XBL Radio: Aces of the Galaxy Review

XBL Radio writes: "Published by Sierra Online this is Artech Studio's second contribution to XBLA, the fan favorite Boogie Bunnies being the first. Artech Studio's history is deep in PC and PS2 game but if its first two arcade titles are any inclination I can not wait to see what is next.

Aces of the Galaxy is a fast paced, non-stop, on-rails arcade shooter with the HD graphics that we have come to expect in all games today. Aces of the Galaxy places the player in a "galaxy far-far away" where you have just taken control of the Skurgian Empire's newest space ship, "The Omega Prototype" (3 models to choose from).

Your objective: to completely destroy the alien pursuers and make it back to the Fleet with the "goods". In movie terms think, I am Clint Eastwood in "Firefox" (look it up and watch you'll understand)."

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