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The Problem With Eastern Game Design

Both Dark Souls games and Demon’s Souls leave the player to figure things out on their own. Which is fine, but players can kill off important NPCs, or miss them entirely, messing up the whole game for them. Dark Souls II even leaves you to find the NPC who you use to level up with and she’s tucked around a corner, gazing out to sea. It’s even more confusing if you played the first Dark Souls, where you leveled up at bonfires. On top of this, the effigies you use to become human – which you need to do to summon other players – need to be used in the menu, not at the bonfire where you get a prompt to burn them. Burning them stops people invading your game, which happens when you’re human, so you’re basically just setting them on fire at this point.

Some people claim to like this ambiguity, but really they probably went off and read a Wiki. (Bravely Default, Culture, Dark Souls 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

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