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Destiny beta was deceitful

With all the hype surrounding Destiny, anyone and everyone who acquired a beta code has played it. Now that the beta is completely open to the public until July 27, I can’t help but feel that the people who pre-ordered Destiny to play it early got swindled. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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admiralvic  +   398d ago | Well said
" but feel that the people who pre-ordered Destiny to play it early got swindled. "

Please, just please... shut up. Not only do I never recall the beta being exclusive to preorders (so you can't really claim to be mislead), but it was never even that difficult to get into in the first place. It was quite clearly a marketing tactic to drum up interest and it was fairly obvious it would ultimately be open for all. With that being said, what in the world do you even lose now that the beta is open for all? It's not like it was exclusive preorder only DLC, a special edition or remotely unique, heck you could have preordered, got the code, redeemed it and cancelled your preorder in the span of 3 minutes if you really just wanted in, so I don't see how anyone in any reality could claim this was a swindle or deceitful in any way.
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bunt-custardly  +   398d ago | Well said
Pre-order Destiny.

Grab code

Play game

decide if you like it or not

cancel or keep pre-order.

No harm done.

Ezee Peezee.
ErcsYou  +   397d ago
Pocker   397d ago | Personal attack | show
nub_cakes101   397d ago | Personal attack | show
k3rn3ll  +   397d ago
I like how he is already judging the game based on a beta as to wether it was overjoyed. These newbie journalists kill me. They act like destiny is the first to do this. Which they arent. Yea they did it to boost preorders. But is it insane to think they could boost preorders and test servers at the same time? Oh gamers will always have something to whine about I guess
CorndogBurglar  +   397d ago
@ Pocker

You realize the $5 goes toward the game, right?
Darkstares  +   397d ago
I thought the only thing the pre-order offered was earlier access? Anyways I tried it and it's a fun game but I'm hoping the full release is a little more action oriented.
spacedelete   397d ago | Personal attack | show
Kingdomcome247  +   397d ago
@Pocker- I put five or ten dollars towards games through pre-ordering all of the time. It ensures I get whatever exclusive content may be available, and as is the case this October with a lot of games dropping at once, it helps if over time you've put five dollars here five dollars there on games. I'm almost certain that I'm not a full blown retard. Half retard perhaps.
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KINGOFTHEJUICE-  +   397d ago
Nothing is simple for stupid
Madderz  +   398d ago

Sorry to correct you but at first Bungie did say if you wanted into the Beta you had to pre order.

However i thought it was common knowledge that you can pre order for free and cancel?

I do however agree that the author is acting like a whiny little brat. Lol
admiralvic  +   397d ago
"Sorry to correct you but at first Bungie did say if you wanted into the Beta you had to pre order. "

I never said they didn't, I just said that I didn't recall the beta ever being touted as exclusive. I also did read a few articles before making that comment ( http://www.theinquirer.net/... , http://www.ign.com/articles... ) and even the official press release only referred to it as "invite-only" and preorders would get "early access" to the beta ( http://www.engadget.com/201... ).

"However i thought it was common knowledge that you can pre order for free and cancel? "

I did too, but many seem unaware or unwilling. I also think some people view it as way to force others into preordering it so they can boast higher interest during the beta or just overall because of it, even if some of it is just people who wanted codes.

"I do however agree that the author is acting like a whiny little brat. Lol"

Like I mentioned, I really don't see the problem. With Destiny being an online only game, it makes sense for them to open the servers. With the way they handled the alpha, preorders (even K-Mart gave beta access), the special edition (later so many people got 2 codes), codes giving 3 vouchers, Sony sending out multiple codes to people, some regions getting it for free with Plus, it was pretty obvious this thing wasn't going to be some extremely exclusive thing and eventually be open for all. Again, we don't lose anything and Activsion / Bungie has made $0 off those preorders, so it's not like you couldn't cancel if you think it's that bad or that people couldn't have as I mentioned and then Bunt mentioned again, preordered fast just to get a code.
Madderz  +   397d ago
"I never said they didn't, I just said that I didn't recall the beta ever being touted as exclusive"

Well what you actually said was; "Not only do I never recall the beta being exclusive to preorders".

