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How Much Do You Love the Digital Deluxe Promotion?

Nintendo's Digital Deluxe Promotion is the most awesome yet underrated service on the network. The sad part is that the good times are about to end. (Nintendo, Wii U)

illmatic  +   374d ago
I didnt even know about this. Well, I actually forgot about it. Just logged on and see 2500 points in my balance. Time to go shopping!
Chupa-Chupa  +   374d ago
I feel bad for those with the white Wii U.
Metallox  +   374d ago
3GB of space, no promotion, the fact that I don't like the color. Yeah, it was a bad decision, but I bought it because there weren't black Wii Us in launch, and I thought Pikmin 3 was going to release between January and March, so I couldn't wait any longer to get one.

And then everything went wrong. Suddenly there were a lot of black Wii Us everywhere and Pikmin 3 finished to launch in August 4.

It's a very sad story T.T
ind1fference  +   374d ago
I could have used it and never did. I suspect I didn't miss out on much.
TheVideoGamHer  +   374d ago
Idk about you, but I've been balling out with my DDP points LOL!
MNGamer-N  +   374d ago
How Much Do You Love the Digital Deluxe Promotion? Mega love. It's Silly.... Who doesn't love free money?
Gemmol  +   374d ago
got back 60 dollars for the few games I bought online
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Nerdmaster  +   374d ago
I found out about this stuff AFTER I bought my basic white Wii U (the money I had at the time was just enough for a basic Wii U + an external HD, or a deluxe Wii U without the HD). And I only buy games through digital distribution on my Wii U...
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Venox2008  +   374d ago
I love it, already took bad 10 or 15 pounds.. that is still something :) free money is always good
joshw2011  +   374d ago
I thought this was only for those who bought around Wii U launch, so I never looked into this. Glad I saw this article! Had a $5 waiting for me and need only 23 more points for another $5 credit. :)
MNGamer-N  +   374d ago
Just checked my account, I got 5 more bucks I didn't know about! NICE! Free indie game here I come
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   374d ago
It would be awesome if they extended this, or better yet made it a permanent thing for all wii u's going forward.
TheVideoGamHer  +   374d ago
They really should. I'm loving this much more than Club Nintendo atm.

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