Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Review | Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid:
"In Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake you control Nikko, a boy living in a JRPG-style island village, who wakes up on his birthday to find that, surprise surprise, his cake has been stolen. Following a trail of crumbs (and his wiener dog, Bazooka), Nikko crashes into the wilderness in search of his cake, where he soon discovers both the shadowy Boogins, who like to steal food and make fart jokes, and an assortment of friendlier and more colorful monsters, each of whom has a special ability they will use to help Nikko recover both his cake and the suddenly missing Bazooka. They also like to make fart jokes.

There’s a fair amount of fart jokes, is what I’m saying."

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