The Last Of Us Remastered 1080p Photo Mode Screenshots Shared by Naughty Dog Devs From their PS4s

Yesterday Naughty Dog gave us the rundown of The Last of Us Remastered‘s photo mode, and the studio’s developers have already received their copies of the game. The result is that some of them have already started using the share button of their own PS4 to give us some example of the feature.


Updated with more screenshots.

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Magicite1369d ago

Despite being remaster, this is this summer's most awaited game and it will carry PS4 until Destiny bundle launches. Sony/ND did really well with this move, actually it seems Sony(or other their exclusive publishers) is placing its exclusive dates with smart motives - not too frequent, but at times when they need to counter competition or things like summer drought.

Arkardo1369d ago

Now i have to finish the game twice to see the difference in every step of the game between 30-60 fps, damn Naughty Dog!

Prime1571369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I'm sure you'll get a trophy...

Father__Merrin1368d ago

would be cool if there was two trophies, one bronze called 30steps and one 60steps

illtornworld1369d ago

Aw i wanted to type FIRST like everybody else smh

marioJP871369d ago

Haha. He MUST be sleep.

Sharius1369d ago

photomode in U4 will be f***ing glorious

damn, i hope that sony can somehow make a deal with kojima so they can help them develope the same photomode to MGSV in PS4 version

Dynasty20211369d ago

Sorry have you played U4? Or had a sneak preview we know nothing of?

Or are you just building hype for "agree" votes and making assumptions based on extremely limited knowledge?

G20WLY1369d ago

*GASP* Dat salt doe... :O

Could it not just be an educated guess based on past experience with ND games, photo modes thus far and the footage we've seen of UC4?

Keep the faith and ye shall be rewarded. ;^)

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The story is too old to be commented.