Six Features We'd Like To See In FIFA

Console Monster writes: "With the new football season fast approaching and the transfer window well and truly in session, the hype for the next FIFA title has begun.

Due to release at the end of September, FIFA 15 is set to be the most realistic title to date when it launches on all platforms, with a whole host of new features already revealed, including emotional intelligence, dynamic match presentation and improved player control.

But what features could make the beautiful game even more beautiful? Here are six suggestions."

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Zenith4k1365d ago

Mhh moving to pes sick to death of this now, don't feel like paying 50 squids on emotions iv got enough myself

iceman061364d ago

Crazy as it sounds, I'm thinking of giving PES another go. I actually bought the last one and was a bit disappointed. However, there was some hidden potential that opened up after they patched the frame glitches. I could see what they wanted to get out of the game...but it seems like the Fox engine was designed with the PS4/Xbox One generation in mind and not for PS3/Xbox 360.

Zenith4k1364d ago

All true mate but after watching some pes clips looks really promising hopefully they pull it of, now people might disagree with this but fifa ain't changed much in the last three years same goals, stupid ref disissions and don't get me started on offside rules, I might see you around in the next installment.

toddybad1365d ago

I'll be happy if the referees stick to giving the correct decisions and if they stop rigging the game with previous determined winners. I just want a fair match, that's it.