GTA 4 With iCEnhancer 3.0 Looks So Much Better Than GTA 5

One Angry Gamer "Anyone can say what they want about Grand Theft Auto V, the 2013 release for the geriatric twins, but it just does not hold any kind of visual candle to Rockstar’s 2007 outing of GTA IV. Why? Because Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t have the iCEnhancer (not yet anyway). And Ice Laglace’s iCEnhancer 3.0 has just dropped, showcasing some jaw-dropping visual upgrades for the PC version of GTA IV."

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trywizardo1335d ago

nope , i sow it , and it looks like IC2 , and both IC2 and IC3 is close to V but not there yet ...

JackOfAllBlades1334d ago

I got the just of what he was saying, but damn that spelling and grammar

ATi_Elite1334d ago

@Trywizardo. Nice try way to just make up stuff

1. Gtaiv with ice mod is a graphical delight and what makes it so great is that you can combine it with many mods plus real cars so having the hulk or spiderman wreck a mustang or camero or bmw550gt is really nice.

Gtaiv ice mod is great but i already know that gtav pc will be equal to it or pass it.

How do i know this? Because rockstar put in a lot of work fixing the Rage engine. Same engine that powered max payne 3 with high texture pack that really looked awesome so google it if you forgot

But then again icenhancer on gtav will take us to another level of graphics for such a large game.

Thank you to all the modders for making a horrible pc port (gtaiv) into something i still play today and thats what gaming and pc gaming is all about

Magicite1334d ago

lets compare GTA4 and GTA5 when both are on PC and both modded, shall we?

Lulz_Boat1334d ago

i dunno... there some things that look better, but dunno why there other things that are too much glass-like which result in a graphical improvements BUT look very unrealistic. IMHO

Hazmat131334d ago

kinda like the Skyrim mods how every female avatar looks like a plastic doll with a crap ton of lip injections. haha

yezz1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Agreed. Most of the time these mods look very unbalanced because the "base" is so old. GTA V has low textures and some reflections aren't that great but everything just blends together quite nicely.

Even though I don't really care using them myself I'm interested to see what modders can do with GTAV..

Dee_911334d ago

Those high poly cars in a low poly environment will never appeal to me.. no matter how pretty you make the lighting and rendering.

Hazmat131334d ago

*1 year later* GTAV mods look stunning *amazing *fantastic *next generation spin it all you want no one gives 2 poops. polishing a turd until GTAV comes out on PC.

WeAreLegion1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

As gorgeous as it is, I'd still much rather play GTA V. Props to the whole team though. This looks phenomenal.

Vegamyster1334d ago

Hopefully GTAV ends up being a better port then 4, excited to see what the modders come up with.

Bodge1334d ago

Hopefully they surprise everyone and make an incredible port. Also there's a DEV testing GTA V on STEAM right now. He's been doing it for a few hours now, maybe he's getting the PC trailer ready? :O

SteamDB link

ABizzel11334d ago


It should be considering they've been using the Rage engine (name of the engine, not the game) for a while now, and it's coming to the PS4 and XBO.

weirdo1334d ago

nope. gtav looks the best imo

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The story is too old to be commented.