Top 10 RPGs Of The Generation

Game Informer: We're taking a look at the best role-playing games of the last console generation. Developers got more creative during the cycle, attempting to take the genre in new directions by giving gamers more choices in gameplay and narrative.

They created bigger worlds, and implemented unique battle systems. Western RPGs thrived on consoles, while Japanese RPGs struggled to find their place as development costs rose, causing those publishers to turn to handheld systems. Despite that transition, some console JRPGs still made an impact, proving they still have a place in the console market.

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lovethenoob1239d ago

I closed the link as soon as I saw Final Fantasy 13 @ #10

Xof1239d ago

Well, that was a good call. This was the list you missed (in ascending order).

Final Fantasy XIII (terrible)
Valkyria Chronicles (not an RPG)
Dragon Age Origins (mediocre)
Xenoblade Chronicles
Diablo III (mediocre)
The Witcher 2
Dark Souls 2
Fallout 3 (mediocre)
Mass Effect 2
Skyrim (mediocre)


So pretty much both the first and last entry indicate that whoever wrote the list has pretty rubbish standards for RPGs.

DoctorJones1239d ago

Dragon Age, FO3 and Skyrim are far from mediocre. You might want to find out what the definition of mediocre is, because they are far from it.

3-4-51239d ago

eww sick! Terrible list.

thelaughingwiseman1239d ago

VC is an RPG, a Strategy RPG to be exact. There are different sub sects of an RPG, you know

MrSwankSinatra1239d ago

GET OUT OF HERE, Fallout 3 is not mediocre.

Inception1239d ago

Valkyria Chronicles IS an RPG!

guitarded771239d ago

HORRIBLE list. This gen was by no means the best for RPG's, but damn. FFXIII was bad... FFXIV was good though (I know it's an MMO RPG). Where is Ni no Kuni? It was great. Xillia was good too.

Xof1238d ago

Sorry, VC is not an RPG.

In an RPG, the player assumes the role of a character within the story.

In Valkyria Chronicles, the player assumes the role of an external third party who views the story from the "outside," and interacts with the game from the perspective of a god.

An anime aesthetic and cel-shading don't make a game an RPG, people--the actual gameplay mechanics and narrative presentation are what matter here.

Spotie1238d ago

An rpg is a game where you play a role. Like many, MANY rpgs, you play as multiple roles in Valkyria Chronicles. That crap about third party god mode nonsense is just weak justification for a bad "point" you're trying to make.

In VC, you assume the role of dozens of characters, not just one. It's no different from FF Tactics, Disgaea or any of many others in the strategy subgenre.

Don't know where you got the idea from, but your definition of an rpg is shared by no one.

Xof1236d ago

Sorry, but you don't assume the role of any of the characters in the game. The player assumes the role of an entity external to the story.

Hence the book presentation with newspaper clippings and photos. You're experiencing a story that has already been documented--you are not an active participant in it.

You can whine all you like about how I'm wrong, but the point is I've able to argue my point, and those who disagree, it seems, are incapable of framing a counterargument.

What makes it an RPG, then, instead of a strategy game (which it is)?

Sly-Lupin1236d ago

Dunno why people think VC is an RPG. It's turn-based strategy game. The fact that it borrows an aesthetic more common to JRPGs and that it gives each unit a name don't have any bearing on its genre--only the mechanics do.

And the mechanics of the game are solidly TBS.

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joab7771239d ago

Lol. I absolutely adore of my all time favorite games.

For me in addition its Lost Odyssey, Ni No kuni, Persona 4, The Witcher 2, and Dark Souls.

thorstein1239d ago

Ni NO Kuni and Demon's Souls!

jambola1239d ago

Translation - "I closed the link as soon as it had something it had a game i didn't like"

Magicite1239d ago

Ill fix it for you: ''Top 10 Most Hyped RPGs Of The Generation''.

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knifefight1239d ago

Doing this list before Persona 5 drops seems a little bit, I don't know, premature.

rextraordinaire1239d ago

How could you get so much disagrees?

Persona 5 is almost sure to get the top spot.

kalkano1239d ago

Some of us aren't fans of the series, and see no reason why 5 will change that.

styferion1239d ago

even just watching Persona Q intro on 3DS is enough to get me thinking "Skyrim who? this is how you make an RPG". P5 definitely going to be a strong contender of top RPG of the generation.

rextraordinaire1239d ago

I can't wait. After p4 golden and Catherine, I'm hyped like.never before!

kalkano1239d ago

"While Final Fantasy XIII may not have pleased everyone with its story or linear environments, it introduces one of the series' best battle systems"

Strongly disagree. I'm not a fan of the battle system. It's not horrible, but it's not very good, either. And, I hate only controlling one character.

Stop it with the AI party members, and give me back control!

Ravenheartzero1239d ago

The battle system was the main reason I hated 13. Lot of great RPG's over the last 10 years, would of liked to see ni no kuni on the list. Great game imo :)

Tdmd1239d ago

I hitted the agree button, but I secretly disagree: Final Fantasy XIII's combat IS horrible. A few hours in and I already had a hateful relationship with the 'x' button.

wynams1239d ago

Skyrim is not even the best TES game and definitely not the best RPG.

Also, give me Gothic I or II over almost everything in this list of 10

joab7771239d ago

Skyrim is beyond overrated as an rpg. What made it so popular is its editor nature. It is almost a playground for coders on PC. A great big world for ppl to play in.

As an rpg, very disappointing.

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