game and SEGA don't benefit.
I certainly don't condone what these people are doing but I can sort of understand where they are coming from. Loads of fans have been waiting for Yakuza 5 to be announced in the West so that way they can spend their money and support SEGA for the hard work they are doing with the Yakuza franchise, but now SEGA don't care about people in the West why should we care about SEGA.
I bought all the Yakuza games that SEGA released in the West but I'm certainly not going to support SEGA and buy other games that they have made which don't interest me in the slightest such as Sonic games, Sega Rally, Aliens Colonial Marines.
If people buy these games just to support SEGA in the hopes that they see their games selling in the West that they might localise Yakuza it is just not going to happen. SEGA will just think its ok those games sell we will just give them more Sonic games and forget about Yakuza.
I certainly don't agree with downloading games but if SEGA won't release Yakuza in the West then there are people out there who are more than willing to do so in order to play the games without having to pay a large sum of money to buy a game they wouldn't understand.

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