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The Last Of Us Remastered 1080p Photo Mode Screenshots Shared by Naughty Dog Devs From their PS4s

Yesterday Naughty Dog gave us the rundown of The Last of Us Remastered‘s photo mode, and the studio’s developers have already received their copies of the game. The result is that some of them have already started using the share button of their own PS4 to give us some example of the feature. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

Update Updated with more screenshots.

oasdada  +   303d ago
Magicite  +   302d ago
Despite being remaster, this is this summer's most awaited game and it will carry PS4 until Destiny bundle launches. Sony/ND did really well with this move, actually it seems Sony(or other their exclusive publishers) is placing its exclusive dates with smart motives - not too frequent, but at times when they need to counter competition or things like summer drought.
Arkardo  +   302d ago
Now i have to finish the game twice to see the difference in every step of the game between 30-60 fps, damn Naughty Dog!
Prime157  +   302d ago
I'm sure you'll get a trophy...
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Father__Merrin  +   302d ago
would be cool if there was two trophies, one bronze called 30steps and one 60steps
illtornworld  +   302d ago
Aw i wanted to type FIRST like everybody else smh
marioJP87  +   302d ago
Haha. He MUST be sleep.
OUROSMAG  +   302d ago
Only 3 more days!!
Sharius  +   302d ago
photomode in U4 will be f***ing glorious

damn, i hope that sony can somehow make a deal with kojima so they can help them develope the same photomode to MGSV in PS4 version
Dynasty2021  +   302d ago
Sorry have you played U4? Or had a sneak preview we know nothing of?

Or are you just building hype for "agree" votes and making assumptions based on extremely limited knowledge?
G20WLY  +   302d ago
*GASP* Dat salt doe... :O

Could it not just be an educated guess based on past experience with ND games, photo modes thus far and the footage we've seen of UC4?

Keep the faith and ye shall be rewarded. ;^)
sin7279  +   302d ago
pornflakes  +   302d ago
Destiny preorders reach already 530k on PS4 and 430 on Xbox One and the game is still many weeks away from release!

TLOUR has 100k preorders, this gamę wont get as much attention as Sony would like to have. I bet 500k copies sold, that much if you Look on the comparisons and the small graphics differences.
50 bucks for full HD Resolution and 60 FPS which arent even locked is a shame!

How can UC4 have 60fps and 1080p and this game cant reach locked 60fps???

At least LBP3 and driveclub is left as exclusive blockbusters^^
Bennibop  +   302d ago
The last of us has more preorders than 100th and the gap between destiny preorders is bigger. Stealth trolling me thinks! Put your links in for sales in to your post.
LightDiego  +   302d ago
You are really desperate, don't you?
sin7279  +   302d ago
Troll idiot!
Barneyco  +   302d ago
I gave up on preordering games. I have never not been able to get a game because I didn't preorder. Plus the preorder bonuses don't really seem worth it anymore.
Letthewookiewin  +   302d ago
True but I like to "financially" get them out of the way. But that's the only reason I do it, I don't care about preorder bonuses or not being able to find a copy.
equal_youth  +   302d ago
man whats wrong with you.. play your games...
Heisenburger  +   302d ago
DigitalRaptor  +   302d ago
Try 3 million PS4 copies for the remaster. Trolls like you were saying the same about TLOU not selling cause of new IP and not being Uncharted.

Comparisons show a rather significant quality increase across the board - all aspects of clarity and production. Exactly what is expected from a remaster and exactly what is expected from most 60fps games. Your trolling is not working.

Who said Uncharted 4 will have a locked 60fps? We don't know anything yet.

DriveClub and LBP3 both look excellent as well as PlanetSide 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd.

Poor guy.
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Letthewookiewin  +   302d ago
I pre ordered digitally on PSN along with Destiny. Also your pulling numbers from VGchartz which is at best a retail "guess" on USA data only. Your tiff is invalid and makes me feel sorry for you because who knows what else you think is real. Have a lolly :)
PsylentKiller  +   302d ago
I preordered on PSN for the same games as well. I wish the XBO would have preorders and preload as well. I can't wait for Destiny but I'll be pretty busy till then with TLOU, Abe's Odyssey, Lego Marvel, Injustice and a couple other games I recently picked up. That superheroes sale on PSN was awesome. Injustice and Lego marvel for under $20 was amazing.
Letthewookiewin  +   301d ago
I think MS said that those features will be added soon. The PSN sales are awesome.
jmac53  +   302d ago
I saw that name and thought where I have I seen that name before, oh yeah trolling all the Playstation articles.
poor_cus_of_games  +   302d ago
You still here porn? I didn't think that you would have shown your face after the smack down I gave you on pm.
Deadpoolio  +   302d ago
You probably need to use some health care to go get your vision checked if you think the graphical differences are small...But then again your not really the brightest crayon on the box if your using screen shots to look for differences, the only way your going to really notice them is to see it in motion
equal_youth  +   302d ago
i haven't had enough time to try the photo mode in infamous but this one i will definitely try out. maybe not a day one buy for me but as soon as it is in my sight i will get it.
equal_youth  +   302d ago
Now i have to reply to myself and admit my local retailer had the game early and i just got it ^^:D
jdubrady  +   302d ago
This game looks really good. I never played it on ps3, and now I have a X1. I have a feeling that every time Naughty Dog releases a ps4 title this generation I will regret not having a ps4. oh it hurts...i'll find a way to play it eventually!
poor_cus_of_games  +   302d ago
Yeah buy a ps4. I have both after trading loads for my x1
Drithe  +   302d ago
Wow. More The Last of Us shown on good ole Sony4g. I meant N4G. Really now. how much The Last of Us does N4G has to shove down our throats? Every so many articles it's about this overrated game, when it should be about a game EVERYONE is actually playing, Destiny!
poor_cus_of_games  +   302d ago
Maybe the majority of the gaming public want to see more of tlou. We all don't follow your mind set.
USA007  +   302d ago
Have you not seen all the destiny articles? Were you around when Titanfall came out? Talk about flooding the site with one game
corroios  +   302d ago
Best game of last gen. Most awarded, new IP. If you dont want to see just press the button to Xbox One. Its really simple.
Give_me_head_strong  +   301d ago
*screenshots shown are from the 30fps version*
-Naughty Dog

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