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The unkillable enemies in the Destiny beta have been killed.

"In the Destiny Beta there are enemies which have their levels marked as “???” when you shoot them the damage doesn’t register and instead the word “Immune” pops up. Because of that many players have assumed the enemies to be immortal, but it terns out they are not."-Takuchat" (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Yi-Long  +   221d ago
That's one of the things I didn't like about the Destiny Beta: Some enemies just take wayyyyy too long to kill and it's usually a very boring fight.

I like the Beta for the most part, but taking 10-15 minutes to kill that 6-legged tank/thing, and after that another 20+ minutes orso to shoot a big giant eye... it just gets boring.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   221d ago
I can take them out in 3-5 with a good team
Yi-Long  +   221d ago
I'm only level 7, so perhaps we didn't have the right weapons and skills yet. I don't know. It was a bit of a chore.
NewMonday  +   221d ago | Well said

you weren't supposed to be able to kill it at that point, but you applied patience and persistence and beat the system.

you are awesome and don't know it yet.
Yi-Long  +   221d ago
Actually, I'm very well aware I'm awesome. I just didn't know it was the case in this situation :P

But how come I wasn't supposed to beat these enemies yet? The mission was open to me and I could fight him. Pretty sure the 'squad' that was with me was level 7 or 8 or something like that.
Kosmacz  +   221d ago
Yep, true. I just killed them with 2 other ppl, wasn't that long or hard (5 minutes max i think)
thorstein  +   221d ago
I've beaten a tank with just myself, a Cydonia AR (62 dmg) my sniper rifle (45) and my rocket launcher. Find the weak spots and hit them hard.

It takes awhile but I have no problem with difficult bosses being in the game. What the video is about is that you there is a basement near where you spawn in Old Russia and there are enemies down there that just don't die.
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redwin  +   221d ago
My favorite part of the game are the big bosses, my least favorite is the capture the flag wanna be game in the crucible. I was not going to buy this game, I was going to get halo but the beta changed my mind and the big bosses did it for me. In my opinion, capture the flag is the weakest part of the game so far.
DarthZoolu  +   220d ago
Purple eyes drop fast if you shoot the pupil, we drop the spiders in about 3 mins. We also killed a ?? But it took 3 warlocks we just dropped the grenade directly on it every time it cools down, it still rough tho.
redwin  +   220d ago
There are 2 guards, I think because it shows a ????, in Russia in the train station underground that are impossible to kill. Btw, has anyone tried to talk during the game ? I hear no one.
Majin-vegeta  +   221d ago
Devil walkers weakness is the yellow spots on his leg.When he falls down his head falls off and his necks core is shown.Shoot it there.If you try hitting it anywhere else he will be immune to those shots while he;s down.

I thought this was about that damn ogre on the on the cliffside.I hate that clown.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   221d ago
Pretty much this.
Yi-Long  +   221d ago
I knew about the yellow spots on his legs being his weak points, cause I attack it from the little pass-through on the side, cause pretty much nothing else comes in there ...and I know about the exposed neck, but even when shooting those weak spots constantly still means it takes a very long time, and that just got boring very quickly.

The Eye you need to shoot in the middle for the most damage, but that's the same story: It takes VERY long, and it's just a chore, because the tactic stays the same.

I don't mind difficult bosses (Finished Ninja Gaiden, and loved it...), but there's no variety in battling these we saw in the Beta.
christian hour  +   221d ago

It takes a long time at first, like most "raids" in an mmo, but as your skills increase after the level cap and you start getting better equipment, and assuming the rest of your fireteam is up to scratch, you can take out the Devil Walker in 3 minutes tops, and the Big Purple Eye Thingy takes even less.

