Editorial: Raise Your Hand If You Don't Care About Destiny

It's all anyone can talk about. But not everyone on the face of the earth is going to buy Destiny, even if that's what it seems like based on the crazy hype.

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Chuk51429d ago

Backlash to a Beta.
We truly have come far as an industry.

Ulf1428d ago

TBH Betas are basically a finished product, with some outstanding bugs.

They aren't gonna change the game (outside of serious bugfixes), or do any serious rebalancing -- they don't have enough time left. In fact, the game would have had to have gone gold, and is off to the manufacturing facility already, to hit stores by Sept. 9.

Any bugs they fix now are gonna have to be in the industry standard Day One Patch. That'll be your first experience with the retail copy of Destiny -- a long wait while it updates, and the update servers are overloaded.

You know I'm right.

PeaSFor1428d ago

say he dont care about destiny, then...write a blog about it.

dat logic.

dieger1428d ago

"TBH Betas are basically a finished product, with some outstanding bugs." NOPE well modern betas are now, but a long time ago way way back when devs didn't have the option to patch everything a week after launch. most games launched with mostly working unlike a certain field of battle.

CorndogBurglar1428d ago

Before you even start playing the Destiny Beta a window pops up that outright says the Beta is to test their load levels to make sure they can handle heavy amounts of players.

They are basically testing their servers and connections to be sure that they can support a ridiculously high amount of players at once.

So yeah, you're right...but the Beta comes right out and says that.

WilliamUsher1429d ago

I may not care about Destiny but plenty of other people do, so they can care about it as much as they want if they really find it fun and engaging.

colonel1791428d ago

I only care about the white PS4, so if I get to buy the bundle, who knows? maybe I'll enjoy the game too.

ScottyHoss1428d ago

I had doubts, until my friend gave me a beta code and to be honest I really like it :) got the beta on my PS4 like an hour after I started playing

christian hour1428d ago

Everyone I know has had doubts going in and being surprised by how fun it is. Well everyone I know that has played it, a friends little brother who is usually a pesimistic internet 4chan troll got access through 360/ps3 beta going public, I was expecting him to hate it just for the sake of having a differing opinion, sent me a message saying "This is surprisingly fun... wtf?!".

It's not going to be everyones cup of tea but for a lot of people it caught them by surprise. I've another friend who's torn about getting a ps4 this month for TLOU:R or waiting until september for that nice white PS4 :P Kinda wish I waited for the white one too, looks so good!

Mutant-Spud1428d ago

Destiny has a great atmosphere, I found the gameplay to be good enough, everything works really well and there's nothing aggravating about the menu layouts etc but the sound, the music and the lore are outstanding and this game is just going to get better and better with time.

telekineticmantis1428d ago

Really, dont see the big deal about this game

MuhammadJA1428d ago

Yup, overrated and overhyped. That 500 million must be justified, though.

skydragoonity1428d ago

Seeing how much they spent for advertising I'm not surprised about the hype, still a decent game though

showtimefolks1428d ago

you can fool people into the hype once and destiny will succeed at that

people bought into hype/advertisement of Titanfall and we all know it didn't even come close to living up to the hype

next watch dogs and same thing again, over hyped/very well advertised

last year it was BF4, all we saw in the advertisements was buildings falling down/ships drowning. For a broken game BF4 sold amazingly well

come this fall Destiny will join the list, it will be everywhere. Every gaming site will get advertisement checks from activision, positive previews/reviews will be bought from youtube users

GTA5 had 250 million dollar budget but atleast the quality was there, i am not sure if the same can be said for destiny

also because activsion will be paying every gaming site for the advertisement, i am not expecting any review scores under mid 8's

gaming journalists don't have the balls to speak up, they gave battlefield 4(which was a incomplete/broken game)very positive review scores

remixx1161428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Why the disagrees, your 100% right.

darren_poolies1428d ago

Reviewers gave Battlefield 4 because the multiplayer wasn't broken when they played it, they played it at a review event held by EA where everything worked perfectly fine, they had no idea it was going to be like that when it released.

I don't agree that GTA5 had the "quality", I thought it was massively overrated and massively overhyped. And you can't claim that games get better reviews because of marketing and then make it an exception for a game you like.

Also for the record, from what I've played in the beta, Destiny does live up to the hype and this is coming from someone who wasn't even very excited about that game.

christian hour1428d ago

You make some very valid points @showtimefolks, ths industry has gotten pretty cruddy, we have CEO's ruling the roost who have a background in Produce, and then we have PR guys doing all these bullshots and crap who ALSO mostly have a background in advertising Produce. Barely any of these guys haev a background in gaming or grew up loving games. So right now PR, marketing and development at "the big three" is in a dire state.

I've loved bungie since the Mac days, when they signed on with microsoft a lot of the Bungie Community spelled doom, I was too young at the time to really understand it but it made me ask my parents to buy an xbox when I was 14 :P When I heard they bought themselves back from Microsoft a few years back I was very happy.

Then they made a deal with Activision. Completely put me off Destiny altogether, it was just going to be another great franchise that activision will run in to the ground no doubt, and milk every penny from. I had zero interest in the game. I had no hype for it whatsoever.

