Touching Final Fantasy X cover on the violin takes you “To Zanarkand”

Rocketnews24: If you love classical music, and you love Australia, then the name Ayako Ishikawa, is a name you are familiar with. However, if you aren’t familiar with “Devils Ayako”, you’re missing out on an artist that has been given the honorary title of “The Best Performer in Australia“. Already a phenom on the classical music stage, she has recently been making a name for herself on the Internet. Since she began posting her videos to Niconico back in 2013, her popularity has blossomed into a real fan following and she is just hitting her stride now with a string of well-known songs in Japan. Today she takes you “To Zanarkand”.

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knifefight1331d ago

Pretty, but I wanted a real cover, not an accompaniment.

I want those first 7 notes with the violin, not on the piano playing from the dang CD.

Pozzle1331d ago

I got a bit of a shiver up my spine when the violin started.

Timesplitter141331d ago

It's good but I don't really understand why someone made an article out of this because youtube has been literally FULL of To Zanarkand covers for the last 10 years...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1330d ago

Wow what a gorgeous cover. She is a very talented violinist.

HmongAmerican1330d ago

"Listen to my story" fist come to mind.

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