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The Last of US PS4 Better Shadows at 30 FPS Explained; Corrinne Yu Inspired to Create Greater Games

Apparently The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 will come with improved shadows when locked at 30 FPS, implemented with a day one patch, and Naughty Dog star coder Corrinne Yu explained the reason for that choice and made promising comments about her next games. (Corrinne Yu, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   490d ago
Just juicy news coming from ND, thank you!
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   490d ago
Corrine Yu is a great asset to Naughty Doge. I hope she never leaves. I'm lovin' her work so far.
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ChrisGTR1  +   489d ago
anyone know any stores having deals on this game
Bonkerz  +   490d ago
Why is it that for some reason Sony and their studios always hide the facts and then it comes out near launch. "we are only putting 30FPS, because some people might want the PS3 experience" and now we are finding out that the 30FPS version actually has better shadows etc. 60FPS isnt even locked, so yes you can expect FPS drops i dont know how severe, but it will definitely experience drops, when they made us seem months ago that it was a locked 60FPS experience. This kind of stuff really urks me.
Clogmaster  +   490d ago
Is it not 60fps locked? Has there been released footage of the 60fps gameplay? (genunine question, not sarcasm. I was just re-reading it and the question can sound pretty terrible)

Also, I figure they would just throw in some easy toggle effects with the freed up RAM so they don't squander resources.

What I love about this is that it might soon be possible for console games to be like PC where we can change the settings to our liking to obtain our own desired framerate! So exciting.
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Palitera  +   490d ago
I'd kill last gen to have the option to lower graphics and play at, at least, steady 30 fps.

The frame rates on consoles on the end of the gen was ridiculous.
Clogmaster  +   489d ago
No kidding. Some games were really pushing it.

Dragon's Dogma for instance. Favourite game. Absolutely garbage framerate.
cee773  +   490d ago
60fps is locked
Qrphe  +   490d ago
A game running at 60fps will ALWAYS have the potential to look even better at 60fps, by damn logic
Soc5  +   489d ago
What irks me is that the ps4 doesn't seem to be able to handle a ps3 game at locked 60fps with minor enhancements. Its 60 but not locked. If the thing was even close to the 10x power increase they talked about wouldn't that be a piece of cake for it????
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PersonMan  +   489d ago
You obviously do not know anything about porting a game from the PS3 to PS4. They're completely different architectures. It's not like flipping a switch. Also, it's not like they have sliders that say "increase graphic fidelity". They actually have to MAKE the game better themselves. It's not like messing around with a PC game.
UltraNova  +   489d ago
So you expected ten times the graphical jump?

I wont pretend to be a game dev but Sir you're talking nonsense here.
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SilentNegotiator  +   489d ago
So they add some effects to the 30fps option and you bitch?

Several sources have confirmed that it has very stable 60fps and not a single source has complained about framedrops. You're just desperately seeking out something bad to say about TLoU:R.

+1 Trolling
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MuhammadJA  +   489d ago
Because they made a cult believing any lies they throw out there.
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uth11  +   490d ago
So now gamers are upset at the fact that you can do more each frame if you draw half as many?

Do we know that the game looks bad at 60fps? no!

Isn't the 60fps crowd always crowing that 60fps is more important than resolution and graphics anyway? So why the fuss?
Abriael  +   490d ago
"why the fuss"

You know the answer to that question already.
LamerTamer  +   489d ago
And the answer is that some people are imbeciles.

I guess they think that hardware power is infinite or something.
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vandal GAB  +   490d ago
Sweet, I will get bashed for this but 60fps with a pad feels wrong but with a mouse and keyboard it's a must!
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drpepperdude  +   489d ago
Neither statements you made were correct.
Ryan741  +   489d ago
This remastered game is 2014's The Emperors new Clothes.
G20WLY  +   489d ago
Ryan741  +   489d ago
As its been lauded as the second coming but the reality is that's its a higher res port of a year old game.
G20WLY  +   488d ago
What utter crap you speak.

Did you not notice the word 'Remastered' in the title? Don't you think that kinda gives it away a bit? Do you really think many gamers out there aren't aware that this game was already released (albeit in a lesser form) a little over a year ago? smdh

Second coming? Well, it's one of the most awarded games in history and this is the best version. It's one of the holy grails of gaming, like it or not.

By the way; the Emperor's new clothes didn't actually exist - perhaps you missed that - and I'm pretty sure this game does! lol ;^P
ceromaster  +   489d ago
Me being a lurker for this site for a while now, I have a serious question to ask, and I know this is off topic but why is it that the PS and Nintendo side of N4G so empty? I always read the articles here and I swear it's a rarity to see the comments on a PS article or Nintendo article reach 100.
LamerTamer  +   489d ago
Kind of disappointed these things require a frickin PATCH! Why is it that every time you buy a game you are required to run to the the damn internet and wait an hour or so to get the complete version? Then some day when this patch is taken down you are stuck with an incomplete game on disc. It is really annoying.
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drpepperdude  +   489d ago
Games get released earlier than developers have time to do everything. Now with the internet games are finished after the release date and we get patches. PS2 generation and back we would get stuck with bugs and glitches. More patches the better in my opinion. It means they are still caring about the game after release.
SonyPS4  +   489d ago
60FPS will look just as good. I value the game's performance way above teh pretty visuals anyway. A good story, fun game play and a smooth experience is all I ask for in a game.
drpepperdude  +   489d ago
I don't know why all games do not run at 60fps. Controls feel better with every game that has it. It also makes everything have a better look to it. Most of the games on my ps4 that run at 30 are not better looking at all compared to the 60fps ones. Almost all the games that are cross gen titles look like crap but in 1080p. The amazing spider-man 2 is a perfect example. I swear there are ps2 games that look better except for the obvious resolution difference.
PAYNEinc85  +   489d ago
Flame all you want but Naughty Dog developers know more than we ever will. Keep that in mind.
yewles1  +   489d ago
BTW, to those that go for performance over quality: such situations haven't gone so smoothly in the past. Take Battle Arena Toshinden 3 for PS1 for example, which had such an option...

BAT3 at 30fps.

BAT3 at 60fps.

You've been warned...
DARK_SOLDIER101  +   489d ago
Yea ... Poor NextGen still on your 30FPS
OMG .. i have frame drop in my Comment $##!@

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