Don't let the initial struggle put you off, once you perfect taking these things down it becomes a lot of fun :)
Mr-Dude  +   221d ago
I always push that ugly orge of the cliffside with the sparrow... Does this also count as a kill?
morganfell  +   221d ago

These are not bosses. They were meant as impasse points on the maps.
Yi-Long  +   221d ago
@Christian: I understand your point, that it's an MMO thing, but I'm playing a game, so even if it takes a long time, I would like it to be entertaining and fun and challenging. The mid-bosses I was talking about are pretty boring to take down, so what makes it even worse is that it takes so long. There's no real strategy used, or variety in how it changes tactics during our attack on it, etc etc. It's just shooting from behind safe cover. There's no circling him for a certain benefit, or using objects in the environment against it as weapons, or whatever.

There's no 'depth' to those (mid) bossfights I fought in the beta, so it's 10-15 minutes of doing the exact same thing, and TO ME, that's boring. Others might like it.
Jvaughn661  +   221d ago
Found that ogre the other day, and me and a buddy went back to get the loot and dead ghost out of the cave. When we got their though we found a knight instead, and i Knocked off the cliff with my sparrow. It disintegrated instantly.
Elwenil  +   221d ago
That hole in the wall usually has a Hallowed Knight in it, but when the battle between the Hive and Fallen above ramps up, the Knight turns into a Hallowed Ogre. Both can be knocked off the edge with a bit of persistence.
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_LarZen_  +   221d ago
That's why you are always looking for better weapons. Learning tactics and playing with people who know what they need to do :)

EDIT: Both these bosses are easy and fast to kill with some good players that know what to do.
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Hellsvacancy  +   221d ago
You don't need to learn tactics, "just keep shooting, just keep shooting"
ITPython  +   221d ago
On explore with 5-6 players and one of those random 'events', I've seen that spider thing get taken down within 2 minuets. However on Strike with 3 total players, it can take way too long most of the time (20-30 mins).

My guess is that these types of enemies are meant for much more upgraded players with better weapons/armor etc.
moujahed  +   221d ago
No disrespect bro but if it takes you 20mins to kill Septik Prime your garbage. Me and my friends which were lvl 6 defeated him on lvl8 difficulty in less than 10mins. The DevilWalker can be beaten quicker too you need people who know what their doing and position themselves on both his sides so he can keep turning back and forth. Don't believe me?? If your on PS4 add me. Kahotep.
JorboTron  +   221d ago
@ moujahed
Garbage sounds a little disrespectful tbh. Also, no disrespect but YOUR grammar is garbage, however YOU'RE a fine modern gentlemen. Good day!
BeardedPriest  +   221d ago
Sepiks not Septik.
moujahed  +   221d ago

You just ethered me. Lol! I've already graduated and completed my major English courses which gave me a pretty decent GPA leading to a very well paying job. So idgaf if my English when commenting on this site. You got the message which was my aim. I love you tho.
Ryan741  +   221d ago
Dam, pony on pony infighting.😀
Clown13  +   221d ago
@moujatwat Hmm twitch account you linked on your profile seems to be gone from you being a douche there as well. And if you're arguing your intelligence you already lost.
Grap  +   221d ago
I guess your college taught by bunch of clowns.
moujahed  +   220d ago
I love it.
johndoe11211  +   221d ago
You're doing it wrong.
Hellsvacancy  +   221d ago
I agree, although I DO like Destiny and will more than likely buy it but it does suffer from "Bored"erlands syndrome

I'm not into spamming the same enemy with attacks until it dies, that's part of the reason why I didn't like Borderlands and Skyrim

I like to feel like i'm actually doing damage to the enemy, not just waiting for his bar to deplete
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Neixus  +   221d ago
When you mention Borderlands, how come people praise Destiny so much, when it's basically a clone of Borderlands?

It's pretty much the same, except it has better customization and stuff, which i like.

I'm not saying it's bad, i like the game really much, but it is overhyped.
Hellsvacancy  +   221d ago
I agree, other than the humour (sometimes) I didn't like Borderlands, it's one of the most repetitive games i've ever played "yay a new gun............ that's the same as the last one I found"
admiralvic  +   221d ago
@ Neixus

Don't forget that Borderlands popular series in it of itself and I imagine some people enjoy the serious tone and more realistic graphics to the humorous tone and stylized graphics of Borderlands.

