Five Underappreciated Gaming Franchises

GamersFTW wrote an article once about five of the most overrated games of the PS3/360/Wii generation, but today we're going to be talking about five under-appreciated franchises in the gaming world. We all have at least one franchise that we love and we feel like it doesn’t get enough love or attention, so let’s get started.

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kalkano1397d ago

I agree about Fire Emblem, but will not buy the SMT crossover. I have no interest in SMT, and will be waiting for the next standalone FE.

TekoIie1397d ago

Oh you will buy it if you want your Waifu fix ;)

iDadio1397d ago

Not a franchise per se but a good shout for under appreciated game I loved it.

Same as Enslaved from a personal perspective, excellent game that didnt do as well as it truly deserved.

iDadio1397d ago

I think Rayman is slowly making people take notice, I have a few friends who have now played and loved Origins and Legends with good reason.

Solid, Charming and challenging but fun games.

Metallox1397d ago

Absolutely. But it is being said that Rayman Legends sales have been dismal, so I'm not sure about that :/

spacedelete1397d ago

rayman definitely. even with the next gen gaming drought it still flopped on PS4 and Xbox One. if people don't want to buy it in a gaming drought you know its bad news.

Geekman1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

STRONGLY agree with ALL of these. Rayman Origins/Legends are amazing platformers, and FE is up there with Zelda. Ticks me off when people complain about Lucina or Robin being in Smash Bros over some generic Pokemon or Mario character.

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