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Submitted by knifefight 566d ago | news

Famitsu’s Most Wanted Games, July 25

Here’s Famitsu’s 30 Most Wanted games, as voted by their readers. Votes were cast from July 10th to July 16th, and these appeared in the issue of Famitsu that hit newsstands on July 25th. (3DS, Final Fantasy XV, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Persona 5, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U)

NewMonday  +   566d ago
PS4 has 4 games in the top 10, MGS5, Evil Within, FF15 and KH3, needs those games to come out for sales to pick up.
knifefight  +   566d ago
Yeah. And while it's true that the PS4 isn't turning up huge weekly numbers, there are well over half a million in Japan now; and those people are hungry for games on their new systems. I hope for good things.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   566d ago
although FF15 and KH3 wont be anytime soon
Magicite  +   566d ago
SE wont release those games yet because PS4 install base in Japan is below their desired numbers.
funkybudda  +   566d ago
When those games are released, PS4 purchase in Japan gonna hit the roof, cant wait.
dcj0524  +   566d ago
My Vita,PS3 and PS4 is ready.
Snorlax  +   566d ago
The Evil Within is on there twice lol
Added together that raises it's votes to #466 and Rank #5 above Kingdom Hearts 3
knifefight  +   566d ago
PS3 and PS4 versions. When you vote, you have to pick a platform -- and you're only allowed to pick one. That's why multiplat games are only listed for one platform and some games are listed twice.
rextraordinaire  +   566d ago
Persona on top. I can understand that!
Inception  +   566d ago
Persona getting more popular in japan and as a fans i'm happy with that condition. More people really need to play this amazing series rather than stuck with FF.
cloud 279  +   566d ago
Can't believe The Last Remnant for PS3 is still on that list?
This game has been on that list since 2008.
TM333  +   566d ago
LMAO, I was just thinking the same thing! That's crazy how that game keeps lingering on this list.
CrimsonAzure  +   566d ago
Lmao at the writer. Oh he's good.

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