Dead or Alive 5 officially announced

During a press conference Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki announced that a Dead or Alive 5 is currently under development. Unfortunately no platforms have been revealed, but there will be a Xbox 360 version without any doubt.

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zonetrooper54383d ago

If this is true then thats very cool, it will be on the Xbox 360 only as all the others have been on the Xbox 1 and DOA 4 is on the 360. I like it how PS3 Fan votes lame on every 360 news but then praises Sony for everything. Thank god i'm only a gamer and not a nerdy fanboy.

NewZealander4383d ago

This game will be xbox 360 exclusive as were DOA 3 for xbox and DOA 4 for 360, I cant emagine it going on ps3.

m234382d ago

The graphics should be top knotch and it should be pretty fun.

PS360PCROCKS4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Hmm I actually sold my copy of DOA4 to gamespot I dont know tho, I think this time I will rent this first, it wasn't a bad game, I mean visually I thought it was amazing, the water in the level with the bridge was unbelievable. I just didn't like the feel of the game, theirs like a million damn moves for every guy, I'd learn like 20 and half the time I didn't get them off, and if I did try using them all I always lost, it got very annoying...It's like a crapshoot, the AI was annoying as hell, I felt like I was playing that annoying ass 6 yr old from Mortal Kombat, the same one that all he did was jump and punch really fast and he'd beat you and you'd be like, uh wtf I know all the moves and I lost to a frantic idiot...I mean I don't know I don't want to sound like a basher of the game tho, I just had my gripes...I mean come on, on the level where you just kill enemy after enemy and see how far you can go I used the ninja guy, did the same one move and killed like 42 guys, I dont know tho, anyone else feel this way? Oh and this was the first time I ever played a DOA game so maybe I was just frustrated with it

Mr Murda4382d ago

I like fighting games and was really good at Tekken 1-3, but I'm not hardcore for the fighting genre. I didn't like DOA4 cause there was a hellafied learning curve. It took me forever to learn the right moves just to beat one story mode. It was too hard out of the box, and should of had a REAL "easy" setting. Same thing with Ninja Gaiden...TOO hard for a casual gamer. I'm totally fine with having to learn moves, and not just button mashing, but give me a break. Everytime you get close to finishing a guy off they would come back with a 90 hit combo and pwn.

Sorry, but that game was definitely a controller thrower.

PS360PCROCKS4382d ago

Yes Yes YES! "sorry, but that game was definetly a controller thrower" you summed it up perfectly and see I felt the same way it was too hard to ever get good even tho I did beat the game and I know what you mean you almost win and they would pull out some bull combo and the counter and block system are rediculous and you could never stop the entourage of blows that were about to kill you. Also yeah I rule at tekken and mortal kombat so to watch myself suck at this game was definetly frustrating

FKN Unbelievable4382d ago

But all i all unlike Tekken and VF this game is much faster,Requires timing a situational moves.The only time i get frustrated is when i lose to a garbage person cause i took a month off and my timing be shot.The Competitive side of me forget that i haven't play it in 2 months so i have to get my timing and patterns back. Good Game to have no matter what. Justwish the girls was'nt so overpowering. I really don't use Women in fighting games becasue of thier advantages and the fact thier collison boxes is Small as hell and they slip out of combos easier.