EDGE Preview: MotorStorm Pacific Rift

EDGE writes:

Pacific Rift is to MotorStorm as Wipeout 2097 was to Wipeout," says game director Nigel Kershaw, who's about to spoil the peace of Hawaii with some brutal offroad racing and monster trucks.

Of PS3's European launch titles, MotorStorm's chaotic, multi-pathed racing was perhaps the one that offered a new experience that didn't rely solely on glossy hi-def graphics. With courses filled with interweaving tracks that favored each of its vehicle types, from big rigs to dirt bikes, and AI racers that balanced aggression with idiocy, careening through laps against each other as much as they did the player, choice and strategy were as important as twitch reactions and technique. The result was a sense of complexity and life that made many other racers feel awfully staid.

It's little surprise, then, that sequel Pacific Rift has not attempted to change the original's basic design.

Though it currently looks slightly rough, with a lack of flying mud and some sparse vegetation, Kershaw says that his team has a lot more time for polishing compared to what they experienced working on MotorStorm. "It's not a luxury, it's a necessity," he says. But with a strong template to build from, it will be a shock if Rift doesn't achieve all the first game did and more.

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Silogon3837d ago

I'd hope it'd at least be on par with Motorstorm, I mean really now you only had 2 years to work on the damn thing.

Fishy Fingers3836d ago

Do you just read the caption and finish there?

The only videos/hands-on are from a build currently at 40%, and personally, apart from the sparse number of objects it already looks as good as MS1 (imo).

Euphrate3836d ago

Is still meh, to me. They haven't done anything worth changing our minds about them.

mistertwoturbo3836d ago

I know where EDGE stands. And it's only behind the 360.

SL1M DADDY3836d ago

The only thing you truly hope for is that this title hits the 360 you silly fanboy. Oh, and too bad for you, it is PS3 only. Go home to the open zone ya lousy troll.

dhammalama3836d ago

Of course they had better make it better than the first. MS is probably my no.1 favorite racing game, but what they've shown so far of MS2 has looked worse than the original imo. I know they are still polishing and have said they are at 40%, but it still is disconcerting to see it looking so uninspiring. I still have hope though, I can't see how they could not surpass the original unless they really botch things up.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3836d ago

...Who cares what EDGE says...Not me!!!
They wouldn't know a good game if it Slapped them in the Face!!!;-D

DJ3836d ago

When they finish it up. At the moment it's subpar, and the fact that the Director is considering NOT putting in terrain deformation (the selling point of Motorstorm 1) is really disconcerting. The water effects were pretty laughable as well since the water polygons simply penetrated through vehicles that floated on them. They need to make the streams shallower so that we don't notice this obvious graphical side effect.