Which led me to believe that you thought that the beta was not at first restricted to pre orders only (Which it was), aside from attending certain events and getting codes etc.

My bad. Wires crossed.

I totally agree with the last bit. There was even an article in here telling you how to get the Beta client from the store without even getting a code. I think I'd understand if people had paid to get into the beta and then they opened the flood gates. That would be more than justified but how somebody can moan about a free beta being given to everyone I just do not know.
CerebralAssassin   397d ago | Off topic | show
Dlacy13g  +   397d ago
just a point of clarification, in the US stores like gamestop require you to put down at least $5 for a pre-order and that is not refundable to my understanding but can be used for other in store credit. sites like Amazon allow you to pre-order without depositing money but do require a credit card to hold.
Spotie  +   397d ago
Dlacy: Wrong. So very wrong. If you haven't bought the game, you can get your money back, without problems. I have roughly $150 down on games and systems at my local store, and I can cancel all that whenever I please.

If you or someone else has has issues canceling, I suggest calling corporate, and finding elsewhere to shop.

This isn't just consumer info, but also coming from a former employee.
Dlacy13g  +   397d ago
@Spotie good to know. Its been forever since I used Gamestop to pre-order I just remembered they require the $5 but couldnt recall if that was fully refundable or just store credit. Either way...its a crap system. They just want to use our money and earn interest off it.
ZombieDust  +   397d ago
@spotie, yup.... I have cancelled many preorders and got my money back, incliding my ps4 preorder. This is why it is so funny watching people cry about the beta now being open, first of all it was between 1 and 5 dollars you people put down (which goes towards price of game so not like really deserve anything special anyways), but its also refundable.

Screw pre-ordering at gamestop anyways. Preorder at target, you put down only a dollar, then when you pick up the game you get a 5 dollar gift card, this is with any preordered game. Then on top of that you can get the redcard which gets you 5% off anything and everything.
Madderz   397d ago | Off topic | show
joab777  +   397d ago
Arent there other things u get too or no?

This thing has been an open beta basically since the beginning. We even got to play the alpha if u were paying attention.

So, from this article, what I gather is that those who pre ordered get to buy the game in september and r guaranteed a copy on day 1 if that actually becomes an issue. Ok...so the downside os what? We get an amazing game. And those who play the public beta will probably pre order it.

Playing Destiny for an extra 4-5 days to help bungie out is better than many pre order bonuses. Ppl will write about anything.
admiralvic  +   397d ago
"Arent there other things u get too or no? "

There is the vanguard pack, but that DLC is early unlocks and not exclusive.


"*Access to Vanguard Armory can also be attained through gameplay."

"Ok...so the downside os what? We get an amazing game. And those who play the public beta will probably pre order it. "

I think the "issue" is that people were supposedly lead to believe the beta would be restricted to preorders, which in turn "forced" people into preordering a game just to try it out and gave Activision inflated preorder numbers that they can flaunt. It seems to be part of the ongoing "preorders are evil and encourage companies to apply less effort" point some journalists are trying to get across.

"Playing Destiny for an extra 4-5 days to help bungie out is better than many pre order bonuses. Ppl will write about anything."

Like I mentioned above, opening the beta to all is a good stress test and will help (hard to say if it will prevent) the game from being laggy / problematic at the start due to its online nature. Naturally I rather have the server work at launch than an exclusive beta, but thats just me.
AO1JMM  +   397d ago
Preordered on Amazon. Received code in email. Canceled preorder on Amazon.

Nope didnt get swindled.
TAURUS-555   397d ago | Trolling | show
Muzikguy  +   397d ago
Someone gave me my code otherwise I wouldn't even know how cool the game is (as in playing right now). Thanks!
GordonKnight  +   397d ago
It made me happy! As I have both PS4 &X1. Only pre-ordered for PS4. It was nice to see the small difference between the console. The PS4 is smoother, but experience was just as fun on the X1.

Maybe I should've also checked out 360 & PS3 versions as well. Oh well.

