Version Control: Virtua Fighter 2

Hardcore Gamer: When games jump from platform to platform, changes are inevitable. Be they small differences in frame rates or fundamental changes in mechanics and features, these variations can drastically change the feel of a game. With Version Control we seek to catalog these differences, stack them up against each other, and determine which system, if any, hosts a game's definitive port.

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ValKilmer1365d ago

One of the best fighting games ever.

Drithe1364d ago

I played the hell out of the Saturn and arcade versions. Got it on my PS3. No one plays it online. :(

Inception1364d ago

I remember playing this for the 1st time on arcade and i choose Akira or Sarah as my main character. Great time :3

t-hall7851364d ago

Definitely THE fighting game of it's time. Such a technical masterpiece. Too bad button mashing and special effects (yeah i'm talking about you Tekken) meant more to people at the time.