Star Ocean: The Last Hope Trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which is coming to the Xbox 360 in 2009.

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Maverick_3840d ago

This makes be feel good about my 360... it's got some good quality games to look forward to also. Xbox 360 needs some of this. I want to know more games coming out for it.

Pain3839d ago

i smell desperateness .

NinjaRyu3840d ago

Can't wait for the game!

green3840d ago

I am new to this Star Ocean series but just downloaded the trailer from the market place and it looks really really good.Just the fact that it is a Sci-fi JRPG sounds really good.Maybe this will be the Japanese equvilent to Mass Effect.

Superfragilistic3840d ago

Still can't believe it's coming to 360 though! A Mass Effect JRPG looks like a pretty good description. Kudos to MS. :)

Spike473840d ago

World War 3? Oh that's original :)

And I wanted to see some nice gameplay. But the game's storyline looks like it will be fun to follow.

KingME3839d ago

"World War 3? Oh that's original :)"

Has world war 3 been done in a game? And it appears to me the the WWIII concept was a segway to the actually story. Besides, GTA IV (Sucessful but not original by far) MSG4 (ditto), I guess what I'm saying is a series has to start somewhere. I'm also thinking that there are no more original paths an RPG can take theses days, that would be worthy of making a video or game of.

Let's have fun with this, can anyone come up with what would be a good and interesting plot for a RPG, that they think would actually sell?

Xeoset3840d ago

Anyone else notice that? Normally, in fact always in trailers, if it's muliti-platform they never put in any siding at the end, probably out of fear of lawsuits.

If anything it may be just timed-exclusive, but with MS's money and with the way Bach and everyone has been charging on it wouldn't suprise me if they paid extreme amounts for this.

Think of it as this, Lost Odyssey sold extremely well everywhere (for console ratios anyway), Blue Dragon selling well in the west and it kept Mistwalker under MS's belt thanks to their advertising campaigns.

Could we see the same with S-E?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3840d ago

I don't realy keep in touch with JRPG's but I thought this game was a port from the PS3. So by what your saying it seems that this game is "so far" exclusive to the 360? and that would mean the 360 has pulled another JRPG out of the PS3's hands?

Xeoset3839d ago

So far, yeah, it seems exclusive.

Everyone was waging it would be on the PS3 because it was on Sony consoles prior. To my knowledge though, this is the very start of the story arc in the series, much like DMC has its chronology backwards, so it would make little to no difference.

If anything, references would be missed, but so far, it looking to be exclusive in some form or another.

PikkonX3840d ago

Trailer reminds me of Phantasy Star Online.

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The story is too old to be commented.