"It's pretty much the same, except it has better customization and stuff, which i like."

Probably the biggest difference is how PVP is handled and how that mode appeals to people looking for competitive multiplayer. I also recall PVP being one of the biggest complaints people had with Borderlands, so this makes sense that it would get some hype for that alone.
e-p-ayeaH  +   221d ago
That´s fun imo its like an MMO boss fight.
Legacy212  +   221d ago
Yea I really dislike those spiders when I see them it really turns me off. They take WAAAAAY too long to kill. My friend wants me to help him beat devils lair and I refuse to put another hour into 2 boss fighs
joab777  +   221d ago
What? Really? Everyone is entitled but thats co op and dynamic events....and I dunno, most bosses in every game ever made.

This instance is simply b/c their level is much higher than our beta cal. And an rpg, well, a good one, has enemies that guage your strength. At some point u will have the gear to eat him for breakfast.
TAURUS-555  +   221d ago
the only thing that matters is that PS4 version looks better
Clown_Syndr0me  +   221d ago
I found that too
Long boss fights on MMORPGs are usually good. Spending an hour on a boss in WoW for example can be great fun, as you have such a range of skills/abilities and everyone has a role. 40 man raid teams where everyone has to work together is amazing. However Destiny doesn't pull that off. Its just 3-4 people shooting at the boss until it dies basically.
SixZeroFour  +   221d ago
not completely true, i think the problem is the 3 player (and possibly 6 player in later levels) fireteam limits...you do have to work together partially and coordinate when players are down to revive or stay alive

this also brings up another problem in terms of "events"...bungie limited chatting within fireteams, which means during "events" you cant even properly coordinate with the players...thats why it seems like its just every constantly shooting until the enemy is down. EVERY mmo is like that for enemies, keep attacking till its down, but its the COMMUNICATION that makes it seem like its a team effort and this is the major problem with destiny. and considering how good bungie was with halo and communication, i cant believe how badly their choices were for this game...i AM however, liking the game
wsoutlaw87  +   221d ago
I actually thought those big battles made the game more fun and i am looking forward to the more challenging ones in the full game. Why would I just want a bunch of the same easy to kill enemies all the time. I like the variety and needing some team work
Yi-Long  +   220d ago
I never said I wanted 'easy' to kill enemies. These enemies in this Beta were 'easy', in terms of skill/tactic, but they were just a chore to take down. It's easy, but it takes a very long time of doing the exact same thing.

I prefer hard bosses which change form and tactics and weapons throughout the battle, so you constantly have to adjust, so it becomes a matter of skill, not patience.
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wsoutlaw87  +   220d ago
well you are only at level 8. I wouldnt really expect it to be a representation of the entire game
Rebo00  +   221d ago
Just to make sure you did shoot its legs out first and then shoot the exposed brain?
Iamnemesis4880  +   220d ago
When you level up your class and guns you can take the orbs down real fast. And on the one your one about a good fire team will beast it quick.
Rocky5  +   220d ago
I was level 4 when I beat one of the big beatle things, there was me & my cousin rank 3 tackling it & it took like 20 mins to beat the damn thing & loads of deaths lol, but we got there in the end & got bugger all for killing it :-/
whybag  +   220d ago
The difference between playing with randoms, and playing with 3 (even halfway competent) people on chat is staggering. I don't even try to pug Devil's Lair anymore. I'm tired of getting morons that just run random directions and die every 15 seconds. Did you know there is a "Medic" medal you can earn inside? Neither did I until I got it. I must have revived those guys 15 times or so.
KINGOFTHEJUICE-  +   220d ago
I killed both bosses solo when my team went AFC. Took around 5 minutes a piece. Destiny has a lot of depth, you learn as you go.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   221d ago
I can take out with just 2 good players!
KingKelloggTheWH  +   221d ago
It only allows three for that mode?
joab777  +   221d ago
As one fireteam...yeah. But u can group with others. And most importantly...remember this. Voice your opinion, Bungie could change it and will change alot over the years.
Snookies12  +   220d ago
Not entirely true, my friend and I had a guy ditch on us and left us with 2 people fighting. To be fair, you could take the tank out solo. It would just take a bit of work.
no_more_heroes  +   221d ago
Ran into these when I played on my friend's ps4 last weekend. Got merked, got the hell out of dodge with our tails between our legs lol!
KingKelloggTheWH  +   221d ago
I was to stubborn...it hurt..
ifistbrowni  +   221d ago
This doesn't even look hard, just long and boring. They died like 20-30 (as a team) during that 2 minute session, but the enemy hadn't recovered health or anything..

