35 new screenshots of Mass Effect

A lot of new screenshots of Bioware's Mass Effect have hit the internet. All the 35 screenshots are ingame and you can even see the HUD.

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devv054383d ago

This game is gonna be..... so cool!

Antan4383d ago

looking fantastic!!!!! it certainly has got to go some in the gfx stakes to beat GOW!!!! the underground mine section with the lava and rock formations looks increadible to say the the least!!!!!

UrbanJabroni4383d ago

I always though that the graphics, apart from the character models, were rather weak on Mass Effect. WHatever they did with lighting and effects in this new batch of shots, however, makes the game look amazing.

Antan4383d ago

can i just add, i was talking about GOW when i was mentioning the underground mines portion of act 3.

no_more_heroes4383d ago

You can download it from

Silver3604383d ago

If you are a rpg guy this one is a must have

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