‘Battlefield Hardline’ – New Single-Player Story Details

During a San Diego Comic Con panel, developer Visceral Games has reported that Battlefield Hardline‘s single-player campaign will be focusing on a cop named Nick, who’s trying to clear his name after being framed during a drug-bust gone wrong.

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ThatOneGuyThere1180d ago

hardline is terrible. that "beta" was more like a pre-alpha. Dice lost me as a customer when it took 6 months to get decent gameplay out of BF4.

Dirtnapstor1180d ago

This is not DICE's baby....

daBUSHwhaka1180d ago

When EA announced the delay DICE were put back on the development of hardline.Apparently visceral games were struggling with certain aspects of the game,so DICE will be finishing the product.Bad news.

Dirtnapstor1180d ago

Bad if EA has anything to say about. They need to let DICE develop their own games and not armchair pilot the process.

dcj05241180d ago

Good thing DICE isn't making it.

Matt6661180d ago

If you don't like it, what you doing on a hardline thread?

ThatOneGuyThere1179d ago

expressing my opinion on the matter, since i played the beta, obviously.

ShaqSoda1180d ago

Why couldn't they just stick with a new Battlefield?

dcj05241180d ago

I'm so sick of modern-setting shooters. I hope the campaign is along the lines of Shadowfall or wolfenstein, otherwise there's no reason to buy this one.

CloudRap1180d ago

I generally enjoyed the beta I actually liked the close quarters combat the most in BF4 (the vehicles are unbalanced especially AA) so im glad they're emphasizing it in this one. And on another note I actually think BF4 was leagues beyond the third one but maybe thats because it wasn't gimped like the old gen games.

ATi_Elite1180d ago

I rather hear about Bad Company 3 sp story.

BF:H is a waste of time.

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