XBLA - Buku Sudoku Review: XboxOZ360

XboxOZ360 writes:
"What takes next to no mathematical skill, appears in the puzzle section of almost every print media out today and drives everyone mad? That's right, it's Sudoku! And this week Absolutist has brought their own iteration of this classic mind bender to XBLA. So grab a coffee, tuck yourself in and get into Buku Sudoku."

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Hunter863838d ago

Really been thinking about picking this one up. May have to do so after reading that.

Superfragilistic3838d ago

I'm really attracted to this simply because I get sick of getting the daily newspaper for my Sudoku fix! lol

Maybe XBLA can make me more intelligent after all?! Brain Challenge, Chessmaster, Wits & Wagers and now Sudoku. Or maybe I'm even more stupid than I thought for thinking that! :/

gaminoz3838d ago

There have been some real 'different'gems on XBLA: Zuma, Carcassonne, and now this one...

Superfragilistic3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Don't get me started about Zuma. I had an addiction to that thing and only recently kicked it. Please do not mention it again... lol ;o

And Carscassone is great. It's replaced the family board games as something we can all sit around and play.

leeeeed3836d ago

This game is amazing - the "Couch Mode" for 4-player co-op play on 1 puzzle, plus the different controller settings really stand this one out from the crowd :)