Destiny Beta - First Impressions (Gameplay, PvP, Multiplayer, Graphics, Etc.)

After some hands on time with the Destiny Beta, On The Rocks Game Room talks about some of the key things that makes Destiny so great.

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Bigpappy1240d ago

Well done preview.

The game looks very good. But if you are buying this game to compare pixels, you are going to miss out on a very fun ride. Gameplay, lore and atmosphere are king here, but the game looks so good, that it is sure to please those who need that sensory fulfilment also.

XtraTrstrL1239d ago

"Gameplay, lore and atmosphere are king here", I agree with that part the most. It's what's most important from a dev like Bungie that creates epics. I don't agree on graphics though, the atmosphere and feel are very top notch, the actual graphics from a next-gen perspective - not so much.

The most annoying thing I think about the graphics, other than lacking overall next-gen level of detail - is the lack of good anti-aliasing. Like going into a Crucible match, and it first starts zooming around the map before you materialize, the fuzziness around the edges of everything is annoying. It's way too aliased for a next-gen game on a 1080p screen, in my opinion atleast.

They can scrape by this time on X1/PS4, but the engine will have to be overhauled and they'll really have to think about cross-gen for the next game. They might want to go the route of Asssassin's Creed and split the game up on last gen and current gen. So they can start fleshing out that X1/PS4 nextgen Grognok Engine to be where it'll need to be to compete with other games in/out the FPS genre that'll be going way beyond graphically. Other than that, it's a fun game.

ShaqSoda1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Pvp is really fun and addicting, but I ALWAYS get paired up with teammates that end with a .5 or lower kd ratio. I lose most of my matches with sucks.

XtraTrstrL1239d ago

Won my last match, luckily, and got some Iron Crucible points or whatever it is. I just wish I didn't screw up and miss with my ground pound super so much. I sometimes do it just slightly too far out of range 'n miss them 'n get shot to death, bastards.

JackOfAllBlades1239d ago

I know how that feels, I like the Nova Bomb more

millerj27401239d ago

It happens though. Ive had a .3 k/d on one game and the very next match I get a 1.5 k/d with 25 kills. Not eveybody can be a FPS king. Even when im doing terrible I find im still having fun with this game, and thats something not many games are capable of. Kudos to Bungie, im already feeling withdraw.

pompombrum1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Sums up my pvp experience perfectly tbh. Maybe because I done really well on Wednesday evening but now about 75% of my games I get paired up with terrible players. Once had half my team below 0.2

ShaqSoda1239d ago

Exactly. 9/10 games for me.

kneon1239d ago

It may not be entirely the players fault. I've had some terrible matches, far below what I would expect to do even when I'm doing badly. Then I noticed I got killed by someone after they had ducked behind a wall about half a second ago.

So I started paying attention and noticed this more, I'd get shot by someone that can't possibly shoot me. This also explains why my normally high percentage of headshots seemed to be not so effective. There appears to be some sort of lag issue at times.

I've seen people with k/d as low as 0.07 on more than one occasion. I can't believe that anyone can do that badly if things were working correctly.

Mutant-Spud1239d ago

I suck at FPS most of the time so I don't usually worry about issues like this but I did notice the same things and I also got some pretty iffy kills myself, including a post mortem double kill in which the shots seemed to hit just as the re-spawn screen was appearing.

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Macdaddy711239d ago

I have ps4 n X1, me n my son playing it on both systems, I will tell you this if you going to buy a ps4 thinking this game going to blow X1 away in Looks!!! You will be very very wrong.. I love both my systems, I will tell you the X1 controls are tighter n feels better... It's a rent n used buy type game for me, I'm just not into these kinds of games..
You will like the game on whatever system you buy I'm sure,,just go buy a system"..
But don't never think ps4 is kicking X1 games compare to pretty if that's what you buy games for,
Some will be mad at me over this, but until you own BOTH systems don't even trash talk..

kneon1239d ago

Destiny isn't a very graphically impressive game so it doesn't make for much of a comparison.

SG1_dapunisherX1239d ago

both games for each system looks great, but I believe ps4 will have the edge over x1 still

CorndogBurglar1239d ago

Impressive? I can probably agree, but it still looks damn good.

Madderz1238d ago


I hope you you aren't the parent that is helping your son with his English homework.

OT:The Beta was great. It was only a small improvement over the Alpha but I'm still looking forward to this game.

objdadon1239d ago

I'm pissed cause I just got home from work and the moon mission is not available! Bs!

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