The Greatest Games You've Never Played: Defender of the Crown

This time we look back on a game that had a bit of popularity in its heyday, but most modern gamers wouldn't recognize if you put it right in front of them: The classic Defender of the Crown.

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sumfood4u3844d ago

Pick the Wind & King Game FTW!

Bolts3844d ago

Man remenber back in the days when the Amiga had the best graphics LOL. Defender of the Crown wasn't that great but in terms of graphics and colors it was top of the line.

Here's an awesome game nobody played, Sun Tzu The Art of War by Micropose, I remenber playing that when I was 10...

Luca Blight3844d ago

but what about Guerilla War (NES) and Caveman Ugh-lympics (PC)!

kingme713844d ago

I loved this game on the Amiga back in the 80's. It was cutting edge back then. Games have come a long way.

devilhunterx3844d ago

Played and finished all of Cineware games

Close_Second3844d ago

I especially enjoy It Came from the Desert and Wings. I really wish they would revamp Wings and release it on PSN or XBLM.

Gorgon3844d ago

Wings, man! Marvelous game, one of my all time favorites!

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