Happy gaming!!!!
Visiblemarc  +   397d ago
Yes, but every other article these days is about how the world owes the author everything. Is obnoxious, but I'm getting used to seeing it at this point.
bjshepp  +   396d ago
Plus, you didn't even have to preorder to get access to beta. People were literally handing out beta codes all over the internet for all platforms. Bungie gave out three extra codes to anyone who reserved their copy early, specifically so they could be shared with other people who didn't want to preorder. I'm not surprised the author failed to mention this simple fact, because it destroys his entire argument.

No ones being deceived or mislead here. If you preordered the game to get access to the beta, despite other options being available, it is due to your own lack of research or personal choice.
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christrules0041  +   396d ago
I'm just hoping now that everyone can play the beta. That we our characters/items will carry over to the final product.
mhunterjr  +   398d ago
No sympathy for someone who thinks it's a good idea to Pay to test something. I wanted in on the beta, but there was no way I was going to buy the game for a chance to see if I'll like it or not. Now I get to do play it for free!

If you can't live with the idea that your investment might end up not being worth it, you shouldn't have forked your money over ahead if time.
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HammadTheBeast  +   397d ago
Exactly, I only played the beta to see what it was about and now I'm seriously considering buying it.
CorndogBurglar  +   397d ago
Its been mentioned a hundred times already and its also common knowledge to any gamer. No one had to purchase the game to test it. You pre-order it, and the most anyone has to pay to do that is $5. Then, if you don't like it, you can always cancel your pre-order.

You sound very uninformed.
mhunterjr  +   397d ago
Not really... You sound like you missed the point of my comment.

I'm well aware that preorders can be cancelled. But THE AUTHOR claims that to many, the preorder is a 'commitment'... A commitment he feels many people made based on the false 'promise' of exclusive beta access. I'm saying that beta access alone is a stupid reason to make any kind of commitment to a game.

The people who would be smart enough to cancel the preorder obviously wouldn't find this practice deceitful. I'm talkin about the hypothetical people whom this author claims were mislead.

(Note, I personally do not feel like preorders are a commitment, I was addressing the authors views)
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Baka-akaB  +   397d ago
There shouldnt even be such things as preorders based betas . That customers of those practice feel burned and uncomfortable at the prospect of others accessing the beta ultimately without going through those hoops , should serve those folks right
GordonKnight  +   397d ago
It was my understanding that if you pre-ordered you were only guaranteed the beta. So, if you wanted to make sure you got the beta you pre--order.
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SCW1982  +   398d ago
WTF AND NO this garbage
pornflakes  +   397d ago
My god 80% of the topics here are TLOUR and Destiny. This is getting ridiculous since both games dont show anything innovative.
CloudRap  +   397d ago
May I ask then, what games you consider innovative because they all copy tidbits from each other thats just the way it is FPS will always play like COD RPGs will play like Bethesda games its just the winning formula no way around it unless you try to make a whole new genre.
Drithe  +   397d ago
95% of all the articles on this site are about TLOU for PS4. 10 about Destiny. I can understand the Destiny articles. It is a new game. But the TLOU?

This site was suppose to be about all gaming. Apparently it sold out to the highest bidder. When 1 article about TLOU has only 10 comments but has a 1200 rating, and a Destiny artcle has 150 comments but only has a 50 rating ........... that should tell you something.
CloudRap  +   397d ago
You forgot all the Xbox doom and gloom articles and screen shot comparisons that comprise the rest of the articles. This site does have some good stories which is why I come here frequently but the majority are just fanboy click bait.
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jmac53  +   397d ago
Your saying that 105% of the articles are about TLOU and Destiny.
CorndogBurglar  +   397d ago
@ jmac

Hahahaha. Leave him alone. 50% of the time he's right 100% of the time. That includes times when he's doing simple math. Lol.
guyman  +   397d ago
Thank the glorious ocean that opinions, especially pathetic one's such as this are not representative of reality.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   397d ago
A lot has to do with how these are the only big games coming out in the next few months.These summer months have been the some of the worst in recent years.And with all the delays until 2015/2016 things mite get worse before they get better.I have a PS4,Xboxone,360,PS3,Vita,3DS and there are only maybe 6 new games at this point I'm planing on buying between now and next spring.Destiny,Bayonetta2,Smas h Bros U,SS Overdrive,HaloCE,Drive Club.
Jilokle  +   397d ago
@Trollflakes: Don't like it? Then why you keep coming and commenting? Why don't you try another site that suits better to your tastes like misterxmedia blog.

