Analysts: 360 in trouble, Wii is a fad, PlayStation has loyal gamers writes:

"In the past few months, we've heard several groups from the video game industry give their opinions on the console war. Some of the more outspoken ones, including Electronic Arts and the President of Ready at Dawn studios, have expressed favor towards the PlayStation 3.

Analysts from Lazard Capital Markets and DFC Intelligence had the same sentiments, saying that the PlayStation 3 will soon be on top in the near future.

Now, analysts from the UK, Europe, and North America chime in with their own opinions, which they expressed at the Nordic Game 2008 conference. However, instead of focusing just on how big the PlayStation 3 will be in the future, they were more opinionated on the fate of the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

The analysts from the conference expressed how the Xbox 360 will be in trouble in the coming year. DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole went as far as to say that "The Xbox 360's going to come in third place when all's said and done." Other analysts went on to say that the Xbox 360 is strong in the US, but is declining everywhere else."

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Britjadg3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

usual bs if you ask me

how can WII be a FAD when its sold 25million consoles?

xbox is currently in second, its 5/6 million consoles ahead and i doubt that figure will reduce much past 4 million by christmas. both systems have games coming out (though i prefer the ps3 lineup as it is potentially a great deal stronger,) so if 360 is to come in third - its not gonna happen for ages.

Euphrate3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

But, only having a strongfoothold in america and losing all other regions, with all the advantages it has had, like :

Cheaper -( almost half the price of PS3 )
Year ahead- headstart
Hottest games released -( Halo 3 Bioshock Gears of war ) incidently that was the same year the PS3 outsold it.

Really makes me doubt. :/

Analysts are saying that there is no doubt that the PS3, will have outsold the 360 in a matter of a short span. Also, they see the wii as a casual gamers market, which is bad for 3rd party developers.

mikeslemonade3787d ago

360 in trouble-correct
PS3 loyal gamers-correct
Wii is a fad-wrong

godofthunder103787d ago

this guy is grazy,h*ll the 360 is still selling well and on top of that the 360 made money again in this quarter and they been in the black with the 360 for a while now..

jessupj3787d ago

I don't see the 360 in trouble just yet and I don't believe will ever will. Ms will keep an eye on their baby and make sure it's still alive. As for the wii, yes, it is a fad. I don't bloody care how many units it's sold. It's a casual console... need I say more.

However I am not stubborn and if anyone can provide proof that a majority of wii owners are passionate about their console and play it regually and regually buy games then I will stop believing the wii is just a fad and start taking it seriously.

The wii is the enemy of hardcore gamers though and that is why I get so sensitive about it. If you could assure me the wii isn't hurting the hardcore gaming industry then I wouldn't worry about and be happy for all wii owners. Even hideo has the same concerns about the wii that I have.

theKiller3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

if 360 and the xbox brand exit the gaming industry and another one takes it place like apple then i doubt there will be many sad people about it, in fact more people will be happier than sadder!!

on topic!
360 is in trouble?? well since last year october it seemed to me that way and especially after blue ray won the HD formats!! and good game like uncharted and ratchet and clank, also the high profile multiplatform games such as COD4 and assassins creed was released on ps3! also the RROD and the hardware limits and DVD etc pull the 360 from being top HD console!

wii is a fad?? yes but a long and strong fad, 2008 is the last year IMO that wii will see shortages unless nintendo intentionally keeps them!! i think that why because simply wii hardware is last gen, and the more strong titles from ps3 and 360 comes the more wii will be embarrassment to play on, sure its fun to sing ur hand all over the place but would u like to that that for years?? i dont think so, especially when u come from work or school and u r tired!!

ps3 is the present and future?? well i see it like ps2 although it had a slower and harder start, the more time pass the more power we see on ps3, and the more HDTV adoption the more reason for us to own a ps3!! plus the main franchises from ps2 will make an appearance exclusively on ps3!! MGS4 is an example for now! there is more reasons but every body who have logical brain can figure it out like price,features, etc!

Britjadg3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

@ Euphrate.

I have no doubt that ps3 will continue to sell well with its SOLID game line up (like the pun there?) strange that people in here believe that ps3 will sell 5 million more consoles than 360 this year (or even next year) when it is struggling to outpace 360 by more than 20,000 a month at the moment. with respect, that would require a hail mary.

i dont deny that 360 is starting to lose momentum but i would imagine gears 2 and halo wars will pick things back up. As is said, ps3 has the stronger lineup, but to conclude MS is in some kind of trouble is ludicrous.

as to "WII is a FAD" comments, the analysts have been saying that since it began, a year on and wii still shows very strong sales (to the turne of 400,000 a month)and a high attach rate, currently higher than ps3. i'm not dissing playstation, i love my ps3 but i dont understand how people dont see this?

