GTA IV iCEnhancer Creator Takes A Break From Modding Due To Internet Haters & Trolls

Well, it was to be expected. When a mod gets incredibly famous, a lot of users – for some unexplained reason – start bullying its creator. We’ve seen this happening in a lot of mods, and the latest version of iCEnhancer is the new victim of this trend.

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Neixus1211d ago

I've never understood me on people who takes trolls personal, not to sound like an ass, but he should man up.

Trolls are just people who try to bring someone down, worst thing you can do is to show that it gets to you.

mushroomwig1211d ago

It's the trolls that need to grow up and man up.

Neixus1211d ago

Ofcourse, but be realistic, we will always have trolls on the internet.

Most people deal with trolls just the same as people who get bullied, stand up for themselves.

Dee_911211d ago

Exactly. Dude needs to man up.No amount of hate from random people on the internet would make me stop doing what I love.Because we all know, no troll have the balls to say 99% of the crap they say on the internet in real life and chances are they are kids.Also not to excuse the trolls but if these articles stopped claiming these mods to be the second coming of christ, I personally think that would cut down on some of the hate he received.

ExposingLames1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I haven't read the article yet, but I clicked on it thinking the same thing. Seriously? If you care THAT much about what random not even people...just names on an internet board have to say about have a lot of problems. If its that bad just click off and don't read em. Use the ignore button. Perhaps grow a pair. Never understand these kind of things. People are just too sensitive these days. Awww he hurt my feelings he told me that my hair was too long and my shirt is the wrong color!!!! Theres more to life than the internet and message boards.

TechnoSphere1211d ago

Generally people who troll have these kinds of explanations to whitewash their awful personality.

ExposingLames1211d ago

That doesn't make it any less true though. No matter who tells you 2+2=4 its still a fact.

joab7771211d ago

I would tend to agree but theres a lot at play...and everyone isnt a rock everyday. Who knows what motivates people? And many ppl are simply more sensitive and havnt dealt with it before.

Prime1571211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It does when people start giving you death threats...

So you're 2+2 analogy is wrong because you came in with the pretense that all trolling is essentially harmless. 2+2=4 is wrong when you forget one of the twos was supposed to be a three, but you wrote two by accident or ignorance even stupidity.

Dee_911211d ago

Generally ? since when? Your calling him a troll because he believe dude should ignore trolls. Generally trolls want people to be affected by the crap they say.

aliengmr1210d ago

Isn't that what's happening here? He's ignoring the trolls.

Yea, its easy to ignore trolls, but constant never ending hate for something you are doing for free? People have their limits, maybe the internet should grow up.

Seriously, if I was constantly being attacked for doing people a favor, there's a point where I'd tell everyone to F off.

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Kivespussi1211d ago

It's probably easy to say since you haven't been targetet by the internet trolls.

Enigma_20991211d ago

... so your problem isn't the trolling, but the victim not growing a pair and getting over it?

I wonder whose side you take when people get bullied?

ExposingLames1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

No, I knew full well most people were gonna hit that "disagree" button to REALLY show me how bad ass they are. Its just how this site is. If im talking to someone else who has a pair unlike most here then you know full well that trolls and assholes in real life and on the internet are never going to change and its always going to happen...thats how life is. So YOU have to do the change. You can sit there in tears wishing everyone would kiss your ass and tell you how great you are, but its not gonna happen so taking sides is as worthless as wishing. Grow up and stop acting like a child and see what is really important and what isn't. People are WAY too sensitive. The fact most don't agree with me just shows how bad it least here. I feel sorry for them...then at the same time disgusted.

Troll are always going to be there. There are just as many asses are there are nice people. As someone over 13 years of age you need to learn to deal with both as a part of life. If "adults" have these issues then.....ugh

Neixus1211d ago

Well, trolls will allways be here.

Enigma_20991211d ago


No one's trying to prove a damn thing to you. What people have a problem with is your complete lack of ANY kind of sympathy for people in this situation. Maybe if you had took the time to demonize the trolls that attacked him before you turned your gun on the victim, then people could come to see your argument with a little merit, even if they don't agree with it. No single person is the same. They're all unique. And that includes how they react to stuff like this. So you can't expect all of them to "man up and grow a pair like everyone else."

There is nothing childish about being saddened by having your feelings hurt. It happens all the time, regardless of age. That is one of the dumbest counter arguments I have ever heard. It doesn't prove that people are too sensitive, it proves that you don't have a f****** heart. Some people are incapable of growing a thicker skin. It's the truth. Accept it. And try throwing some of that disgust the trolls' way.

