Far Cry 2 playable at DreamHack Summer 2008 [June 14-17]

Far Cry 2 will be at the Dreamhack festival on June 14th through the 17th in Jönköping, Sweden. Louis-Pierre Pharand and Julien Cuny will be there to present the game and to answer questions. You will be able to play and test the game.

Official report:
"We are very proud to make the first public showing in the world of the up coming block-buster Far Cry® 2 from Ubisoft, We also have people from the Ubisoft studio in Canada on site in Jönköping. The producer Louis-Pierre Pharand and Julien Cuny will present the game from the Main Stage in front of a sea of gamers in Jönköping.

Be the first to test the game! During the festival, we give you an opportunity to become one of the first in the world to sink you teeth in the game, a handful of visitors will be chosen for a private sitting together with Louis-Pierre Pharand and Julien Cuny, where you have an opportunity to ask questions and of course test Far Cry® 2. Don't miss this unique opportunity!"

Check out the official website at to get more info and to watch the event live coverage!

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