Videogamer: LEGO Indiana Jones DS Review

Videogamer writes: "When I was a kid growing up, LEGO as a toy was pretty basic. You had various differently coloured, mainly squarish-shaped blocks, a few curvy ones, and - if you were lucky - you might also have had a few rather androgynous mini-figures, the differences between male and female usually coming down to little more than hairstyle. Then, as manufacturing processes got better, LEGO got a bit more adventurous - I can still remember the excitement one Christmas when I received a LEGO castle complete with knights... they even had little LEGO swords, shields, horses and everything!

Of course, kids these days would probably look back on my medieval castle (and related excitement) with scorn, seeing as now LEGO seems to come in just about any form you could desire - LEGO aliens, LEGO explorers, LEGO animals of all shapes and sizes, LEGO strippers (I may have imagined that one) and - of course - LEGO ranges based on a number of top movies and TV shows. Yes, you can get LEGO versions of superheroes, of Star Wars characters, and now even old (and I mean OLD) Harrison Ford is getting in on the act with plastic representations of everyone's favourite fedora-topped, whip-wielding archaeologist."

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