Hackers dump Vita memory cards

It seems some PS Vita hackers are trying to dump and crack the PS Vita's infamous proprietary memory cards.

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JackOfAllBlades1156d ago

Definitely interesting, not that I personally have a use for modifying my memory card

ramiuk11156d ago

the reason i wont buy one is memory price.
can get 64gb usb for £13 uk,sometimes less yet sont want triple that

randomass1711156d ago

His loss in spending less money? That's a weird thing to call a loss.

ramiuk11156d ago

@superchiller it kind of is my loss,but noit as much as a loss for me as it is Sony imo.

the price they charge is too much,i would love a vita but i wont beripped off overthings like this,the same reason i will never buy DLC.

i have over a years worth of vita games ready but i wont spend £140 on a handheld and then another £60 on a memory card.
they have the security on a standard flash card yet charging too much for it,memory cards are a reason alot of folk i know wont invest for.

shame as it would be great to use with my ps4

Joey_Leone1156d ago

Remember the PSP? Sandisk was the best choice from Sony,i think the reason why the vita isn't doing so well is because of this, it's to expensive so nobody is going to buy it.

guitarded771156d ago

I love my Vita, but yeah, the memory is too damn high (in the rent is too damn high guy's voice). I've echoed that since launch. Proprietary cards make hacking much more difficult, but also drive prices way up. So hackers have some blame in this too. I could fill up a 64gb card in a heartbeat. Wish they had offered come huge internal memory.

Jonny5isalive1155d ago

not that big of a loss really. There are some good games to play on vita, but once your done there are not any more coming besides GR 2. Unless you like cheapo turnbased school girl JRPGs. Then the vita has the most games ever.

Personally Im fine with a 8gb, I bought some games on a card and then delete games I dont play. but by now its not like I plan on getting tons more games for it anymore and have no desire to invest more into a device that has been ignored by sony since e3 2012 right after its launch.

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GenericNameHere1156d ago

I just want cheaper and bigger 3rd party memory cards :(

I bought a 64GB card at GameStop a couple of weeks ago, and I'm already down to 12GBs. Those PS+ and PS1 games stack up really quick. If a 3rd-party is able to release a 100GB card for $50, I'd buy one immediately.

NewMonday1156d ago

I do fine with a 16gb card, I just keep the 8-10 games that I most likely want and store the rest on my 500gb PS3.

PinkEye1156d ago

I thought 64GB cards were only in Japan...

Skate-AK1156d ago

It is. I am not sure what he is talking about. Maybe it was a refurbished card that someone ordered from Japan.

AntsPai1156d ago

I don't know, I got mine of amazon uk, 70 quid it set me back, I've been out of space though for months. I'd easily pay 100 for a 120gb

crusf1156d ago

Maybe he lives in Japan.

superchiller1156d ago

I bought a 64gb Vita memory card for $85 shipped (to the U.S.) from superufo. Replaced my almost-full 32gb card, and now I'm set for a while. Will use the 32gb card on the PlayStation TV when it comes out later this year.

ssjkiet1156d ago

You can buy them from Amazon..........

DarkHeroZX1156d ago

You can import them. I imported mine.

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rustyspoon801156d ago

Hmm, I'd be happy if this resulted in lower price memory cards. I dont want this to be a resurgence of the piracy issues the PSP had. The Vita is struggling enough with large games, lets not take away all the reasons for companies to make games for it.

TimeSkipLuffy1156d ago

if the vita gets hacked its bad for devs but it could boost hardware sales for Sony.

Haki11121156d ago

not like they making games for the vita anyway. Still loving X/X-2 on the vita though

TimeSkipLuffy1156d ago

There are a lot of indie devs releasing their stuff on Vita. I wasn't talking about Sony when I mentioned Vita software ;D

nix1156d ago

i need not pirate games. PS+ is giving enough free games to me. q:

Soulscare1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Idk why you get disagrees tbh. No one loves their Vita more than me, I play it every day but you're lying to yourself if you disagree with Haki1112.

Edit - On topic, I probably would do this personally. I'd still pay for all my game, but I would use this for language learning purposes. E.g, I'd buy Gravity Rush first in English, so that the devs and everyone else involved have my cash, but then I'd pirate the Japanese version. Its the only fair way to show your support and avoid ridiculous import fees. (Seriously, I payed £55 for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X HD on PS3, now FedEx want to charge me a further £30 for importing it... Ridiculous.)

kingPoS1156d ago

The think I understand why Sony went with a single profile on the Vita and why have to format to swap between accounts. It kinda makes sense.

Gateway MT6706 2008

MegaRay1156d ago

The only reason stopping me from getting a Vita is single account-thing. I have multiple accounts i dont mind using only 2 of them but only 1 seems greedy on Sony's part.

kingPoS1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Sony 'DID' learn a hard lesson with the PSP & PS3, after all, wouldn't it make sense for them to keep that from happening again for as long as possible.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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