Little Big Planet 3 Closed Beta Announced, Codes Given To Fansite Members

Today the LittleBigPlanet 3 fan community website LittleBigPlanet Central announced that a LittleBigPlanet 3 Private Beta is beginning next month. The website is also giving out a very small number of Beta access codes to its community members.

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paddy951212d ago

I just wish it was made by Tarsier rather than Sumodigital. Sumo is just a studio for hire. These are the plauge of the games industry :(. At least they hired people from the community. They should help the game from being uncreative and generic like all their previous games.

360ICE1212d ago

They're hardly the plague of the industry. I think you'd be surprised how many games are made with the help of contracters or by how many talented game studios also do contract work.

As for LBP, I think the formula is good, it'll probably do well in anyone's hand. So Media Molecule and Tarsier can keep doing what they want.

paddy951212d ago

LBP Karting was terrible to create in. It's not just a game. It's a platform for games. It's all about the tools. I fear they will be unpolished and half made like karting. MM cares about the community. The LBP3 trailer didn't even mention them unlike the LBP2 one.

360ICE1208d ago

First of all, LBP Karting was created by United Front Games, who made ModNation Racers, so I don't see how that's relevant. They're not a studio for hire, and for what it's worth, I thought LBP Karting and even more so ModNation Racers were good games.

A Platform for games was LBP2's motto. They're probably not gonna reuse the same tagline every time. LBP1 didn't use that motto. Also, I'd like to see LBP becoming more about Platforming games again. Mini-games in LBP2 were fun, but at the end of the day, you want to play LBP, not every other game.

SoapShoes1212d ago

Try harder, you aren't convincing anyone.

grassyknoll1212d ago

Sumo Digital made the LBP 2 DLC...

cruzngta1212d ago

Cant wait to get this game. Sony is all about diversity and we get so many great games from them.

luis_spartano1212d ago

I only hope that Sumo Digital make the motion controller OPTIONAL.

On every LBP game I always hated the fact that Sackboy's head move with DualShock/Vita movement. My Sackboy always looks up, and to make him look to the center of the screen, I need to hold the controller in a uncomfortable way.

I asked this many times to Media Molecule, but they never listened. And I'm not the only one who complain about this.

dcj05241212d ago

Oh? Never heard of that complaint till now. I just reset the head position when I need to.

PinkEye1212d ago

How do u reset the head/gyroscope position??

Kurisu1212d ago

When you use a non-Sony controller heads wobble all over the place xD

GribbleGrunger1212d ago

Just start the game in the same position you intend to play and the gyroscope will compensate for that angle.

Sgt_Slaughter1212d ago

Hope they give out codes to non-LBP community people, since it's best to have people from casual to hardcore LBP players giving input.

PaleMoonDeath1212d ago

Seems like only famous creators will get in, I make a profile just encase I'm wrong, would love to give it a go!