Then I got the alpha because it was available for all ps4 owners that signed up and... Well.

Damn. Bungie still make awesome games. Just like they amde halo:ce an awesome game under the rule of Microsoft, and just like they're doing now with the grabbing hands of Activision on their shoulders.

Hype had nothing to do with my enjoyment of destiny, a lack of hype had a lot to do with it if anything, being my main point here.

CorndogBurglar1428d ago

The big difference in your comment os that BF4 is a broken game and doesn't deserve the hype it got.

You also mentioned Watch Dogs, which is just another open world game that really did nothing new and had absolutely terrible driving mechanics.

Destiny is not a broken game. Destiny has fantastic, solid controls. Its also very innovative. No other FPS has done what Destiny is doing.

So there's a big difference there.

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Madderz1428d ago

I don't understand the sudden hate for this game?

After the Alpha everyone praised it and said it was amazing, myself included.

Now after the Beta, which was slightly better than the Alpha everyone is starting to hate it?

At the end of the day if you're stupid enough to dismiss this game due to an Alpha/Beta build then I guess you are the ones that will miss out in the end.

I think as far as Alpha and Beta tests go, this one has been very successful and i'm still very much looking forward to the game.

GrimWykydtron1428d ago

alpha was better, like i had 0 lags on crucible, beta is lagged like hell and its not just me, multiplayer itself does't exit in Destiny for me as its is unplayable due to lag and world most stupid thing in MP game ever... need to get ur weapons from singiel player to have fair fight, radar showing enemies on MP ? again very stupid idea just gives campers new and powerfull weapon, events like iron banner ? just show how unbalanced classes are, titan can take 3x amount of damage then other two classes with no drowback... armors are just recolors, same goes for weapons, sure in final game there will be more but its going to be 90% of time just recolors... oh and lets not forget world worst reward system in MP, rewards are given to players that suck, like ship from iron banner never seen someone who was't last to get it... Iv played beta for 40h or something like that and i never got Cydonia auto rifle the only one usable in MP becouse loot system sucks... only good thing about destiny right now is its design and music...

Madderz1428d ago

"Alpha was better"

Ermmm how? The Beta has everything the Beta did and *more*.

"beta is lagged like hell and its not just me, multiplayer itself does't exit in Destiny for me as its is unplayable due to lag"

So because you personally experienced lag you are going to completely dismiss that part of the game? Ok then, your choice i guess. Bungie have been praised countless times for how well the beta is running. I for one agree. No lag whatsoever.

"titan can take 3x amount of damage then other two classes"

Is that not *completely* the point of a Titan? Titans have higher armour with lower mobility? Hunters i thought were blanced/shooting specialists whereas Warlocks were agile/magic specialists?

"armors are just recolors, same goes for weapons, sure in final game there will be more but its going to be 90% of time just recolors"

That is simply not true. In the Beta alone i have found lots of different variants and colors of the armors. Let alone the shed load that are in all the different shops/vendors. The full game will obviously have more as you haven't even been able to go past level 8 yet. So what you said is just pure assumption.

"Iv played beta for 40h or something like that and i never got Cydonia auto rifle the only one usable in MP becouse loot system sucks"

Well as frustrating as that may be for you. I like that i don't just get things handed to me. Bungie has never made it secret that this game is about grinding. As an MMO fan im quite used to grinding and i enjoy it so bring it on.

TRD4L1fe1428d ago

you got a lot of hate for this game. Glad my experience has been better than yours. A Titan can be easily taken down with 3 headshots from a scout rifle. I see way too many people using auto rifle and not realize how much better a scout rifle is in PvP. also the cydonia isnt that good. Find yourself a uncommon Jigoku scout rifle and you will see how much damage you can do in PvP. as far as lag goes i believe that is on your end. I havent experienced any lag.

Ulf1428d ago

It gets old kinda fast. It was fun in alpha, but its wearing thin.

It's just not as good as the games it emulates (Halo, Borderlands), in the end.

beerzombie1428d ago

Yes both those game are miles ahead of Destiny. This game will not even let you talk to strangers without joining their team stupid.
I haven't even got a good gun yet and the missions are very dry, the leveling up system isn't very good either.
This is my favorite type of game too I cant believe its this dry you can tell its designed to be a micro-transaction game made by a large corporation.

Madderz1428d ago

"It gets old kinda fast. It was fun in alpha, but its wearing thin."

I agree with that statement with regards to the Beta, purely because i put so much time into the Alpha. There's not much difference. The full game is still yet to be released so we will see if things change.

"It's just not as good as the games it emulates (Halo, Borderlands), in the end."

How do you know? You can't compare an Alpha or Beta build to a full release? When Destiny has released then i believe that will be a fair comparison to make. Until then it just isn't.

Seafort1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

I've played the beta on PS3 a little bit and I wasn't overly impressed with the game.

It has the "wow" factor like Titanfall did and I expect it will die off just as fast as Titanfall has done.

It hasn't had me wanting to play the game constantly like a lot of great games do. This was kinda meh and forgettable to me.

I didn't really care what happens in game so I haven't played it as much as I thought I would.

It was quite underwhelming really.

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