Afrika Release Date, Price Announced

Kotaku writes: "Afrika, Sony's upcoming entry in the burgeoning savannah-wildlife-photojounalist-sim genre, has been given a final release date and price. It'll be out on August 28, and will cost ¥5980 (USD$56), which is a bit of a worry. I'd presumed this would be a neat little addition to the PSN's lineup. A different way to blow $15-$20. But that price has it pegged as a, well, proper game. And what they've shown thus far doesn't look like it has the legs/meat of a proper game at all."

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JVIDICAN3813d ago

thats cheap for a game in japan...
you know where this game is being released...

Genki3813d ago

Every game in Japan isn't a staple 60 bucks like it is in the states. I've seen many games, usually the more popular ones, be upwards of 7,980 yen(approx. $75).

LastDance3813d ago

a proper game to kotaku means it being On xbox....

The author absolutly fails on enormous levels.

Genki3813d ago

I've seen them smash the Xbox as well as the PS3 for a while now. They're just a generally cynical site. I find it odd that they are gamers, because I can't really remember anyone from that place enjoying anything.

In any case, this bias crap is getting stupid. They play both sides of the field. Not that it's acceptable, but whatever.

PoSTedUP3813d ago

it looks like a proper game to me.

define "proper" game kotaku..

ThatCanadianGuy3813d ago

I for one will pick this up on day one,i like a little varity in my game library,all these shoot em up war games are getting a lil dull in my opinion.

zenkai3813d ago

Not a proper game? Idiots like this are the cancer of gaming...

yanikins1113813d ago

Variety is a bad thing.... Err.....

RememberThe3573813d ago

I can totally wait for this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.