Last Remnant will be released on Xbox 360 first, worldwide this winter

Square Enix just announced that RPG Last Remnant will be first released on Xbox 360, worldwide, this winter.

The company gave the details at the Microsoft's ongoing Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008 event in Tokyo.


Demo on Marketplace today.

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pwnmaster30003843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

micro is busting there as off, this is not good for sony.

wtf r they doing

and for the 360 fans, yeah i do have a 360, ihave all three but i deslike the 360 more because it rrod me three times and it hasnt been 1year yeat and i like ps3 games better

poos33843d ago

sony ps3 is garabge no games as alwyus dont worry ill be plying last rememinant (360 exclusive)infinte discovery (360 exclusive)tales of versperia(360 exc;usive)gears of war 2 (360 x)fable 2(360 exclusive).too human (360 exclusive),left 4 dead(360 exclusive)star ocean 4 (360 exc;lusive)banjoo 3 (360 exclusive ) while sony fanbos play average gears solid 4 the cgi movie game.

pwnmaster30003843d ago

yeah lat remnat is multi and so is star ocean
but thats it really thats all the games
infamous(ps3 exclusive)
wardevil(ps3 exclusive)
final fantasy 13(ps3 exclusive)
final fantasy versus 13(ps3 exclusive)
god of war 3(ps3 exclusive)
whit knight(ps3 exclusive)
resistance(ps3 exclusive)
mgs4(ps3 exclusive)
littlebigplanet(ps3 exclusive)
and many more so wtf

and mgs4 is not average just look at the score it got

mesh13843d ago

final fantasy 13(ps3 exclusive)GOOD GAME 2009 tho
final fantasy versus 13(ps3 exclusive)GOING TO BE PACKAGE WITH FF13
god of war 3(ps3 exclusive)a bit to much real time events but good game 2009 tho
resistance(ps3 exclusive)CRAP NO HISTORY OF GREATNESS ONLY SONYFANBOY HYPE and res 1 was a very very avrage game i would say it compares to medal of honour air .
mgs4(ps3 exclusive)good game but lacking in real great gameplay and great graphics for a game that has been in dev for 4years but still a good game that i would play if i had a ps3 .
so this bring me to game on the 360 i listed with devs with past history of great work and most titles are comignthis year compared to 1 game on the ps3 mgs4 not to mention many more game i forgot to mention that will be hits sony ps3 is garabge believe i have traded it eveyr time when i have heard a good game is coming to the ps3 and all of them sucked none were good .

PoSTedUP3843d ago actually wasted you time to write that? what a loser..

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power of Green 3843d ago

Ouch its almost PS3 fanboys are in a hurry to approve this, maybe they're confusing this with Infinite Undiscovery lol or they may be trying to hide it knowing 360 fans don't try to heat up 360 news to boast about it.

pwnmaster30003843d ago

yeah umm u came back from hinding.
i only c u wen 360 is having a good day

but yeah read my post from above i got a 360

JVIDICAN3843d ago

or maybe there not fanboys...
ever consider that?

Ri0tSquad3843d ago

Unlike yourself. Your just here as a tool for Microsoft. Now tell me that I'm lying....exactly.

End Of war 23843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

game over sony trolls really game over CONFORIMED SO4 IS A 360 EXC;USIVE 2009 GAME ON TROLLSGAME ON

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green3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

2 thumbs up to Microsoft japan.No matter how badly their console sells in Japan they are still hellbent on providing a great selection of JRPG games on the 360.

CrazzyMan3843d ago

just one day ago, you didn`t know about SO4 and LR are timed exclusives. =)
For example, square could easy announce Kingdom Hearts 3 on E308. =)
Or FF7 remake, THIS would be really BIG. =]

But yeah, M$ are doing good job with their money, well that`s all what they can do. =]
Anyway, all what M$ will get it`s additional 300-500k of rpg fans..(maybe), since timed exclusive is NOT an exclusive. =]

green3843d ago

Why should i care when i don't own a PS3.As long as many arrive on the 360 then i am fine.The xbox had next to nothing in terms of good JRPG's and this time it's completely different.

Tales of vesperia in july,Infinite undiscovery september and last remnant this winter.A bird at hand is worth 2 in the bush.

mikeslemonade3843d ago

Gee thanks Microsoft, I see you slipped a blank check under the SquareEnix office.

InMyOpinion3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Keep blaming MS for Sony's screwups, it won't change anything, just makes you look jealous. I think the reason for the delay is the same as usual, the PS3 is lagging behind in development.

Gonna go try the demo now, XBL is pure awesomeness!

mikeslemonade3843d ago

The game is probably garbage anyway if the demo is already out this early and read the article cause they don't even say the date for the PS3. Are you for sure it's coming out later, earlier, or same time?

hazbaz3843d ago

How was the dem- I mean trailer?