Sev3787d ago

Bell bottom jeans were fad, that literally millions of people wanted, wore, then realized the mistake they had made.

himdeel3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

...MUST get a foothold in other regions besides the US with the 360. If MS wants to continue to be competitive worldwide and be in it to win it for the long haul, they MUST be competitive in all markets not just in the US.

I cannot recall a single global product that has been successful worldwide WHEN that product relys on one regional fan base WHILE spending cash to expand it's fan base that isn't growing that quickly. /bowingmyhead "Remember SEGA..."

MS is at an advantage that they got people paying monthly for LIVE services amongst other things and they have what I'd consider to be a LOT of disposable income. My sense is that even if the US became the single region MS focused all their sales for 360 I don't think it alone could sustain them as a next gen console maker.

The 360 ISN'T in trouble...but they're going down a path that could trip them up a bit.

supahbad3787d ago

the ps3 will come out on top of the HD consoles at least, i'm not sure if the wii will fade away cause i know people that dont even like games, and they want a wii. whats up with that. its not that the 360 is in trouble, they just aren't going to keep their lead in the long run, i really dont think gears and halo wars will sell a million consoles, we need new IPs and thats what the ps3 is bringing. i dont see how anyone can see it any other way

HighDefinition3787d ago

Sorry but it`s true.

Every single person I know has sold it.

The 360 f**ked up on many things, or it coulda had a chance,

besides that it`s great.

PS3 got it right, but doing that slowed them down at first. All it needs is ONE BIG price drop.

IMO, anyway.

Britjadg3787d ago

LOL @ Sev, fair point.

everything can be considered a FAD the. i admit my mate plays his Wii a lot less than i play my ps3, but personally i think its coz he genuinely does have better things to do. have just spoken to him on this and he says after you've owned a Wii for a week, the wiimote looses a lot of its excitement, but then new and innovative games come fourth that change and develop the functuality.

his main gripe is the lack of online play and this is why he finds himself spending less time on his console than me. i straight out asked him if he thought Wii was just a FAD and his words were "Its a bit of craze yeah, much like what the iphone did for mobiles, whether it gets relegated to the realms of FAD surely depends on how long the console maintains its momentum and continues to sell for the next couple years."

a fad generally lasts for a short period of time, bottom line is that if wii's still selling a lot of consoles next year then its a little harsh to marginalise a console that is, quite frankly, stomping all over ps3 and 360.

bama3787d ago

The problem is the general public doesn't value hd or bluray. If they did it wouldn't be expensive. Apple Ipods are $300-400 and sometimes $500. But everyone wants and has one. But people like digital things and its going to happen with movies too. DVDs are most likely going to be the last disk based format. HD is a scramble upmarket to try and stop digitalization. Hell the PS4 won't even have a disk drive. The XBOX 720 and the Wii 2 (well knowing Nintendo it might...) probably won't either. The PS3 is going to look like a pain when everyone else can just download their games.

theKiller3787d ago

please try to understand, not the whole world is USA, in europe most of the countries dont have fast internet, yet in middle east or africa or asia(with the exception of japan and south Korea) r still lacking high internet speeds and financially in their current situation they wont reach high speeds and even if they do doesnt mean the people have money to buy PC's yet have interent!! u also have south america!!! maybe DD will be main stream but only in some countries but if u build a console to for a worldwide audience then u will need to keep that in mind, and thats what xbox and 360 is suffering from, it has great online features but not many can enjoy these features! so if u had xbox without Live and ps2 which u would choose? and similar now with 360, it 10 million members but 90% or more of those members r just in europe and USA and of those 90%, 70-80% r in north america, u see now why 360 is not picking up??

if when the whole world have high internet speed and have PCs then come and talk to me about digital distribution!

CrashSharc3787d ago

but I still think that the wii is a FAD. So what if it sold 25mill? That's why it's a fad! Who ever heard of a poor selling product being called a fad? The bottom line is that fads sell due to all the hype and not for the product itself, which is what I believe the wii is.

I'm totally happy with a the strides the system is making in the casual space, and will definitely grow with successive iterations, but IMO wii 1.0 is a fad. A really good Fad...

mindedone3787d ago

The United States are actually BEHIND most developed countries when it comes to broadband adoption. I live in an urban area and my only options are copper.

kindi_boy3787d ago

"360 in trouble"

"Wii is a fad"
disagree Wii is a F A G not a FAD

"PlayStation has loyal gamers"
goes without saying it has been holding the market for years and years.

collie98773787d ago

- no mandatory HDD,
It's not a PC, and it saves people money, unlike making skus without main features like BC (40gb) for it's loyal gamers that can't afford the higer model
Considering it's still the main format and most BR drives have a slow read speed, not a bad choice unlike Sony that gambled with it's Loyal gamers on a new format.
3 year extended warrenty , no Lawsuit needed like Sony's loyal gamers filed on the PS2 and the PS1

AuToFiRE3787d ago

your wrong, its all about security, would you rather have a hard copy of somethign or something you cant physically hold? im sure most of us would say somethign we can physcially hold, why? because its convenient. why lug around your 60 pound computer or your ps3 or 360 when you want to go bring it to someones house, why not just bring the disc? that applies to both games and computers, with computer you download a movie after paying $5 for it or whatever THEN windows pulls off one of its classics and crashes. you lose the download and since it will have DRM you will only be able to download it one more time then when your computer crashes again guess what, your out of $5 and have to buy it again

whats more appealing to you?

wallace10003787d ago

Most of this article is crap but i do agree that the PS3 has loyal gamers, along with all the other consoles that have ever been released.

