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Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V - New Trailer For PS4, Xbox One & PC Coming Today

YouTube’s member ‘NoahJ456′ has uncovered some new information regarding the current-gen version of GTA V, suggesting that a new trailer for the current-gen version of the game is planned for release later today. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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Derekvinyard13  +   489d ago
Trailer release info from the games code? Why would that be in there? The video does say they got the other update early from there to so I'm in the middle here
Da Ill One  +   489d ago
Some games have an "extras" section where you can watch all the trailers and such like that, so if this is legit, it could be in the game because of that section or something similar.
jcnba28  +   489d ago
Is this the best GTA they've made so far?
SteamPowered  +   489d ago
I really liked this GTA. I liked the different characters and viewpoints. It was a very polished game with lots to do. I would say this is my favorite anyways.
ScottyHoss  +   489d ago
It's funny how the game which many parents cringe at the name of can accurately display so many stereotypes, problems with our society and issues within the world while still making one of the finest quality and most fun games ever. Only once have I heard the word Globalization used in a video game, and it was in GTA V.
seanpitt23  +   489d ago
It was good but if it had the shooting mechanics more like max Payne 3 would of been better. Even in gta4 the people you hit rolled around on the floor because they was injured in gta 5 you hit them once or twice and they die I thought it was a step back.
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Dfooster  +   488d ago
Great games but next time auto aim needs to be off by default. This auto target nonsense died out years ago but rockstar still insist on it and without it it's a far better experience.

The games difficulty just needed some minor tweaks when turning it off in GTAV like in rampages where it was a bit too tough.
bez87  +   488d ago
I liked the game and it was enjoyable for the main story and great characters, but i cannot agree that there was much to do out side of the story, for me at the minute GTA is all Eye Candy and not much to do, I think GTA is going through phase of not being sure what they want out of it, on one side they want ya to rob banks and go crazy on the other they want you to play golf and do yoga, I think the mini games were on the tad side ordinary for what GTA stands for.
SolidStoner  +   488d ago
they took away paramedic missions and police side jobs.. I had fun times with them in old GTA's!
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   489d ago
Nope GTA San Andreas is still the best
-Foxtrot  +   489d ago

Way more to do I reckon, plus I like the single character buying everything.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   489d ago
Hell yeah. The customisation on GTA V is aweful.
Hardly any possibilities when it comes to vehicle modding.
The characters are very linear (if thats the right choice of words), you cant really make them your own. No muscle/fat etc, limited choice of clothes/tattoos. I would of loved to make Frankling a cross dressing sissy boy :(
tee_bag242  +   489d ago
Yeah I was hoping we'd see the Harrier Jet again
irokster  +   488d ago

Dafuq is wrong with you?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   488d ago

Clown is comparing it to San Andreas. It isn't awful. Character customization was dialed up to 11 on San Andreas. The first three GTA games the gen before last each got successfully better. Usually it is other way around.

Wasn't this like banned ten years ago, so you probably couldn't have any hot coffee then...? LOL...loved that game. Got me through my second lay-off in three years.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   488d ago
blah! A man's least favorite 3d GTA. Absolutely terrible annoying characters and way too much driving to get between the cities. Vice City was the best PS2 one and 5 is the best PS3 (and by default PS4) one. 3 is probably second best on PS2 though a man hasn't played through all of either VCS or LCS
WeAreLegion  +   489d ago
I would say so. It is definitely the one I have enjoyed the most. Both the story and the gameplay are outstanding. I've always liked GTA's stories, but the gameplay was never quite where I wanted it to be. V fixed that. Hoping GTA Online launches smoothly on these new systems.
TheTowelBoy  +   488d ago
Agree 100% about the gameplay for me. As for my favorite part, the characters lol just, ugh, I ALWAYS love their characters.
Mikeyy  +   489d ago
I do feel GTA5 was the best, but San Andreas is up there too, SA still has more bonus stuff to do.

The Next gen version of GTA5 is going to be amazing, With the higher resolution, higher textures, more traffic, more populated streets, and every other mod you can add on top of that.
theshredded  +   489d ago
nope not at all
ArtificiallyYours  +   489d ago
As far as single player goes, the online is a whole different and sorely unfinished game. At least on the past generation. Hopefully they manage it heck of a lot better this time.
Kivespussi  +   489d ago
What do you mean it's unfinished? Only complaints I have is the stupid economy and still no heists (which probably come soon after next gen release). Other than that it's a lot of fun with friends.
wsoutlaw87  +   489d ago
lol so are you saying the gta v multiplayer isnt the best gta multiplayer? The online stuff has been improving a lot.
matrixman92  +   489d ago
this was probably one of my least favorite of the series starting from 3
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Master-H  +   489d ago
I still prefer Vice City and Sand Andreas to this, if those two are 10/10 this is 9/10 in my book, also it's the most polished GTA i've ever played, you can tell it's very high production.
Randostar  +   489d ago
I def think this GTA is the best one.
Best story.
Most fleshed out characters.
The level of Detail.
People still say San Andreas is the best, and for free roaming it probably is. It may just be the fact i put in like 400 hours on it when i was 13, but its just not the same anymore. There is literally nothing and nobody out in the wilderness, and there is such a vast area of just copy and paste trees and hills and desert.
It was the best GTA for its time, but its really dated. After a few hours of free roam i was ready to put it away.
I honestly can't ever see them making a new GTA game without multiple protagonists now.
Dontworrybhappy  +   489d ago
Dude if u have Online, it is a MUST for play with friends. Constant FREE DLC as well
Stryfeno2  +   489d ago
How can anyone disagree with what you asked? I am also wondering about that because I've yet to pick it up.
jcnba28  +   489d ago
I have no idea people just love to hate lol
lemoncake  +   489d ago
If you take the style from vice city, the content from San Andreas and mix in the graphics from gtav that would be my dream version of gta.
showtimefolks  +   488d ago
the story in this is the weakest but what R* were able to achieve on ps3/xbox360 is nothing short of amazing. R* showed with GTA5 what was possible on ps3/xbox360, something UBI couldn't deliver on next gen machines

also to me GTA vice city would always be the best because it had the most memorable missions, GTA3 has a very special place in my heart also. GTA:SA well what more can i say

would love to see a new GTA in still 80's Vice city
BitbyDeath  +   488d ago
My only main complaint about GTAV is the music.
They nailed the story, characters and gameplay though.
Everything was brilliant, character switching felt so natural, hope that continues.