Now, if someone ends up killing it with 2-3 (as a team) deaths and within 5-10 minutes, i will shut up. Til then, this video seems to be nothing special.

They probably sat there for 20 minutes shooting that thing and dying 100 times.
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trywizardo  +   221d ago
there should be an awesome loot with it , or at least an achievement ...
Shakengandulf  +   221d ago
Why should you get an achievment, when you come back here in the full game, lvl 20, you are going to kill him with one sniper shot.
bunt-custardly  +   221d ago
Is the title an oxymoron on purpose?
PiperMCFierceson  +   221d ago
No if you were by yourself you wouldn't be able to kill them. And usually theirs two this guy got lucky
FamilyGuy  +   221d ago
There were two, they killed the first one before the video started. If you look closely you can see its dead body on the ground.
wsoutlaw87  +   221d ago
the title is pretty straightforward. people were calling them unkillable but they have been killed
PiperMCFierceson  +   221d ago
I just fly by them on a bike then I go into the devils cave i just don't have a team to go in their to wreck shop with
DLConspiracy  +   221d ago
While thats impressive as is...it was only a dredge. I dare them to try that on one of those Hive warriors under the helicopter area. We just ran past them to get the loot crate and get out ASAP.
PiperMCFierceson  +   221d ago
I got the ghost I've never notice the loot is it by the glowing thing in the middle?
Stapleface  +   221d ago
Up in the ceiling to the left from the entrance. At least, that is where it was for me.
iceman06  +   221d ago
Actually, it changes. Sometimes it's not even there. Plus, it's not a gold loot chest. So, really, you probably got the most important thing out of there.
DLConspiracy  +   221d ago
I didn't know about the ghost! Damn... I will attempt that again today.
90Supra  +   221d ago
I just threw a grenade at him and he fell off the cliff.....hahaha

got the loot and the ghost...
teo72  +   221d ago
Still, impressive work. Didn't think it would even be possible.
Erudito87  +   221d ago
Misleading title. Enemies were killed in alpha NOT beta
Gamer1982  +   221d ago
Nope video clearly says BETA..
Pentumsmart  +   221d ago
What about the Captain Ledear (fallen)? I had to kill them using the special R1+L1. And sometimes, I didn't hit enough while their shields were down, so I had to wait for the charge to fully go back up, before I sent another attack. Shit took me 20 minutes to kill 3
ceooflhm  +   221d ago
Well at least we know what was hiding behind the question marks. Clearly says level 20 Dreg in top right corner every time the player dies. Wonder how long it will take to grind up to level 20 in the retail game. How many times over the next 10 years and DLC will the cap go up? Hurry up September!
Jdoki  +   221d ago
I think this is the learning curve people who have never played an MMO are going to face.

It requires a change of mind-set.. No more 'see enemy - shoot enemy'... You now have to assess whether it's possible, the level of risk and reward.

