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Submitted by toocoolgames_14 568d ago | opinion piece

Destiny Has the Best Chance of Earning Multiple Perfect 10s

Given the current release schedule for 2014 and the ongoing trends in the video game reviewing world, it seems clear that Destiny is destined for perfection. (Destiny, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

isa_scout  +   568d ago
I would say Evolve has a better chance at earning more perfect 10 review scores. In a game like Destiny that is much larger there is more room for error. Also, there is the question of end game content that most MMOs recently have failed at. I have been loving the beta for Destiny so far so we'll see. If it doesn't come with some kind of chat system in the final build I'd dock it a point right off the bat...What is this 1999?
joab777  +   568d ago
I disagree completely. Evolve is gonna have a tough time b/c its limited. Titanfall had the same problem w/out an sp. Atleast L4D was co-op.

Destiny is original and 10's usually reflect that. also its so grand in scope that ppl will overlook small things...and its so damn polished that its gonna be tough to nitpick apart from the obvious wishlist.
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Becuzisaid  +   568d ago
Grand in scope? Yep.
Polished? Yep.
Original? Ummmmm... No not really.
loulou  +   568d ago
destiny campaign is by far the best fps campaign to date.... but the multiplayer is really bad for many reasons.

for that alone, it should not get 10s
aviator189  +   568d ago
Destiny seems mighty polished, but not much of the game strikes me as original.
It takes elements from many different games and just meshes them with borderlands being the most borrowed from.
C-H-E-F  +   568d ago
People do realize that story and gameplay matters when you review right? Otherwise the game looks gorgeous and that's it.
Dudebro90  +   568d ago
The mission structure alone will prevent it from being a 10
Clown_Syndr0me  +   568d ago
I never pay attention to numbered scores. Its all opinion...for me the beta is like a 5 but for others its probably a 9.
Numbered scales are stupid anyway. In the gaming world, 1-7 is a bad game, 8 is ok, 9 is good and 10 is perfect. IMO i should be more like:

1-4 Terrible - Below Average
5 - Average
6-8 - Above Average to really good
9 - Outstanding
10 - Absolutely Flawless. (I dont think Ive played a game that would get 10 from me just yet, lots of 9s though!)

Reviews outlining pros and cons fairly with no numbered score are much better.
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Artista  +   568d ago
I think the numbers game should be scraped altogether, it has already been abused.

"Reviews outlining pros and cons fairly with no numbered score are much better."

This is why I like reviews like Kotaku's. You actually have to read about the game.

When folks see numbers like 9 or 10, "omg I always knew this game would be great". *plays the games* *gets disappointed*.
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bjmartynhak  +   568d ago
Perfect scoring system.

Reviews should all follow it. Or at least they should all follow the same standard (one that is not 1-7 being bad)
Vantage  +   568d ago
The best chance? Grand Theft Auto 5 was actually mediocre and yet received multiple perfect scores.

You think it's difficult to get praise? Most scores and awards are issued based on trends, hype and "fitting in".

Destiny will get perfect scores simply because it's trendy to do so.
Corpser  +   568d ago
Gta 5 is the best selling ps3 and 360 game, and one of the best reviewed games last gen ,if you think it's mediocre, it's just you
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Clown_Syndr0me  +   568d ago
GTA isnt mediocre, but its far from perfect. Another example of a flawed rating system.
Vantage  +   568d ago
Appealing to authority and group think only exposes your naivety and inability to think for yourself.

Fact of the matter is, the story derailed and became boring after Michael and Trevor reunited. Outside of story what does GTA5 have? Combat? The combat is stock. Driving? The only good part, but that alone doesn't warrant a 10.

Then there's the online, which is the basic freeroam but burdened by arbitrary rules and the introduction of money. In short, it sucks.

The only achievement of Grand Theft Auto 5 is the size of the world. But that alone isn't a perfect 10.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a 9/10 up until Trevor reunites with Michael, then it becomes uninteresting and tedious.

The game is mediocre, concluded.
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Palitera  +   568d ago
^ You should review games. I'm serious. Most reviewers indeed judge games still living on the hype train.

Destiny will, no doubt, be the next example.
NarooN  +   568d ago
Only the naive and overly-idealistic would disagree with you.

Remember GTA IV? Game was hyped beyond high heaven, and got nothing but 9's and 10's when it came out. This was clearly due to hype, as that game was immensely flawed, and it was clear that on a gameplay-level, the game was inferior to San Andreas. Most people didn't wanna admit this until much later. Those reviewers clearly were right aboard the hype train just as the gullible fans were.