OT: Destiny its one of the most awaited games for this generation and TLOU is one of the greatest games of all time (all the gamesites and prizes says so)so its completely normal to have this amount of news about this games.
Systemshock2   397d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Artista  +   397d ago
Damn.. Someone's always gotta find something wrong in everything..

Giving us a chance to try Destiny is a con' now.
Funantic1  +   397d ago
I felt the same way. I begged for a PS4 Destiny Beta code, searched the web, and someone finally gave me one. And I ended up disappointed with the beta. They probably knew that the game wasn't good enough to give out the beta free and still have the same high amount of sales. I know quite a few unimpressed people that canceled their preorders after the beta.
marioJP87  +   397d ago
Same here. I even downloaded it on both next gen consoles to see if there are any differences but in the end, VERY disappointed. Gamers are always hyping something.
Matt666  +   396d ago
Oh look you got loads of disagrees for your own personal opinion, typical N4G, they can dish it out, but if you dis something they like, there soon onto you.

I didn't like the beta, I could tell that Activision had there dirty hands all over that game, like with not being able to see your legs (yes the small details in games are just as important as the big details), a throwing knife that kills in one hit, built in commando into the melee attacks.

If anything Bungie should of made Destiny there selves, it would of turned out a lot better.

Also if your going to disagree with me, at least make a valid point.
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edwick  +   397d ago
this reminds me... i need to go cancel my destiny pre-order from gamestops website. i'm buying the game, only digitally from the psn.

whoever, now-a-days, doesn't know how to preorder online with a credit card to get preorder bonuses, has no right to complain. almost all of the places online, if not all, won't charge your card until it ships.

talk about deceitful.
dicemoney  +   397d ago
Gamers I think are the worse consumers they whine about everything that's the reason why we have underpowered systems after 8 years because if sony and Microsoft would of when all out and made a really powerful console we would of been whining about the price ,the mobile phone business consumer are willing to spend money without bitching so much that's why they are eating into the gaming market .
Gwiz  +   397d ago
Well,the problem with them making an expensive console is not so much core gamers but the general public,hence why so many multi-media apps are in these consoles,but at a low price (general public tablets/phones),you will lose a big segment of your target audience when you do make a powerful system at a high price range.
Drithe  +   397d ago
I sometimes wish I had not played this game in beta because I have to wait for 2 month to play it again. DAMN YOU BUNGIE YOU BASTARDS!! Bring it out next week!!!!
Gwiz  +   397d ago
Yeah,September is TOO LONG,lol.
marioJP87  +   397d ago
Very deceitful. The game is mediocre. It just offers something that isn't available on next gen consoles. To say it could be even one of the best games of all times is pure BS.
nub_cakes101  +   397d ago
What did you not like about it? I thought the beta was great.
marioJP87  +   397d ago
It felt like a mediocre FPS game. The aiming felt like it had a slight delay in response. (Other FPS I play didn't feel like that when aiming)
The shooting sound effects sounds cheap in a mediocre way. Plus other things.
I honestly believe I was sucked too much in the hype this game has been receiving. I will not be buying it.
It just didn't win me.
Bigpappy  +   397d ago
@marioJP87: Your reasoning doesn't sounds believable. The sensibility can be adjusted. Can you give the names of these other FPS that you think control and sound better?

Sounds like you are trolling for no good reason, but I will wait for you reply with these better FPS before I submit my final verdict.
nub_cakes101  +   397d ago
Oh, I liked it. To each their own.
Hanuman  +   397d ago
Destiny had a stresstest today at 2PM. Maybe that's why they opened up the Beta to the public. Just guessing here..
OUROSMAG  +   397d ago
No it wasn't...
GoPanthers999  +   397d ago
Def irritated that I preordered (which I will likely cancel), entered my Beta code, only to find out the Beta was 100% public a day later. WTH?
n4gusername  +   397d ago
You are out nothing but possibly gas money if you made a special trip. There are other small perks from preordering from different places. Omg, I put $5 down that is totally refundable and they didn't boohoo.
GoPanthers999  +   397d ago
Don't buy the game based on the hype alone.
KwietStorm  +   397d ago
Who in the hell would actually approve this whiny entitled POS? Of all things to complain about.. Deceitful? lol a mountain out of a..however that phrase goes.
deafdani  +   397d ago
I preordered Destiny on Amazon, got the code, then cancelled my preorder. It was easy as hell and you don't need to be a genius to figure that out.