Best GTA to date.
GAMExxOVER  +   488d ago
I could not tell you, I refuse to purchase another shitty console that just dies. PC only now. I will let you know if the stupid game ever comes out for PC.
S11m  +   489d ago
I don't think so... I guess, then RG would be notified it.
weirdo  +   489d ago
gtav is my perfect gta, so happy it's going next-gen. the shadows are stunning!
Clown_Syndr0me  +   489d ago
Whats the point of a trailer for a game we all played like a year ago?
Unless to show of visuals, but thats a boring reason to watch a trailer.
S11m  +   489d ago
aiBreeze  +   489d ago
Release date maybe? A chance to showcase the improved visuals while simultaneously letting everyone know when it's coming out.. makes sense to me.
wsoutlaw87  +   489d ago
whats the point or a article about the rumor of a trailer for a game we all played like a year ago that could come out today.
TripC50  +   488d ago
I haven't played it yet. I'm excited.
ScamperCamper  +   488d ago
Knowing Rockstar, I'm sure they will show off something unique. PC wise, mods are rumored: http://www.grandtheftautofo... I mean if you're a PC gamer they may even show mod capabilities. Perhaps I'm dreaming. I think they can show off how the added RAM on next gen changes the game. I'm not as smart as Rockstar so no real idea. However, they do need a trailer to show off the release date so that might be reason enough for a hyped trailer to come out.
zsquaresoff  +   489d ago
5 reasons I'm not exited about GTA 5 on next gen...

1. Already 100% the game.
2. Online is horrible.
3. No heists mission still.
4. No extra story dlc, like with Left behind from Last of us.
5. Looked great on last gen. Not going to pay 60$ for a graphical or frame rate update.
Kivespussi  +   489d ago
1. Good for you
2. Only economy sucks. Other than that it's a ton of fun, even if it's on a last gen console
3. True. They probably come around the next gen release but that doesn't justify ir being almost a year
4. Doesn't matter
5. Oh god, but it's just really bad on last gen. Also MODS! (Obviously PC only but hey, it's not called the master race for no reason)
SteamPowered  +   489d ago
Can you imagine Ice Enhancer on this B*tch? Makes my mouth water. I hope someone does the Iron Man mod like in GTA4. God almighty what a sweet deal that this is coming to PC!!
objdadon  +   489d ago
Yeah well I'll be playing no doubt! And I played the hell out of it on 360 and have missed it every since I upgraded systems so, yeah, I'm gonna spend that 60.00 without even batting an eye!
MegaRay  +   489d ago
6. You need PS+ or Gold for online.
S11m  +   489d ago
Play on PC...
johny5  +   489d ago
1. Good for you!
2. It's actually pretty good!
3. It's being added in the current gen version!
4. GTA V Stories is coming out!
5. 1080p60fps with totally redesigned graphics and new features!

6. No one cares...
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_LarZen_  +   489d ago
I'm so glad my super brain told me to hold out on GTA5 since it was 99% chance it would come to next-gen.

Thanks brain!
THamm  +   489d ago
Haha me too, I still have yet to play it, but was considering until I heard about this. Same thing with the Last of Us too, weird all these remakes
wsoutlaw87  +   489d ago
haha my super brain has beat the game already.
DARK WITNESS  +   488d ago
My brain told me it would be out on next gen..

but the 8 year old child in me could not hold out that long!
Tzuno  +   489d ago
It's inevitable for PC at one time, just wait
dota2champion  +   489d ago
I would have waited if I knew it was coming to PC. I'm not buying it again
pandehz  +   489d ago
Awww hell yeah.

My incoming PC and I am gonna have one helluva time this winter.

2.Shadow of M
5.Prolly the new call-a-doody

and some more

Dayuuum gtx 880 hurry up
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thebudgetgamer  +   489d ago
The hardcore police ruined GTA5 for me, out in the woods with a silencer and they still come after you.
OverlordMao  +   489d ago
bullshit on this "news"

No trailer will come out.
mrbozzedup  +   489d ago
All this code is for, is pre order on xbox one. youtubers always tryna get them likes smh
TardcoreGamer  +   489d ago
Haven't played gtav yet. I'm super excited to get to experience it in 1440p@60fps come November:))
Ghost_Nappa  +   488d ago
John Marston would eat them GTA V punks for breakfast
Jaqen_Hghar  +   488d ago
A man doesn't think people realize 1 awesome edition on the PS4 that will be used to its best on GTA5. The SHARE BUTTON! A man had so many awesome crazy whacky moments in GTA5 that he wishes he could have shared like launching a garbage truck into a river and having just enough to get to the other side to escape the cops then seeing them all drown. Or when he floored it through a bunch of fences having no idea where they led and somehow ended up getting away after doing a 360 onto a bridge lol
AryaStark1  +   488d ago
heisenberguk  +   488d ago
And OF COURSE it was bullshit!! Try again!!
dramasetter108  +   488d ago
Can we go back to Vice City already?? It's way overdue. Let's make it happen.
DARK_SOLDIER101  +   488d ago
finally GTAv has come back to PC !!!!!

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