What an Open World Could Mean for the Zelda Series

So why does the gaming community and press have such high hopes for introducing an open world to the Legend of Zelda series? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out how this anticipation translates to what changes people are really asking for.

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BattleN1155d ago

Exploration is part of the fun!

KaladinStormblessed1155d ago

Pretty interesting article actually, and I agree with a lot of what it says. Skyward Sword had a lot of handholding and little exploration, you follow the set path and complete the objective, still a fun game though. I can hardly wait for the new Zelda, I'm hoping it'll surpass all my expectations.

R00bot1154d ago

I'm not sure what it means for the Zelda series, but I know what it means for the consumer! More fun! :D

Fullmetalevolust1154d ago

Most Zelda games have been open world, correct?
I wonder which ones have been more linear?
I am just playing through Wind Waker (beginning stages), looks like I'll be able to sail away later on and discover things on my own...right?

Summons751154d ago

A lot of titles had illusions for the open worlds. All the 3d titles are all sectioned off very well. They want to bring the idea of the 2d games into the 3d and let you go anywhere from the get go, let you do things out of order and still be able to progress. The 3d games suffered from a bad pattern of do the dungeon get item defeat boss and maybe use the item once or twice after. They want to go back to the original which you could do dungeons out of order and there were only a few key items that you needed to progress.

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The story is too old to be commented.