Gwiz  +   397d ago
To those that pre-ordered the game to get the beta and expect the beta to be exclusive are sorry to say morons,you get early access,a beta will eventually become public to test a significant server load and how it will handle it.
RAAMzilla  +   397d ago
The Entitled Generation.
turdburgler1080  +   397d ago
First world problems;-)
system22  +   397d ago
Oh get over it. The people that pre-ordered destiny got access to the beta first and for longer. The people that downloaded the beta will most likely buy it anyway as they already have an interest but like me, were on the fence. Therefore everybody spends the same money but those did it sooner got more time to play. Seems like everyone wins.

That said - enjoyed the beta much more than the alpha. I also installed it on both platforms, and it looks great on both. The ps4 beta looks a hair sharper on account of it being 1080p vs 900p on x1, but the x1 retail version should be 1080p so I'm sure that will eliminate that minor difference. Oddly there are small, random things missing on both platforms that the other platform has. They almost seem like things that were overlooked.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   397d ago
He is complaining about a fucking beta?

At least this beta was for free and last an hour or so.
That's more than can be said about Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
coolcal  +   397d ago
I rather Enjoyed it!! Cant wait for full version.
Muzikguy  +   397d ago
I didn't preorder this game. After playing this beta though I absolutely love this game. I can't wait until September now.

Completely off topic: I seem to have lost a bubble and that's odd. Guess I won't be chiming in on conversations much anymore. Seems too easy to lose bubbles around here without ever getting any
GamingSinceThe80s  +   397d ago
I have yet to understand how the bubble system works around here.It's not clearly stated anywhere I can see.I have been commenting on things for at least 6 months and remain at 3 no more no less.Which is enough for me most of the time anyways.
Muzikguy  +   397d ago
I have hundreds of comments and just now lose one. It's so easy to lose one but so hard to get one. Nobody bubbles up, everyone wants to bubble down. I just like to hold decent conversations once in awhile but whatever
kewlkat007  +   397d ago
I played the beta and had a blast..got to Level 8 and missed the Moon Mission because of cousin..
Sevir  +   397d ago
The Moon Mission was great, but I never got a chance to explore the way I wanted with my buddies since I had a guest over. in all though I cant WAIT for the FULL Experience. I went ahead and Preordered the expansion packs on PSN and i'm definitely picking up The game on release day, this is one game 'm preordering a limited edition for to get all the extra goodies on day one.
turdburgler1080  +   397d ago
What do you expect when bungie teamed up with Activision and Bobby kotick. Destiny may be bungie's baby but once Bobby has his way it's gonna turn into the next COD. Don't believe me? Wait a year. You'll come around.
Tedakin  +   397d ago
Psst... I pre-ordered the game on Amazon with no intention of buying, received 3 codes, then cancelled. Deceit goes both ways ;)
#27 (Edited 397d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LoneWolf019  +   397d ago
I much rather have preordered and got to play for my full week then wait till the last 2 days to play.

With that being said, I and my group didn't preorder this game for the beta. I preordered this because I love Bungie and what they did with Halo and knew with this being a psuedo MMO/Borderlands/Halo it was a must buy for me even before knowing about a beta code. Not all people preorder for stuff like betas. Some of us are just fans. Stupid click bait article
matt139  +   397d ago
Are people seriously that stupid? Preorder it from amazon FREE OF CHARGE then cancel it after you receive the code.
TRD4L1fe  +   397d ago
or preorder it from gamestop, get the exclusive sparrow and all the extra goodies for the limited edition, because you already knew from the start that this game would be amazing.
TransientDreamer  +   397d ago
Why can't we fail stories on the basis of being poorly written, deceitfully titled, and plain garbage?
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