$538 Budget Intel Gaming PC for GRID: Autosport - July, 2014

GamersNexus: "The focus of this build was to feature the overclockable Intel Pentium G3258, offer solid mid-to-high level graphics for gaming, and allow for easy upgrades in the future. Our last few extreme budget gaming PC builds were mostly AMD and, based on some great comments both in the forums and article comments, I felt it was time to give Intel a chance to make its mark in this price range."

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tee_bag2421421d ago

That's a very good selection of parts. I'd personally go for a quad core but that would defeat the purpose of a budget build.

DARK_SOLDIER1011421d ago

why intel cpu too expensive compared to amd ?

Pandamobile1421d ago

Because Intel CPUs are better.

kantenkopf1421d ago

The Intel Pentium G3258 is pretty good for its price, and in this parts list paired with a Z97 Motherboard and CPU cooler you can overclock it to a maximum of 4.4 GHz which even outperforms the AMD FX 8350 in most games that are not using the CPU so much. Invest 40$ more for a watercooling solution and you can overclock the G3258 up to 4.8 GHz. That should last at least a year or two for current games as well.

Father__Merrin1421d ago

that would be £700 in the UK

Lon3wolf1420d ago

? £450 ish in the UK, the $538 quoted does not include the "OS & Recommended Extras"

ABizzel11421d ago

Just bought a GTX 750 Ti 2GB for $75 (half the price of the ) at a local store. LOVE THIS PLACE, but I'm going to miss it when I move -_-

impet251421d ago

I just built a $600 G3258 rig paired with a r9 280, cpu OC to 4.3 and it runs almost everything on high with respectable framerates, ultimate budget build.

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