Rumor: GTA V PS4, Xbox One, PC releasing November?

UK retailer GameSeek alleges that Rockstar’s open-world action game will be available for the platforms on 7th November.

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BillmadeAGate649d ago

I wish Retailers would stop guessing, an I wish we could get and official statement from Rockstar already!!

thereapersson649d ago

It would make sense, since all the other GTA games released around that time.

Randostar649d ago

Except GTA4 which was april i believe.

boing1649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

What? Wasn't it announced at E3 for November? I swear I heard it somewhere.

martinezjesus1993649d ago

Same here! I swear someone said November 11

RedDeadLB649d ago

It's when I expect it to release really. It's a shame, college starts in October so my time is quite limited then. Meh, fuck it, it's not like I'm learning something useful. BRING ON GTA5

Eonjay649d ago

I am absolutely certain that this is happening. The final maneuver would be a PS4 GTAV bundle that launches to combat the inevitable Xbox One MCC bundle.

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