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Submitted by arandajose20 564d ago | opinion piece

Don't forget about local multiplayer

When someone says that they are going to play a multiplayer game, it is automatically assumed that person is going to play online. Whether it is with friends or complete strangers often times multiplayer is played on a server. Local multiplayer has been a big part of my life growing up with a Nintendo 64, and for some of the older gamers reading this it was probably a big part of your childhood too. (Culture, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PC, PS4, Retro, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Jaqen_Hghar  +   564d ago
The main reason a man got wiiu is because of local MP support
RantandRave  +   564d ago
I absolutely agree with this article. It is a shame that there aren't more offline multi-player games out there on next gen. I picked up Knack and Rayman (besides my usual sports games of course)for that very reason. It would be nice to see reboots of multi-player games like Timesplitters on next gen.
kingdip90  +   564d ago
It's because the focus has become so internet centric. There is more money to be had by people owning multiple copies of a game playing online vs people playing one copy of a game together in a living room.

It's sad.... Some of my best gaming memories was with friends on mario cart and even sari ware smooth moves
RantandRave  +   564d ago

I completely understand your reasoning and agree with it. I meant playing with family via multi-player though. When you or they get bored then back to the solo online grind.
Ark_  +   564d ago
Interesting thought; I never connected the decline of couch-coop to possibly lower salesnumbers.
christian hour  +   564d ago
Local MP is my bread and butter, no online game can compare to couch gaming with some friends (or a lan party for that matter)

Local co-op and LAN options seem to be disappearingly at an alarming rate lately from a lot of games. Trine 2 had local co-op but only the player one profile could unlock achievements which totally killed playing it locally for me and some friends.

Couch/LAN MP > Online MP every time, for me anyway. Having a destiny LAN on saturday, well by LAN I mean of course we're both connecting to the internet in the same apartment, closest I can get to a LAN this gen :P
Am_Ryder  +   564d ago
As others have said, the Wii U and a lot of indie/ downloadable titles are keeping the tradition alive right now.

My best mate came over a couple of weeks ago with his Wii U. I hadn't played it yet: but we played 6 games, all of them fantastic, all of them AMAZING with two or three controllers.

I don't think local co-op titles will ever disappear. There will ALWAYS be a market for local co-op; but the big bucks these days will only ever be made in online MP.
christian hour  +   564d ago

I look forward to pickign up my wii u at some point down the line, I bought a gamecube just for Wind Waker (and resi 1 remake... and MGS1 remake... ahem... and Pikmin, but mostly wind waker!), i passed on the Wii (though my sis bought one) because I'd already played twilight princess on Gamecube, but after e3 2014 I am SOLD on the wii u, can't wait to join the party, then after that I'll be setting my sights on the XB1 once it has the halos and a more focused idea on where they're going with the console, instead of this constant back peddling and zero apologies for their behaviour and conduct towards the gaming community. I refuse to let Microsofts behaviour let this be the first generation where I don't have all consoles.
N4g_null  +   564d ago
The wiiu is made for this from cod letting you have your own screen along with bayo2 it would seem.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   564d ago
Local multiplayer is something I enjoyed as a kid having 4 brothers and sisters who all played video games. Nothing like playing halo 1 together or old wrestling games.
Honestly I don't bother with it anymore ever since we grew up and even all my friends we all just get the same games and play. Only games I play local multiplayer in really is just my fighting games like injustice or tekken tag 2.
More games need local but I don't think i'll use it much
kingdip90  +   564d ago
You are right, why would you and your friends get together and interact in person having a laugh and a joke and a fantastic night together when you can sit at home alone speaking over a headset completely lacking in the fun human interaction aspect of multiplayer video games....
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   564d ago
We do that with fighting game tournaments which honestly fighting games is my most played genre so we do it often. A few times a month playing smash bros brawl is a blast with the friends. Oh yeah and Mario Kart 8 has been great aswell. We even stream alot of it on twitch with big groups @schenectadysmash on twitch. Good times for sure. I'm not saying its not.
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ichizon  +   564d ago
There are some multiplayer games out there. I'm not sure I agree entirely with the article. Thinking back, while many games did have 2-player multiplayer, I don't recall coming back to that many games then either. A handful of the best of them was enough. We'd take turns playing the others.

Games like Bomberman and Worms exist today as well, and there are some "new" franchises like Spelunky and Towerfall which seem to do very well on the multiplayer front. Games like Castlevania HD do very well in including both local and online multiplayer. I had loads of fun playing Trine and Trine 2 with my friends. Mario Kart 8 recently came out, and even Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS had great local (network) multiplayer. Even CoD: Ghosts has local split-screen.

You can still play some old games through eShop and PSN if you miss those. I think the old 2D platformer genre is not as prevalent today as it was back then. 3D platformers have not traditionally had multiplayer support, although some did battle modes, like Conker's Bad Fur Day.

While it certainly would be great to see all the games that could have local multiplayer implement it, there are various reasons to why it doesn't happen. There might be constraints on the hardware for games that would require split-screen, while others might simply not have been developed with multiplayer in mind.
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Am_Ryder  +   564d ago
I agree. Local MP isn't as dead as people think.

It is, however, pretty dead in the AAA-budget sphere. Which is a pity.

One of Uncharted 3's nicest aspects was split screen co-op and competitive, but unfortunately it made the screen so small the gameplay was hard to really enjoy. And the co-op campaign wasn't amazing. I tried to convert several people with it, and the response wasn't good.
KingPin  +   564d ago
local multiplayer was fun.

i remember playing def jam: fight for NY on the original xbox with friends.

good times.
Simco876  +   564d ago
Best was Goldeneye, Mario games, and sports games. I understand the benefits of having your own screen and playing online. We had Lan parties all the time also, it was a different time. Kids will grow up and remember those countless hours they had playing games, but not being their in person. They will still have fond memories and joy.
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N4g_null  +   564d ago
You guys seriously need to try nintendo land it is a local multi-player gold mine.
Am_Ryder  +   564d ago
Nintendo Land is insane! And it's pretty deep for being a minigame-focused title!

I've never had a Nintendo console, but Nintendo Land and a couple of other titles really pulled me towards Wii U.
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billybehr  +   564d ago
I love local multiplayer for sports games. Whether its against my buddy next to me or if we team up to play someone else in NHL.
nirwanda  +   564d ago
I'd love to play 4 player coop but at £50 a ps4 pad I just couldn't justify it with hardly any games
user5669510  +   564d ago
Dont worry everybody is. People excuse is I want my whole screen but the truth is they have no choice so the have to make up bs excuses . With less and less features and more focus on nickel and diming this gen is gonna be ugly. But hey at least you have a shiney new coat of paint.
Dunban67  +   564d ago
One of the real advantages of the Wii u is local multi player w 2 screens- I wish they had made that even more of a focus that or asymmetrical gameplay which ever is the best description

Having one person on the game pad and one On the tv screen is great weather working together or as opponents
Abzki  +   564d ago
Main reason I still play black ops on my ps3. The game is (in my biased opinion) the last great CoD and it's even better split-screen. The amount I've spent playing split screen zombies and SnD is absurd.

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