ExposingLames1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

@ Enigma_2099

I understand what you're saying and can see where you are coming from. I don't know your experiences, but mine just have me in a different mindset than you have. As I said I have never and will never understand internet trolling and issues with it. Just click off or ignore.

When I was in middle school I had just changed to a brand new school and was bullied in real life something fierce for weeks. I can tell you I didn't care for anyones sympathy, compassion, good wishes, or anything else. It was worthless to me. I wanted a way to make it stop. I would fight back, but never took it far enough. Finally a kid decided to talk to me about it one day and help me out with a suggestion. I ended up slamming the main bullies face into the bleachers and breaking his nose. After that all the other bullies fell in line and I was never bullied again. I would have done more, but it wasn't needed. From my own (as you said everyone is different)experience I cared about a solution and not support. That's what I try to offer. I admit it is hard for me to feel for someone who is hurt by text on the internet from a random name/person. There are solutions though.

I guess I'll leave the compassion to others. I can only offer what worked in my situation and it worked with great effectiveness. Perhaps I don't have much of a heart or have lost it.

You're rarely going to change others...especially bullies or trolls. I tend to not put much stock into that. Better to look to yourself as issues such as this tend to repeat.

Dee_911211d ago

I'm sorry but people that get bullied on the internet and takes that stuff to heart gets no sympathy from me at all.Nobody needs to demonize the trolls, they are already at the bottom of the totem poll, absolutely no point in even entertaining the thought of talking about a troll. I have more hate towards the people that feed the trolls than the "victim".The only time I can side with an internet bully victim is when it starts to affect his or her real life, like posting private pictures, phone numbers etc.

Enigma_20991210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


Well as long as you don't use it as an excuse to attack the victim, you can feel however the hell you want.

You want to ignore the trolls, fine. But don't sit there and belittle the people who are directly affected by their douchery. You don't have to pat them on the back and tell them it'll be okay, but you damn sure don't have to talk down to them about it either.

Dee_911210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Thats the issue and why the word sensitive keep's coming up.Telling a man to man up isn't attacking him or belittling him. Thats telling him to ignore them and keep doing what he's doing. I don't know dude or his age, but I assume he is young.Regardless he should know that he wont get far in life letting idiots get to him, because this world is filled with them.

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JsonHenry1211d ago

I agree. They are trolls. Why does anyone ever give them any second thoughts? How weak of a person are you?

starchild1211d ago

No, gamers should grow up and stop acting like whiny entitled brats. Too many people like that in gaming and it's just sad.

ATi_Elite1211d ago

I get trolled constantly but i just laugh in their faces.

1. Trolls are just worthless cowards who find joy in causing chaos

2. Dude needs to grow a pair and just ignore trolls. If anything he is tired from long hours modding.

So rest up because gtav pc is coming and i need an icemod for that asap

BongSmack1210d ago

I know right! He's so selfish for letting the trolls win. In a way he's the troll.... no wait That's you.

You don't know anything about his personal life so you should keep your judgements to yourself.

Neixus1210d ago

I don't need to know about his life. I just pointed out that showing that a troll can get to you is not a good idea.

WeAreLegion1210d ago

Try having hundreds of thousands of people telling you you're a piece of garbage.

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ab5olut10n1211d ago

"The Internet also gives the means to be the greatest troll without any coincidence whatsoever."

lol, coincidence

EverydayGuy1211d ago

Should just keep the mods to himself and display it on YouTube.

john21211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

But then you'll have others criticizing him for being elitist and not sharing his mod. Like what they did with Gionight and his ENB mod for Skyrim. Hell, even in N4G you'll find a lot that criticized Gionight for not sharing his mod.

EverydayGuy1211d ago

Those Skyrim mods are amazing. Well he should stop releasing mods to the public until the trolls are desperate and envious, then they will shut up for awhile.

ninjagoat1211d ago

Well hopefully the lad gets back on board and doe's his modding for the next GTA release on PC. People can be complete ass hats at times. If he don't come back GTA5 on PC will be a lesser game without him and that's the truth, I've been using all his mod's on GTA4 from the start and enjoyed the lot. Makes you wonder if his Trolls where even pc gamers ;).

andibandit1211d ago

Anyone have any examples of how he's being trolled??

Im finding it hard to imagine:

Troll: "HAHA your update looks even better than the last one, YOU SUCK"


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