Hyrule Warriors Development Now Officially Complete

The Hyrule Warriors development cycle has officially concluded, as announced today by the game's official Twitter account. Are you ready, Zelda fans?

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ChrisW1428d ago

Despite being able to read Japanese... I hate Twatter posts as "news" on N4G!

ZeekQuattro1428d ago

I wish it was releasing in the US next month. September 26th seems so far away. haha

MSBAUSTX1425d ago

I feel the same way. I know it actually isn't very far away, but when you are waiting for something you really want it can seem far away. Hopefully, the hype about the price is true and this will be a great filler title to wet our appetite for Zelda U, once I beat Wind Waker finally. Good things coming so far. I love it.

dadz1428d ago

September 26 seems s ofar away at this point lol :(

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The story is too old to be commented.