Infernus3787d ago

I just wanted to pick up on a few points:
"It's not a PC, and it saves people money, unlike making skus without main features like BC (40gb) for it's loyal gamers that can't afford the higer model"

The 40GB will have BC later this year added in for free as it's the only option in Europe now so without a 60GB BC SKU the 40GB has to be upgraded. Plus, I'm sorry but the 360 does look like a PC tower. The PS3 looks like a media centre hub with the card readers and USB ports. Dunno what to compare the Wii to.

"3 year extended warrenty , no Lawsuit needed like Sony's loyal gamers filed on the PS2 and the PS1"
No lawsuits filed for the PS3 so this is an unrelated comment attacking Sony's other consoles. Plus the 3 year warranty is an indication of unreliability, it should be a reassurance that it's included but not seen as a positive for the 360.

Djomblade13786d ago Show
wallace10003786d ago

Nice english Djomblade1. What are you, a rocket scientist?

dan-boy3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

which are not always right.

wii fad= no way, it's slaughtering everything in every region. it's sales show no sign of slowing down either. if this "fad" can last til 2010/11 when the next gen of consoles start coming out, then they will have dethroned sony this gen.

ps3 most loyal fanbase= true, just look at how many more sony fans there are on here compared to any other! sometime late next year the ps3 will overtake the 360 because of stronger sales in europe, japan and of other countries. but they're a shadow of their former selves though sony, and just looking at they're doing sales wise indicates just how far they have fallen. only 9k a week in japan, barely keeping up in NA, and not even a 100k more a month in europe!! it's a far cry to last two sony consoles which had the market sewn up in the same time span.

360 in trouble= in japan yes! even with all the jrpgs being announced for it, they will be lucky to sell a mil consoles by 2010 when they undoubtably release new hardware. but not in NA, and in europe, although it's outperformed by sony sales wise, it's still doing alrite, and will give microsoft more confidence in the coming generations. especailly with the uk being the biggest market in europe buying more 360s than ps3s pretty much all the time.

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Ashton3787d ago

lol I know I m way off topic but I couldn't help my self.

Truplaya3787d ago

and the Wii and PS3 are the wrong colour.

Ashton3787d ago

I know something is fundamentally wrong with that PIC

killtheaquitted3787d ago

That is the exact same thing the record industry said about CD's and we all know how well that worked out for them.

RonDeMuerte3787d ago

and this is coming from professionals.....Star Ocean IV and The Last Remnant timed exclusivity isn't saving your primitive Box.....X-bots!........and the fact that you idiots have to try and brag about multiplatform games just goes to show how desperate you are since you basically have no exclusives left......hahahaha

SilPho3787d ago

Bragging about 1 or 2 exclusives is exactly what the PS3 fanboys were doing last year. It comes and goes, and I'm sure in a few months the 360 fanboys will have a lot of exclusives to brag about.

And even though these words are coming from professional analysts, the fact remains that it is still guess work. Don't spout the PS3's dominance, the Wii's popularity or the 360's failure as fact until another 3 or 4 years have passed at least.

Veryangryxbot3787d ago

The state of xbot fanboys...

Going down, down baby.

Pain3787d ago

well daa we been saying this for awhile now.. its nothing new....

syanara3787d ago

your right ps3 fanboys were bragging about ut3 and Haze which were supposed to be timed at the time but look how both ended up UT3 was not that good and HAZE flopped. HOWEVER! this does not mean that xbox fanboys have their fair share of stupidity either. I think that the console war has changed dramatically in the past year. when the ps3 came out 360 fanboys were laughing dissing the ps3 and its slow start but now the ps3 fanboys are laughing at the 360 and its deadly fate. bascailly neither should be laughing because if a console dies a peice of gaming dies like Ive said before competition is what makes the consoles better. I support the ps3 but that dosen't mean I think the xbox sucks I want the xbox 360 to live on longer so the ps3 can compete and not drop the ball.

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BeaArthur3787d ago

Stopped reading when I saw the link.

clintos593787d ago

I dont think any system is going to be blowing anyone out. It will be a tight race and if any system is going to blow out anyone it will be prolly the wii since they started selling the system at 250 dollars a pop. That is the only reason it has this big lead. If the wii was priced any higher it would be in last place right now.