Tomdc3843d ago

The only JRPG's Im interested in is Final Fantasy 13 and Kingdom Hearts 3

theKiller3843d ago

sony is screwing up with JRPG exclusives but in the other hand they r not MS who spending money on any game they can get their hands on, sony probably didnt see this title as a key title and MS saw in it as a great opportunity to get more japanese people on their dieing console their so they payed more money for just time exclusive, this game was intended from the first place to be multiplatform game, so it wont push the ps3 capabilities nor it will use the advantage space it have on blue ray, and it doesnt look like an AAA game so sony didnt secure anything with this game and MS saw that and quickly bought a time exclusive deal!! well good for MS and too bad for sony, sony japan r screwing up big deal, they havent release any JRPG yet and thats why they r selling their console in japan like it was a flop console!!

nintendo know japanese better as it seems this generation!!
sony needs to do something if they want to step up in japan!! MGS4 will give it a big push!! but they have to continue this push with other japanese big games!!!

Xeoset3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Woah, well done MS Japan!

You've gotten your own Tales game series by the looks of it, 'Tales of Versperia', much like the Wii has Symphonia.

You've got the likes of Cry On coming up, by the amazing Sakaguchi and it Lost Odyssey is anything to go by then that will be win!

Add the likes of Infinite Undiscovery to that list.

Now you've gotten Star Ocean 4 under your belt.

Then you've hit it with Last Remnant, by SquareEnix as a Timed Exclusive.

Can't give them more than enough praise, even if Japan doesn't because even if they don't want all this good stuff, I do ;)

green3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

It baffles me how you guy have not figured out son'y plans by now.They are focused on the west at the moment.If you add in europe and North america which are way more financially lucrative than japan they are dead last this gen.So they are focused on releasing a lot of shooters.Killzone 2,Socom confrontation,Resistance 2 to an extent MGS4 and also securing 3rd party shooters like Haze.

They feel that if they relax a bit with the western market they will loose out completely from all the money that europe and NA produce.

The 360's performance in Japan is so poor that Sony knows that they will kill the 360 when they decide to focus on the eastern market.

But here in lies the problem.What if the Last remnant and infinite undiscovery sell very well overall on the 360 (it's possible afterall Lost Odyssey is at 700,000 copies sold), more eastern devs will jump to the 360 as well to tap into the lucrative western market.

It could pay off for Sony at the end but who can tell but we will just have to wait and see.But all i can say is that after years of FPS's ruling the 360 and Xbox this is definitely a great directional change .

theKiller3843d ago

i see ur logic, and it can be a good one, but dont forget they r in japan for 1.7 year and most of the time they were selling it around 10,000 units, that very very bad!! just look how wii is selling!! and just look what happened with PSP when just few japanese titles was released!! if they wont focus on making games for japanese people then at least they should fork out some money to secure some exclusives!!

and yes europe and NA r huge markets and bigger and faster in adoption than japan, and yes MS was/still somehow strong in these markets, so sony is trying hard to catch those first, and by catching the markets which 360 is strong in then japan is a peace of cake, but the problem they r taking too long time, and ps3 is still selling low in japan, i mean come on it was selling less than 10,000 unit! almost like 360 in holiday seasons!!

i think if they fork out 20-50 millions to focus on japan, it will help them a lot, and they will gain a lot!
japanese just waiting for specific titles to jump on ps3, MGS4 is one of them, and the other is FF games and the rest is GT and other jRPG!

green3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Don't worry, enjoy your FPS's.Socom,Resistance 2 and Killzone2 all look Fabulous and by the time your done with them you will be tired of FPS's and then you will see a flood of the other genre's on the PS3.

I seriously doubt there will be so many FPS on the PS3 next year in the spotlight you will see a more diverse line up ie GOW3, FF13, GT5 to name a few.

solidt123843d ago

I got to give Microsoft credit for being determined to get a base in Japan even if the result haven't been good so far. Anyway I guess I will wait for this game to hit the PS3 before I buy it. I have a 360 also but I just can't see my self buying this on the 360 on multiple disc when I can have it on one Blu-Ray.

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power of Green 3843d ago

I want to hear about *Embrace Of Time* if its still in development.

JVIDICAN3843d ago

you wont hear about it today the events over

Nevers3843d ago

Dude... I'm totally stoked. I've been wanting more info on Last Remnant and that's totally icing on the cake. Can't wait to see if it's available yet at lunch...

I'm wondering if the timed exclusivity is due to development taking longer for the PS3 or that they're still in development of the FF13 demo that they were planning to release with the PS3 version of Remnant. Proly a combo of both.

Nevers3842d ago

...during my lunch and there was not a demo :( But there was a new trailer for Revenant, Star Ocean 4, and co-op gamplay footage of Too Human.

They all looked great... but Star Ocean 4 looked amazing IMHO.