S-E Producer: Star Ocean 4 on PS3 still undecided

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Yamagishi cleared things up during a roundtable interview session that followed the press conference. Asked if the game is 360-only, he said, "We cannot announce anything on that. We can say that it will be released first [on the Xbox 360]. Whether we'll release it on the PS3 is undecided. We may release it, we may not."

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Maverick_3840d ago

aka it's coming but it's a 360 timed Exclusive.

RonDeMuerte3840d ago

The sales on the 360 are going to be horrible.....

Veryangryxbot3840d ago

I have said this morning that the game is not 360 exclusive. All the bots were doing their fanboy dances again but looks like they prematurely jumped the gun. Again.

Premature and bots seem like synonyms nowadays.

sunnygrg3840d ago

If it indeed turns out to be 360 timed exclusive, you can kiss my 60bucks goodbye.

LuHawk3840d ago

Veryangryxbot shut your ass up you know your just mad because its coming to the 360 first

360 man3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

your jus angry because 360 gets another 1

who are ya
who are ya

Pain3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Like SE would Really Shoot them selves in the Face like that.

but thats M$ $$$$ buy buy buy.... but ill Buy the PS3 versions 'when' its out.

ravinshield3840d ago

hahahahah poor Piece of Sh!t 3

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Vojkan3840d ago

Cut the act. We know it is coming on PS3, after all PS3 is at least selling something in Japan.
Anyway i hope everyone boycotts it on PS3 and no one buys it, to show this pricks they cant treat us like that.

PikkonX3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

If people boycott the game on PS3, then S-E will just keep on releasing 360 titles. At the moment, they don't seem to care where their main fanbase lies and Sony isn't writing any checks to help them remember.

PikkonX3840d ago

How so? I don't think S-E has grown to their current heights because of Nintendo's fanbase.

crck3840d ago

I think if Sony wants to compete they may need to start charging for online. Lets face it MS collects about $300 mill a year from Live Gold fees. All they do is use that money to buy timed exclusives. It sucks but I don't see how else Sony can come up with that "free money" MS has to pay 3rd party companies. Sometimes you have to sink down to the competition because business is business and its not always fair.

thewhoopimen3840d ago

It's totally pointless to charge for PSN if people are buying content like games and music. There's absolutely no reason Sony has to charge for subscription.

finally I find it rather strange that Square Enix wouldn't want to publish to PS3. The fanbase in Japan is clearly PS3 oriented.

dcbronco3840d ago

If that's the case they get more like 600 million. But I wouldn't call it free money. They have to pay for all of the equipment and it's upkeep. They also have to pay for some of the content. They have to continue supporting online play for games that have been dropped by other companies when the user base drops.I'm sure they still make money, but they have to spend a lot for what they offer.

bakasora3840d ago

I urge Sony to do something!!
Failed to keep it exclusive, and now might even lose it altogether.

Light Yagami3840d ago

It will come to the PS3. 360 sales are terrible in Japan. Lost Odyssey, which was hyped a lot here in Japan, couldn't even break the 100k barrier. Also most of the Star Ocean fanbase is on Playstation.

Dannagar3840d ago

Lost Odyssey when on to sell 700k world wide and that isn't a bad telly.

crck3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

@1.5 Yes MS makes money on that stuff too plus Live Gold subscribing fees. Which is why it is "free money" that Sony doesn't receive.

@1.6 MS claims 12 million Live members. Which includes Silver members. You'd figure maybe 60% of that are Gold Subscribers. For example out of the 6 xbox 360 owners I know. Only 4 out of 6 are Gold members. As for upkeep yes there is some involved but the servers only do matchmaking since everything is peer to peer and Live only helps users find each other. I doubt that takes much processing power and can probably user 1 server to match make for dozens of older games. In fact Sony might spend more on server upkeep since many of their games uses dedicated servers(which means 1 game eats up 1 server) which is why they are lag free in comparison.

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sonarus3840d ago

Considering the Msoft situation with eternal sonata, i am going to go ahead and say this will be timed as well as tales of vesperia. This is just pure speculation on my part but 360 games don't sell that well in JP and the bulk of the sales will occur in the west and as publishers, they will probably look at this and consider a PS3 release.

It probably just depends on how well the titles do on the 360

predator3840d ago

they may not sell that well in JP but outside they do, Lost Odd proved a big success in US and UK(since i live here i dont know about the rest of europe) i know it was in teh top ten then top 20 for a while.

With all these RPG announcements things can only get better in japan for Xbox and i hope they do

sonarus3840d ago

The thing is...i'm not so sure about that. Its not just the lack of favorable games holding JP back, its the mind state. JP just dislike the X360 as they see it as a more foreign product. Its sad for MSoft because they are working HARD...surprised they haven't given up yet.

Lost Odyssey sales
According to VGChartz, 100,000 in JP, 410,000 in US, 71,000 EU.
Now VgChartz is far from official but i believe the PS3 could have matched these numbers with overall sales. As publishers, they have to look at this.

SickNick853840d ago

if they sell only on 360 it sell maybe 1 or 2 copies...

a series born and grown on ps2 that not coming to ps3...your choice...

clintos593840d ago

That way it stays exclusive there. I dont like the star ocean games but I do love the FF series. Hopefully 360 owners buy this game so they can keep it exclusive for 360 and dont bring it over to the ps3. I want to hear of FF13 and square enix been lagging hard. This should be a good game for 360 owners though so its good to see MS not giving up so easy.

thewhoopimen3840d ago

According to a previous article, Microsoft isn't going to buy "real" exclusivity anytime soon. Their strategy is to buy "timed" exclusivity which is alot less expensive and "almost" as effective. Hence why Bioshock is coming to PS3.

clintos593840d ago

This is a good example of it when they say they dont know yet. Please just keep it on the 360 forever and just give ps3 owners what they really want, FF13 or FF13 Versus. Stop with the bs. I hate it when company's do this just like 2k did with bioshock and epic did with UT3. Just give it an exclusive and dont ever bring it out on another platform, thank u.