A few more recent examples are games like Titanfall and Watch_Dogs. Both were praised by gamers and scratchy journos alike for being "THE NEXT BIG THING" and in both cases they proved to be underwhelming games that came nowhere close to being revolutionary as the rampant marketing machines made them out to be.

Destiny has already fallen into that same trap. It's not the epitome of greatness, and it definitely won't be a 10/10 experience. The rating system has been abused long enough. I don't like Kotaku much, but their current review system is perfect. No numbers, no stars, just a simple verdict on whether or not the game is worth your time.
KwietStorm  +   568d ago
Nothing mediocre about GTA V. Oh it must be fact because I said it. Concluded.
azricf  +   568d ago
Long ass and abundant load times should prevent this from getting a 10 alone.
Artista  +   568d ago
A chance of being propelled to unimaginable heights. .

Media: This is the game you should be playing.

Drone: Okay.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   568d ago
10 is easy to get ask gta 4 ;-]
MysticStrummer  +   568d ago
Hype has the best chance of ruining a good game.
Slick81  +   568d ago
Yeah overhyped it's a halo ripoff to get ps4 trolls wet
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guyman  +   568d ago
So you're saying that the creator's of halo are ripping off halo? Wow, ok.
Slick81  +   568d ago
I know right mind blowing .its not like it looks or sounds like halo and it's not like bungie went to a different platform and try's to pass it off as something new
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Master-H  +   568d ago
Your mother must have been a ps4 troll then judging by last night..
KwietStorm  +   568d ago
You are trying too hard.
FsterThnFTL  +   568d ago
GTA IV has Metacritic of 98, that is all there needs to be said about the validity of these so called professional reviewers. Shame on everyone who gave that weak game a perfect 10.
Sm00thNinja  +   568d ago
Not with that multiplayer balancing act they're dropping the ball on!
Funantic1  +   568d ago
Destiny does if Activision pays some of the reviewers a part of that $500 million budget.
user7402931  +   568d ago
hell no
jcnba28  +   568d ago
I don't see this game getting a lot of 10's but I do see it getting a lot of 9's.
Quofo  +   568d ago
A 10.0 for an overrated Halo clone? Maybe if the developer pays off the reviewers like they always do for Halo.
Ihatetrolls76  +   568d ago
So I guess sony pays off reviewers for the last of us and uncharted huh those games as good as they are. And they are really good games still can't hold a candle to halo
Quofo  +   559d ago
Did I say The Last of Us and Uncharted weren't overrated? I'm a Sony fan and I'll be the first person to say those games are overrated. Halo, Titanfall, and Destiny are overrated too. I've always owned PS systems and I'm the furthest thing from being a fan boy. I've been very critical of Sony at times. Both are solid systems. Just prefer the set up and controllers from PS. I've learned over the years that some of the best games were the ones rated 7.0-9.0 can't always trust reviews.
CJDUNCAN  +   568d ago
I would take whatever score this game gets with a grain of salt. It's a barren wasteland in gaming this year so a game like Destiny HAS to score well. It's the first big release since earlier this year and the only ones to follow are COD and ACU. These games will get an artificial boost of a score because nothing else is really coming out this year.
Sadist3  +   568d ago
Scores are fake. In this industry you can't give an honest score without fear of backlash. You think OGN would ever give Destiny a 7? Or GTA or Halo? No they always give them 9's. I don't trust scores. Besides, they're someone else's opinion anyway
ThichQuangDuck  +   568d ago
Rating system and scores are irrelevant as iterated above by many. Perfect 10 does not mean perfect due to subjectivity and overhype. Just let it be what it is which seems to be an very enjoyable game
N8  +   568d ago
It has enough hype to get a perfect score. I like destiny and if it got a 6 I would still get it. But the trend usually is big budget game gets multiple perfect 10s.
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danthegamerfiend  +   568d ago
i give destiny a 7.5 and thats my opinon. The story and campaign seems like great idea but the multiplayer is just weak. I found halos multiplayer way more enjoyable because for me the maps and weapons had a sense of balance. At least you could board a vehicle which to me made sense and you can chat with other randoms in game. And you wouldnt have to worry someone killing you one shot with a stupid super.
n4gusername  +   568d ago
The party system will keep the game from getting a 10.
Revengeance  +   568d ago
I think Destiny gets a solid 8.5 from me so far.
Ihatetrolls76  +   568d ago
Destiny is a good game I enjoyed the beta but it's not there best work I'd give it a solid 8. Definitely a day one buy for me already preordered it at bestbuy and getting 10bucks back plus double rewards points
Quofo  +   559d ago
I give this game a solid 5.

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