Yoshi's Wolly World Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some video from their hands on time with the upcoming game for the Wii U. The game looks to continue the recent success that Nintendo has had with their system.

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R00bot1395d ago

Looks gorgeous, even better than Kirby's Epic Yarn, and that game was adorable.

ABizzel11395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Well considering the Wii U is around 20x more powerful than the Wii, it should look noticeably better.

The Wii was a 20 GFLOPS console at best, the Wii U is around 450 GFLOPS based on breakdowns, so every Wii U game will obviously look noticeably better than a Wii game, simply considering the Wii U is a more powerful at "gaming" than the PS360 which outperformed the original Wii as well.

R00bot1394d ago

I was talking cute factor, not graphics. Of course the graphics are better :)

3-4-51395d ago

Everytime I see that title I think of This

Game looks fun though.

Garethvk1395d ago

I will post a write up next week on it. They are making great strides by staying true to core games.

Lighter91395d ago

hahahaha It's Wooly World.. Not Wolly.

Chard1395d ago

It's actually Woolly ;)

WeAreLegion1395d ago

Here's a better video that wasn't filmed vertically.