Check Out The Last of Us Remastered’s Photo Mode In Action on a Naughty Dog Developer’s PS4

Yesterday the team at Naughty Dog received copies of The Last of Us Remastered, and apparently they already have access to the day one patch which enables the game’s photo mode.

Senior Technical Artist Nathan Horne decided to share his experience with the game on his twitch channel, and walked the viewer through an extensive photo mode session to create Joel’s ultimate selfie.

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GasTankKiller1238d ago

Tool the words right out of my mouth.

Jsoc1238d ago

I like that they put photo mode ..... I had a lot of fun when they did it for ImFamous SS

JoGam1238d ago

If its simple to do, more games should do it.

Heisenburger1238d ago

Totally. If it gets people taking the time to capture their moments, and to share them with friends and the community, having people discuss your game on a different level than usual... it's a win for everybody involved.

I know my roommate and I will be exchanging photos, trying to one up each other.

I think any game would benefit from a camera mode.

Funantic11238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Then maybe we can create game cards and trade them for fun. :-)

marioJP871238d ago

I could DEFINITELY see a lot of photo fun and time consuming in photo mode for this game.

Oldman1001238d ago

Can't wait to activate it right when I blow a hunters head apart with the shotgun while he's begging for his life. Then I'll go ahead and share the photo with everyone on facebook and wish them a great day.