There's little point trying to kill an ??? enemy as all you are going to do is take a very long time to get very little benefit.
chuck826  +   221d ago
If there's some good players on destiny add me on psn: Chuck-_-Eastwood and teach me how to play this game alot of people are telling me its way better than cod
Revengeance  +   221d ago
I'll take this over CoD any day.
Snookies12  +   220d ago
Call of Duty was amazing at one point, but it has stagnated completely. Destiny is, in its entirety a better experience by leaps and bounds. Though this is nothing like CoD, so not sure why the comparison there...
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Salooh  +   221d ago
I went through there without killing. Went to the other side , it takes you to a cave then takes you to a known place.. Felt disappointed that i didn't get anything special lol .
FamilyGuy  +   221d ago
Same here, I dodged all kinds of crazy stuff just to explore that cave and it eventually led me back to a spot that was a low level.

There was another high level cave that i rushed through that ended at a door with three huge guys guarding it but it wouldn't open.
CyrusLemont  +   221d ago
Well there's an ogre monster on a cliff side that's level 20, I just threw a grenade at him and the AI automatically walks in the direction opposite, which was off the cliff haha. Boom level 20 killed in 5 seconds.
Soldierone  +   221d ago
We did that too. We had it chase us then blew up the mountain near him, it sent him flying off the cliff haha

Work smarter not harder ;)
KingKelloggTheWH  +   221d ago
I did this too.
FamilyGuy  +   221d ago
I was wondering what happened. I was down there running back and fourth just screwing around and then he suddenly disappeared. Guess something I did made him walk off the cliff.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   221d ago
Good example of the crappy AI on this game. You can hide behind a rock and the enemies have no idea where you've gone.
Theyre all like "Omgz we got a Houdini up in here".
Rhezin  +   221d ago
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   221d ago
Lol i get that reference.
mr233  +   221d ago
Iv'e encountered some players in the Crucible like that. :/
Surt  +   221d ago
How is it that players are still asking questions about this game? Beta has gone public. Play it for yourself.
user9558903  +   221d ago
This article is already full of the call of duty players that everyone knew would buy this game and talk bad about it because it's not a blind effortless shooter
LazyMinion  +   221d ago
It's mostly a blind effortless shooter though. Only the grind is in the campaign and not the multiplayer.
mr233  +   220d ago
ChronoJoe  +   221d ago
There's also a Hive Ogre that you can kill on the edge of a cliff somewhere. You just throw a singularity and it pulls him off and instant kills him. Not sure if you can do it with other classes though, I did it by accident with the Voidwalker.
Rebo00  +   221d ago
I like how this guy doesn't know why they're listed as ?? mobs lol.
In RPGs if it's about 5 levels above your own level the level isn't displayed and you do barely any damaged to them, most of the time they will miss or in this case be immune
DARK_SOLDIER101  +   221d ago
COD : AW will destroy this crap
#23 (Edited 221d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
trident  +   221d ago
basically if no one noticed, when you died it showed their level on the top right when you're waiting to respawn how can no one have figured that out?
trident  +   220d ago
ha, wonder why someone disagreed with what i said when its true fact.
XStation  +   220d ago
I tried "The Devil's Lair" at level 6 got pwn over and over again. Went back when i was level 8, beat the mission 2 times.
CorruptBoyd  +   220d ago
Will this game have a playable story offline ? or is it about missions online? also most of the objectives seem like just go to point a and deploy your ghost and then defend. Im not sure if I missed some other type of missions. Other than that the beta made me want the game.
generic-user-name  +   220d ago
You'll need to be connected to the internet at all times to play this game, though you don't always have to be playing with other people.
pop-voxuli  +   220d ago
'it "terns" out they are not'
I think someone forgot how to word properly.
kaelix  +   220d ago
Here I thought they went and killed that big orb beast guarding the entrance of the hive. I managed to make it passed all the enemies running passed them dodging plasma blasts that would 1hko me, going through the whole thing will wind you in the devils lair without a fire party, only thing is the game will freeze and give you an error when you try getting to where you fight the spider.

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