PS4 Deals: 1 Year PS+ $39.99, PlayStation 4 $359.99, MGSV / Injustice / Killzone $19.99 and more

PS4 deals and sales from the biggest sites like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg, Frys, GameSop, eBay & Groupon.

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edgarohickman1305d ago

Just purchased Plus and stacked another year.

guitarded771305d ago

I already had mine stacked for 2 and a half years after Black Friday, but if I didn't, I'd grab another.

Darrius Cole1305d ago

I had to buy another PS+ year myself.

Tom871305d ago

Metal Gear Solid V or Killzone?

fardan851305d ago

KillZone, if it fits your taste.

guitarded771305d ago

Why not both :D But seriously though... you'll get more playtime out of KZ.

R1CAN6171305d ago

id say go with Metal Gear Solid 5

Am_Ryder1304d ago

Killzone SF has umpteen levels which are almost all tedious, and multiplayer which is okay but not as good as KZ2 or KZ3.

Metal Gear Solid 5 has one large, fantastic and replayable level with 5 side missions, which are almost all more enjoyable than the 85% of KZSF's campaign.

I'd say go with MGS5. I've sunk more than 25 hours into it and I still haven't found everything. So deep, so replayable, so fun; even if the map size is disappointing.

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timothyckeegan1305d ago

PS4 + inFAMOUS for $430. Now that's a great deal.

MegaRay1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Still Cant beat the $45 xbone deal. Haha

DrRobotnik1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

...and at $45, PS4 still out sold it.

guitarded771305d ago

I missed it... what store was selling Xbones for $45? I know Dell screwed up once and did it with the 360/Kinect and 2 games. I got one of those bundles for $45.

kreate1304d ago

Best buy canada sold x1 online for $45. Store pick up.

SilentNegotiator1305d ago

At $360, you'd save more getting Ps4 from eBay and buying infamous separately.

Withdreday1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Who the hell wants a 2nd hand Ps4 off ebay though.

I'd rather have one fresh off the shelf with a new game.

SilentNegotiator1304d ago

Not used. Do you really think they would include that in the list of deals if it was just some random guy's used Ps4 on eBay?

lebr0n1305d ago

Is $39.99 for PS+ the lowest price it can go for?

XtraTrstrL1305d ago

Nawh, it can go for closer to $30-$35 around Black Friday - Cyber Monday.

Applejack1305d ago

You can also find promos which can drop the price at least another $5.

dcj05241305d ago

Killzone is a steal at that price. Just finished it on hard. Some spots were retarded in design but 98% of the campaign is a fun challenge on hard. And the story shows that there isn't any good guys. The drone really mixed up the gameplay and the game has a good Multiplayer too. Full package.

Lawboy21305d ago

Totally second favorite gamre this gen

Soldierone1305d ago

It's the only game where you could play on the other side of the fence and feel the same way. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.